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There are many services we offer that may add to the atmosphere of your special event or satisfy a need you may have.  From ceremony sound systems, lighting & effects, slide/video presentations or our newest popular service, Flipbooks, one or more might be worth considering.  Package pricing is available so please email us or give us a call today!
Up lighting /
Up Lighting is easily the most popular event option in the last 10 years.  Add some great atmosphere to your event with warming static "pillars of colour" that can accent your walls, columns or other key focal points in your room or tent.  With 7 colours to choose from these cool to touch LED fixtures can also change colour to the beat of the music during dancing.  A great "double duty" effect perfect for any event!  They can be used along walls, the head table or around the dance floor.  The 7 standard colours available are blue, aqua, green, red, magenta/pink, yellow/gold and white.  To do an entire room we recommend 8 fixtures for parties of 120 people or less, 12 fixtures for 120-200 people and 16 fixtures for parties of more than 200 people.  Any quantity is available.
Cost per fixture: $25 each ($20 each for 12 or more)
Dance Floor Lighting (Sound Active)
Looking for some excitement on the dance floor?  Achieve that with some wide coverage sound activated LED lighting effects!  This standard lighting package is perfect for crowds of up to 150 people and include 2 moving colour effects for fast songs and 1 effect for slow songs.  The DJ will use them independently and in conjunction with each other so that the show changes a bit throughout the night.  Budget friendly too!
Included in the Package:
2 x Wide coverage LED or laser type fixtures for fast music
1 x H20 OR Starball LED/Mirror Ball effect for slow music (depends on availability)
Cost of 3 effect lighting package: $200
Add a fixture (slow or fast effect): $50 each

           Star Ball LED     
The H20 effect simulates water ripples while slowly changing colour.  A Starball LED is a simulated contemporary mirror ball effect.  Other effects are available.
Dance Floor Lighting (Intelligent)
Looking for more of a night club feel or have a special lighting need?  Intelligent (scanning) fixtures give the DJ the ability to change the light's movements, speed, colour and gobo to perfectly fit the music of the moment.  Whether it is a nice slow sweeping arc across the room during a ballad, fast strobing excitement during your favourite dance tune or highlighting the bride and groom in a white spotlight during the first dance - these are the lights for you!  With multiple colours & gobos the show is never the same!
For 2 moving head intelligent fixtures: $250
Or add them to a sound active lighting package above for only $200 (save $50)!
30 times more fun than a photo booth
for about the same price!

What is a flipbook? 


Mobile Flipbook studios are the newest craze in event entertainment for your guests who will get a unique keepsake to take home with them that is printed on-site! Why just have a photo booth when you can provide your guests with up to 30 pictures bound in a book that are easy to handle and will be kept for years to come!  You also receive a DVD of all of the "performances" to cherish forever!  Another great idea is to come into the flipbook studio in advance of your Wedding, record a "thank you for coming to our wedding" message and provide each guest with flipbook and  customized cover as a party favour or Bomboniere.  You really need to see the video!


Visit for a video on how it is done and to see our packages.  You might be surprised to find out how we compare to the traditional photo booth.


Contact us for pricing and availability today!


