Mabry Minute for Week of 04/23/17
Final General Membership Meeting
This school year's final General Membership PTA meeting is Thurs, April 27th at 6:00 pm in the Mabry Cafeteria.

This meeting is very important as we will vote on the proposed spending of the budget overage and the PTA officers.
Child care is available thanks to the wonderful team of Coach Broff and Mr. Brill. Children will be supervised as they play with the new lacrosse equipment paid for by your very own donations!  Click here to sign up
Wellness Corner
Healthy Tips from  Fit4Allkids, a program of Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital.
Staying healthy is as easy as counting down! Have you heard about 9-5-2-1-Almost none?

If you follow these numbers every day, you'll be on the path to a healthy lifestyle.
  • 9 hours of sleep: Getting enough sleep is an important part of staying healthy. The light from electronics can disrupt your natural sleep cycle. Talk to your family about setting a "family bedtime" when everyone can relax for the night.
  • 5 cups of fruits and vegetables: Did you know that not only are veggies and fruits full of vitamins and minerals you need to stay healthy, but they  can also help keep you full? Help your family pick out a new veggie to try every week and prepare it as a family. Don't forget to keep fruits and veggies close for quick snacks.
  • 2 hours or less screen time: TV, video games and time spent on computers, tablets and other devices are common sources of inactivity, which is a leading risk factor for an unhealthy lifestyle. Challenge yourself to spend no more than two hours a day (not counting homework) with electronics.
  • 1 hour of physical activity: Getting active is a great way to be heathy. Choose activities that are fun for you or start a competition with your family to see who can be the most active.
  • Almost none: Skip sugary drinks. Instead, choose water or flavored water when you can.
Food Donations Needed!
Many families in Hillsborough County rely on free school breakfasts. 10 News WTSP and Feeding Tampa Bay are in search of cereal and other breakfast items to help students and families in need over the summer.  Next week from April 24-28, you can bring in items such as:
  • Dry Cereal-Boxes or bags (think nutritious!)
  • Pop Tarts
  • Oatmeal
  • Pancake Mix
  • Muffin Mix
  • Cereal/Breakfast bars
You can bring in your donations to your student council rep anytime during the week.  Your support will help a family in need start their summer off right. 
Donuts with Dad
Donuts with Dad will be Monday, April 24th at 7:15 am in the Mabry cafeteria.
Teacher & Staff Appreciation Week
Mabry's Teachers & Staff Are the Stars of the Show! Mabry Staff Appreciation Week  5/1 to 5/5.
If you would like to volunteer for events or bring in food, please use the links below.
Hall Monitors
Testing is still going on and we are in need of hall monitors.

The Food Trucks are coming Back!
Save the date for Thurs. May 11th  Spring Family dinner.  You don't want to miss another fun night with your Mabry Community! Here's a peek of the  delicious eats to enjoy!
Surf and Turf Truck
Maggie on the Move

Taco Traveler

Stoops Italian Ice

ASE Classes
ASE classes are coming to a close. Please be aware of End dates, Monday and Friday classes go into May.
Monday : May 1st,

Tuesday: April 25th

Wednesday: April 26th 

Thursday: April 27th

Friday:  May 12th 

Sync up to the PTA Calendar
Having a hard time keeping up with the many activities of our busy school? Consider syncing the PTA calendar to your smart phone.  Click here to select the calendar URL and then copy and paste the link into your calendar subscription. Changes to events are updated on the online calendar so you will always have the most current time and location right on your phone!
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