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Dear Friend,

I've just returned from Africa with two months of Maasai Stoves & Solar Project activities and news to share with you.

Read the story at the right to learn more about new ways Maasai women can earn money for their stoves with initial funds provided by a grant from CODEGAZ, a French NGO.
Maasai and Batwa people collaborating
Maasai and Batwa people collaborating

And read more about our collaboration with Ecolife, bringing stoves and our capacity to organize for women's empowerment to the Batwa people.

During this visit, we initiated research exploring replacing some steel stove parts with high-quality ceramics. And we have solar system news, as well--not so much the planetary kind, but about new
panel-based electrical systems that have the potential for making a world of difference for villagers.

And, as always, you are at the center of our work, making all this possible.

In gratitude,


Maasai Stoves & Solar Project
The International Collaborative
Ugandan collaboration

Our collaboration with the Ecolife Foundation has many exciting facets, including health education.

 Our trip to Uganda began with a talk at the Bwindi Community Hospital about the health benefits of the Maasai Stoves & Solar Project stoves. As you can see in this photo, the facility's outstanding reputation is well-earned.  

International Collaborative speaks at Bwindi Hospital
Pediatric Unit, Bwindi Community Hospital


Many Batwa (and Maasai) do not yet realize the direct connection between smoky houses and health issues of women and children. We are working with the Hospital to develop health education materials in English and Rukiga languages to address this need.   


We appreciate the opportunity to share our stove project with the Batwa people, displaced from their traditional homes in southwest Uganda. The first 96 fireboxes will soon head to Bwindi.


And in January, group of Batwa women will travel to Monduli begin their stove installation training.  


Getting started in new villages
Maasai Stoves & Solar Installation Team
Installing a new chimney
We have funds from the Planeterra Foundation of Toronto, a generous friend and donor, Craig Harmer, and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to significantly expand into new villages in Monduli district. Already well established in seven villages, we are ready to introduce the Project in many more.  
When we initiate projects, our first step is to meet with village leaders, followed by a meeting with the village citizens. We explain the project in detail. Then village women chose those who will become the stove experts--the mafundiRead more about our work.
Our new solar system source  
Maasai Stoves & Solar
Installing a solar system
We located and sampled solar systems from a very good producer in China. Systems for 105 houses will arrive in Dar es Salaam in January.

The new solar systems are especially exciting to the people of the villages, bringing life changes of universal value. The people can access lighting that avoids the smell, expense, and health hazards of kerosene. They can charge their phones at home, as well.
Our stove customers are eligible to buy solar systems at cost. This is a critical feature of the Project. We are glad to be able to provide something so valuable to them, augmenting the home improvement that the stoves bring. Read more about solar systems. 
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November, 2013
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View a video from our early days and see Maasai Stoves & Solar and our community in action, filmed by Brian Petchers.  


Thank you to photographers Philip Lange and Erica Wilson for the use of your fine photos that tell our story so well.  


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