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Vol. VIII, No. 3 March 18 , 2017

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Events: Debating Canada's history on March 28
Political tradition: Examining Cartier's role in Confederation
Events: Perrin launches book tour to improve victim policy in Canada
MLI news: Foreign policy centre welcomes Murray and Kolga
Economy: Crowley warns of populist tidal wave washing over Canada
Events: Photos and video form the Confederation Dinner
Defence: Building the future of Canada's defence policy
Security: Defending Canada's Arctic interests
Other MLI news
Great Canadian Debates March 28: Should Canadians be ashamed of their history?
Should Canadians be ashamed of their country's history?
Jack Granatstein and Noah Richler will hash out that question as part of another Great Canadian Debate, taking place March 28, 2017 at the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa.
The latest paper in MLI's Confederation Series examines how George-√Čtienne Cartier went from rebel patriote to key ally of Sir John A. Macdonald and Father of Confederation.
MLI's Benjamin Perrin will launch his new book, Victim Law: The Law of Victims of Crime in Canada, as part of a cross-Canada tour.
The tour has already taken Perrin to stops in Vancouver, Victoria and Calgary. Remaining dates are: March 27th (Halifax); March 28th (Montreal); March 29th (Ottawa) and March 30th (Toronto).
MLI will host the Ottawa event on at the Cardus offices at 45 Rideau Street in Ottawa.
Perrin also penned an op-ed on the need to strengthen policy for victims in a Globe and Mail op-ed.
New foreign policy centre adds two new senior fellows
Brian Lee Crowley welcomed Dr. Robert Murray and Marcus Kolga as Senior Fellows to MLI's emerging Foreign Policy Centre.
The new Centre will wield facts, sharp analysis and the latest communications techniques to summon Canadians to rise to the challenge posed by foreign conflicts (and their domestic implications such as espionage and terrorism). Its central focus will always be on the defence of Canada's interests.
The conflict between elites and ordinary people that brought us the election of Donald Trump and Brexit has roots in Canada, writes Brian Lee Crowley in a new commentary.
Relive MLI's celebration of Canada's 150th birthday with the photos and video from our Confederation Dinner.
The Macdonald-Laurier Institute has teamed up with 19 leading defence policy thinkers and practitioners from across Canada for a new paper on shaping the future of the country's defence policy.
The paper, titled First Principles and the National Interest, steps back to explore the first principles of Canadian defence policy - by answering the "what" and "why" of defence rather than simply "how."
Global Security Look Ahead series wraps with a look at Canada's role in the Arctic
MLI wrapped up its Global Security Look Ahead series with a commentary from Stephen Blank and Aural Braun on defending Canada's interests in the Arctic.

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