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Evaluate the amazing low light capability of Canon’s 35MMFHDXS image sensor using the new evaluation kit

Evaluate for yourself the advantage of 19um pixels in the 2.7MP CMOS sensor. This kit features a 35MMFHDXS_A 2.7MP CMOS sensor with raw data serial output via a USB 3.1 (Gen 1) interface. The evaluation kit has an open architecture design and gives developers the option to embed processing and software with the on-board ARM and FPGA.
Canon Image Sensors
The Canon 35MMFHDXS_A CMOS sensors use new pixel and readout circuitry technologies delivering ultra-high sensitivity with a 2.76 megapixel resolution. The enormous 19µm pixels, which minimize noise and dark current and allow control over readout position and frame rate, make the 35MMFHDXS_A sensors unique in capabilities among all other CMOS sensors for low light imaging. These CMOS sensors are available in monochrome (35MMFHDXSMA) and color (35MMFHDXSCA).
What Does it Mean to be Production-Ready?
Take advantage of a Chritical Link Production-Ready SOM:
  • Whether you order 5 or 5,000, you can depend on availability
  • Professionally supported, directly by the team who developed it
  • Designed for long life in the field with 24/7 operation (not a reference design)
  • Lifetime product maintenance with published PCNs, meaning no unexpected rev changes
  • Commercial & industrial temps
  • 100% US-based development and assembly
  • Escrow service available for all designs
Design your Machine Vision Cameras more efficiently with the Mpression IP Cores and Kits
Macnica's Mpression team offers IP solutions for machine vision systems. It is a comprehensive set of standard based interface IP cores and control software packages, together with the EasyMVC interchangeable machine vision camera development platform. Camera development engineers can start designing machine vision camera with the Mpression IP cores and software quickly and very easily.
Sensor IF IP Core
Image sensor interface (Rx side) to Sony CMOS image sensors

Machine Vision Transport IP Core Packages
High-speed image data transfer solution based on GigE Vision standard with IEEE1588 time synchronization
High-speed image data transfer solution based on USB3 Vision standard
High-speed image transmission at 6.25Gbps via coaxial cable

Control Software Package
GenICam software package enables quick development of applications conforming to the EMVA GenICam camera control standard
Empowering Efficient Innovation
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