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November 4, 2022

Dr. Camron Nystrom

Ms. Stephanie Gage
Assistant Principal

MacArthur Middle School
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Principal's Welcome

Welcome to MacArthur Middle School, home of the Marauders!

We finished our first round of conferences last night and we look forward to another round next Thursday night. As we continue to bridge the home to school connection in November, please consider joinng the rest of our MacArthur family in many of the upcoming games, competitions, and performances. You can view from home through our livestreams and the links are provided below. Consider subscribing to both channels!

PHSD23 YouTube
MacArthur YouTube
Looping Video Board

We also have a two very important events coming up in the next week and information follows. We are bringing back our live and in-person Veterans Day Assembly and Recognition. This will be on Thursday morning at 9:30 am. All students will be a part of the event.

Student Senate is also hosting a Hot Chocolate Run at MacArthur on Saturday morning at 9:00am.

Prepared Respect Integrity Determination Engaged
MacArthur empowers all learners to thrive!

Veterans Day Assembly

Our school-wide Veterans Day Assembly is returning! This is a great way for our Marauders to learn about the history of our nation, its traditions, and honor those that have served. After a few years of modified ceremonies, we are back to the live performances for all to experience.

If you are a veteran or know of one in the area, please call us to reserve a seat in the experience. We would love to have you!

Student Senate Hot Chocolate 5k

Exploratory Update

2x2 Workouts in the Mat Room.

The kids challenged themselves to attempt partner workouts where they are both doing some exercise at the same time! They were laughing and were so surprised when class was over because they were engaged in what they were doing and the time flew by!!

8th Grade Math Update


Students are learning about linear equations and have been graphing proportional relationships and discovering the meaning of slope. They are using "rise over run" and are applying their knowledge of transformations to determine that the rate of change of a line is constant.


Students just finished their unit on Equations of Linear Functions. They expanded their knowledge from the commonly used slope-intercept form to include standard and point-slope forms of linear equations. They used linear equations to model real life relationships from data sets to estimate outcomes and learning how to develop their own review materials for chapter tests.

Marauders in the Community

Our 6th graders were featured in the October issue for their field work in seed collections. They walked to the local prairie restoration and collected the seeds from the plants to help with the spread of these natural polinators. Students are also working on restoring some of the prairie spaces behind MacArthur and Ross. The article will be uploaded soon!

Prospect Heights Natural Resources Commission

iPad Safety

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

If it is your iPad, it should stay! Please leave your iPad safe and sound at home. No need to risk damage or loss on a trip. Given that it is a device to be used for educational purposes, as you and your family enjoy a break away from school-based learning, the iPad can use a break too. Be kind, rewind--er, be kind, leave your iPad at home. Thanks for helping us to prolong the life and health of your student's iPad! 

Electronic Report Card

The end of the first Trimester is next Friday, which means we are one third of the way through the year. Teachers are busy finalizing grades and comments for this learning and grading period. As we have shared here, all report cards will be made available through the PowerSchool Parent Portal. We are expecting this access for Trimester 1 grades to open on Thursday, November 17th, after grades have closed and have been finalized. Here is what that access will look like! Do note, report cards are only viewable when accessing the Parent Portal on a desktop or laptop computer, not on the mobile app.

If you don't have a PowerSchool Parent Portal account or have forgotten your password, please do reach out to us in the office so we can get you up and running before report cards go live on Thursday the 17th.

Environmental Sensor

In the coming weeks, we will be installing a trial safety sensor in one of our bathrooms. This sensor only picks up noise and air quality. As we continue to work with Link Together, a local, Wheeling-based health coalition of school and first responder partners, we work to stay current with trends for health and wellness. Other schools use tools like this to detect vaping or cigarette use. Our Illinois Youth Survey data for use among our students is really positive, with an overwhelming majority (more than 90%) of last year's 8th graders reporting no such personal use in the past year. We just wanted to let you know in case your student came home saying there was a weird flashy thing in one of the bathrooms.

8th Grade

All 8th grade students should have taken the PSAT on 10/29. Make-up sessions are available on 11/5, if needed. Please contact the high school for questions about this process. They will be the best contact for support.

District News and Update

Watch your Mail...

for an important survey being sent to all D23 residents later next week. We are seeking your feedback on the Building a Better D23 Project to help inform our next steps. The survey will include a stamped return envelop or a QR code link if you would prefer to complete it online. Surveys are due back by November 30.

Important Dates 2022-23

-Institute Days: 11/7, 1/9, 4/10

-School Improvement Days: 5/12

-Holidays: No School

  -Thanksgiving Break: 11/21-11/25

  -Winter Break:12/23-1/6

  -Martin Luther King Day: 1/16

  -Presidents' Day: 2/20

  -Spring Break: 3/27-3/31

  -Memorial Day: 5/29

-Additional Non-Attendance Days: 11/8, 2/17, 4/7

-8th Grade Promotion (tentative): 5/31

-Last Day of Student Attendance (if no emergency days used): 6/2

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