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Machine Vision Systems from Festo

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Inspection, barcode, ID, robotic

guidance and color analysis

From inspection to identification, barcode reading to robotic guidance, measurement to color analysis, Festo provides machine vision solutions to suit your needs. With higher resolutions, more powerful software tools, easier integration and more flexibility, the latest generation of SBS vision sensors provide the right features and tools to meet your demanding machine vision requirements.

A 5 megapixel sensor provides high resolution images for applications that require precision measurement and the detection of small details. Auto-focus and auto-exposure make finding the perfect image simple.

The SBS Vision Sensor software provides easy access to all cameras on the network and powerful configuration tools to solve every machine vision task.

Learn about Festo Machine Vision Systems

Lift100 High-Payload Robot Lift

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enables future-proofed palletizing

tasks for robot arms

OnRobot’s NEW Lift100 high-payload robot lift long-stroke robot elevator enables a wide range of future-proofed palletizing tasks for leading robot arms.


Minimal deflection ensures precise positioning even at high speeds. Perfect for applications where additional vertical reach is needed for the robot arm such as stacking of objects or picking/placing parts on shelves or racks.

  • Additional reach for your robot enables you to handle more types of pallet sizes, box sizes, and palletizing patterns
  • Elevator's long stroke enables a wide range of palletizing tasks and future-proof cell for manufacturing changes.
  • Integrated safety features with TÜV (certification pending) stop-functionality to facilitate collaborative deployment.

Learn about Lift100 Robot Lift

Metric Interchange Cylinders

Fabco Global Series.jpeg

Global Series™ and GT Series

The Global Series™ is Fabco-Air’s extruded-body international counterpart to the Original Pancake® air cylinder. This metric, interchangeable air cylinder line, like the Pancake, is designed to deliver short-strokes and fit into tight spaces. Pressure rated to 150 psi for both pneumatic and hydraulic service, the Global Series comes with bore sizes ranging from 12 to 100 millimeters, and stroke lengths are from 5 to 150 millimeters.

The anodized extrusions house oversized hard chrome 303 stainless steel piston rods that help extend the cylinder’s lifetime, and the rod-bushing’s non-metallic high-performance composite gives it high load-bearing strength.

Learn more about Metric Interchange Cylinders

Finder 7S Series

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Finder 7S.jpg

Modular relay with forcibly guided contacts

The 7S series relay modules provide forcibly guided contacts 6-10A, for safety applications. The 7S Series consists of relays with forcibly guided contacts for SIL 2/SIL 3 safety applications.

Features include (according to Type):

  • For safety applications, with class A forcibly guided contact relays (EN 50205)
  • 2 pole (1NO + 1 NC), 4 pole (2 NO + 2 NC and 3 NO + 1 NC) or 6 pole (4 NO + 2 NC)
  • 35 mm rail (EN 60715) mount, 22.5 mm wide
  • For applications up to SIL 2 according to IEC 61508
  • For functional reliability in machinery and plant engineering according to EN 13849-1

Learn more about 7S Series Relays


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