Wedding Ceremony System
(or secondary area sound coverage)
Having an on-site ceremony or require music for cocktail hour in another room?  Book a secondary sound system that is independent of the main sound system and allows continuous music as your guests move from one area to the other.  A wireless microphone for your officiant is also included.
System Price (includes wireless):
Battery powered systems are also available for areas where no power is available and no expensive or loud generator is required! 
Battery powered system price (includes wireless):
Wireless Microphones
Add a wireless microphone or two (or three...etc) to your event.  One wireless handheld microphone is included with most of our packages.  Refer to your contract for more details. 
Wireless Handheld: $50 each
Wireless Lavalier or Headset: $75 each
         Truss Totems (options available)
Like the idea of up lights in the middle of the room or to frame your dance floor or DJ?  Use up-lit truss totems!  These 6.5 foot high columns are covered with a white scrim and can glow the colour of your choice!  Add an LCD screen for a slide show or a moving head intelligent fixture....or both!
Per column (includes up light): $75
Add a 32" LCD TV*: $50
Add an intelligent light fixture: $75
Package: Column + TV + Light: $175
*other sizes available.  Includes DVD/Laptop/HDMI connectivity options.  Call for more details.
Video Screens & Projectors
Planning a slide show or video presentation?  Get a video screen, projector and audio patch into the main system with the added benefit of delivery, set-up and tear down included!
Package Price: $249
*Includes a standard DVD player and/or connection cables for a client's laptop.  Front or rear projection screens are available.
*Note: if using an Apple product or laptop please notify our office in advance of your event to ensure we provide the proper connecting cables.
DJ Facade - with or without back lighting
A great way to conceal your DJs equipment and add some more atmosphere to the room in the process!  Don't worry, all of our staff use professional roadcasing for a professional look - this just adds to the party atmosphere and decor of your room!  Package includes four up lights for back lighting of the facade in your choice of 7 standard colours.
DJ Facade with up lighting: $100
Full DJ Facade Set Up With Truss Totems (Intelligent Lighting Optional)
Looking for your DJ to have the sweetest set up around?  Book the Full DJ Facade set up that includes the Facade and 2 Truss Totems with up lighting for all in your choice of colours.  The whole set up can even change colours with the beat of the music!
DJ Facade Set Up with 2 x Truss Totems (no intelligent lighting): $400
Add: 2 x Intelligent Moving head Fixtures: add $100 (total $400)
Follow Spot
Do you want to have your first dance in the spotlight?
Would you like to wow your crowd with  bridal party introductions lit up in a darkened room for the ultimate glamourous effect?
Wouldn't it be great to have your speeches lit up like the Oscars?
Have them all when you add a follow spot to your event.  Get one of your guests to operate this simple point and shoot light or your DJ would be happy to do it for you at no charge assuming he is not needed at the DJ console at the same time! 
Follow Spot Only: $100
Follow Spot Operator (if required): Contact Us
Novelties, props & other fun things
Thousands to choose from!
Wouldn't it be great to be able to pick from thousands of novelty and party items at the regular price but have your DJ bring them and use them at no additional charge?  Well now you can!
Here's how:
  1. Make sure it is at least 1 month prior to your Wedding.
  2. Browse all the products at  Make sure to click the "English" link at the top right if necessary.
  3. Make a list of the product numbers and quantities you would like to order. 
  4. Email us the list.  We will invoice you at the listed online prices (plus a small shipping charge) without you having to purchase them online - we do that for you! 
  5. The products are then shipped to our office and your DJ will bring them to your event to give to you or use in the musical fun at no extra charge!  You simply pay the price you would have if you purchased them directly.  Perfect for all types of events - and the best part is you get to choose what you want that fits your budget!
Price: Your budget!
Kissing Game Props
Use one of our fun props for the Bride & Groom kissing game!
Golf Putting Green (includes putters & balls): $50
Kissing Dice (foam filled, leather 15" square): $50
Walla Balla Game (2 units): $50
Sound Reinforcement
Recommended for parties larger than 200 people.
Please call for your quote based on the number of guests expected (unless already notated on your contract).
Interactive Upgrade
Looking for more interactive fun?  Add an interactive package to your event today!  Your DJ will use several props, guest costumes and party giveaways to get your guests involved with dance floor fun!  Upgraded centrepiece and kissing games, as well as 3 or more basic routines such as conga line competitions, YMCA or Blues Brother air guitar performances, Limbo contests and more!  Tons of fun for any event!
Basic Interactive Upgrade: $200 (includes props, novelties and crowd giveaways)
Custom Monogram or Name Projection
Get your names or monogram in lights on the dance floor or wall of your reception venue.  A classy look that will be remembered!
Several styles and fonts available or design your own!
Monogram/Name Projection: $249
Dry Ice or Low Fog
Have your first dance on a cloud!
A great effect for your first dance.  You will love your Photographer's picture of you dancing on a cloud!
Cost: $200
NOTE:  your Venue must allow dry ice, smoke and/or haze in order to use this effect.  Please check with your Venue in advance of ordering.  We cannot be responsible for any issues concerning dry ice, haze, smoke/fog or bubbles.
Streamers and Flutter Flakes
A great low cost way to celebrate!  With our streamer and/or flutter flake launchers we can cover the dance floor with excitement!  Perfect for introductions, first dances or other focal points throughout the evening.   Available in many colours including silver, gold, multi-coloured and more.
Cost: $25 per streamer/ flutter flake shot
NOTE:  streamers are easily cleaned up however flutter flakes (shown) are more of a clean up job for your Venue and may be disallowed.  Please check with them in advance of ordering.  We cannot be responsible for any clean up charges.