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September 2, 2022

Dr. Camron Nystrom

Ms. Stephanie Gage
Assistant Principal

MacArthur Middle School
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Principal's Welcome

Welcome to MacArthur Middle School, home of the Marauders!

Thanks for being a part of our Back to School Parent nights. We really enjoyed having you in our schools in a more typical way. As we take an extended three-day weekend for Labor Day, I thank you for your labor in being a model for our kids. I enjoy working with these kids because they have so much passion for their improvement and kindness in their hearts. Already, we have seen a few kids go out of their way to help others. We will continue to talk about our expectations framework (PRIDE) in the coming weeks. Be sure to see our next newsletter for evidence of that work.

Thanks for your continued partnership as we promote our students in having #MAChasPRIDE!

Prepared Respect Integrity Determination Engaged
MacArthur empowers all learners to thrive!

Safety Day @ MacArthur

On September 6th, we will be focusing on school safety. We will conduct our fire drill, bus evacuation drill, lockdown drill, and practice our "shelter-in-place" for hazardous weather. Additionally, we will have a discussion in each advisory about general safety with classmates and learning about many of our community partners that help to keep us safe at school and in the community. This day will also kick off our Safety Poster competition where advisories will express their own creativity with a message for their peers. Be on the lookout for the next newsletter so see some of the winners!

Please let me know what questions you have about safety and MacArthur!

Back to School Nights

We hope you enjoyed the open-house format for our Back to School night! It was a more relaxed pace for you to flexibly meet your needs of learning more about the school, finding out more about a teacher, or learning from our community resources. Speaking of community resources, a huge thank you to Link Together Coalition, our D23 PTO, and librarians from Prospect Heights and River Trails! The learning opportunities and need for support never end!

6th Grade Language Arts & Social Studies

In ELA class we finished our iReady reading diagnostic tests and began our new reading curriculum this week - StudySync. In SS, students are creating artifacts from their assigned hominin group, reading, researching and working collaboratively to present their information to their peers via a group presentation.

7th Grade Math

Our 7th-graders in math have just completed their Fall iReady Diagnostic test and have their personalized learning paths set! We have also been working through Unit 1 in our Ready Math Curriculum on Proportional Relationships, specifically with scale factors. Previously in 6th-grade, students learned how to identify equivalent ratios, calculate rates, and represent these concepts through various models such as tables and double number lines. Building on that prior knowledge, students apply the same concepts of equivalent ratios and unit rates to recognize scale drawings and copies to compare the drawings and copies to the objects and figures they represent. Students are learning how scale drawings are typically used when objects are either too small or too large to be shown at their actual sizes. We have seen real-world application problems of scale factor and drawings with examples relating to floor plans, maps, and enlarged/minimized pictures!

Lunch Payments

Please be patient when depositing money onto lunch accounts if sending money to school. The kitchen updates all the accounts after they are done serving lunches for the day so money should be available for the next day.  This only applies to ice cream and snacks since they can not be purchased if there is no money on the account. Students may still purchase lunches if their account is negative.

Online deposits on the Mealtime account should be available immediately.

Clubs and Activities

Now that school has started, it is time to start up the activities. Innovation Club, Student Senate, Intramural Basketball, and Yearbook Club have all had their first meeting. Newspaper Club, Robotics Club, Creativity Club and Art Club will be starting soon! For a complete list of all our activities, use the link below:

MacArthur Clubs & Activities
8th Grade

All 8th grade students will take the PSAT on 10/29. Please save the date for your calendars. D214 will be sending more information to you in early October!

District News and Update

SHIELD Screening

As a service to our community, District 23 will again offer weekly COVID screening for students. This requires an "Opt In" to the program by completing the form linked below. We plan on starting this screening on Thursday, Sept. 8.

CLICK HERE to Opt In for SHIELD Screening in 2022-23
Important Dates 2022-23

-Institute Days: 11/8, 1/9, 4/10
-School Improvement Days: 5/12
-Holidays: No School
-Labor Day: 9/5
-Thanksgiving Break: 11/21-11/25
-Winter Break:12/23-1/6
-Martin Luther King Day: 1/16
-Presidents' Day: 2/20
-Spring Break: 3/27-3/31
-Memorial Day: 5/29
-Additional Non-Attendance Days: 9/26, 10/5, 11/7, 2/17, 4/7
-8th Grade Promotion (tentative): 5/31
-Last Day of Student Attendance (if no emergency days used): 6/2
News from our Partners

PTO Golf Outing

October 7 (1-6pm)

Arlington Lakes Golf Course

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