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New Supplier - iENSO
Need a camera module on your next project? Consider our new supplier iENSO and their small sensor modules. Established in 2003, iENSO provides innovative embedded vision systems to global OEM and IoT customers seeking high-performance, market-driven AI and Edge Computing solutions.

NEW! - iENSO 4K line of Sony MIPI Sensor Modules
iENSO recently launched the line of 4K sensor modules based on Sony MIPI sensors. The first three of the line rolled out with Sony IMX317, IMX377 and IMX344 true 4K UHD solutions, with more expected towards the end of the year.
The Sargon Stratix-10 GX FMC+ Development Kit includes a full height PCI-Express form-factor board, featuring the Intel® Stratix® 10 GX 2800 KLE FPGA which operates in a Host PC via the PCIe Gen3 x16 interface or in stand-alone mode with the included power supply. This full-featured development kit’s price has been reduced by $1,000 and includes all the software needed to start developing your design.
Main features:
  • Intel® Stratix® 10 GX 2800 KLEs
  • PCI-express Gen3 x16
  • 8Gbytes of on-board x72-bit DDR4 memory and two x72-bit DDR4 RDIMM sockets
  • 1x FMC+ (VITA57.4) with 24 XCVR, 20 XCVR up to 28Gb/s, 4 XCVR up to 17.4Gb/s, 2x Hard IP 100G transceivers blocks capable 
  • GPIO extension connector : 9 LVDS usable as 18 LVCMOS
  • XCVR extension connector : 10 XCVR, 8 LVDS, Clock In&Out
  • Board Management Controller (BMC) for monitoring, NOR Flash and Clock Programming
  • Mini-SAS, Firefly, SDI and Gigabit Ethernet interfaces
  • On-board USB Blaster for FPGA programming and debug
  • Intel Quartus Prime Pro DKE 1-year license included

Target Applications:
  • High Performance Data Center and Cloud Computing
  • IP & ASIC Prototyping
  • Pre-tapeout functional ASIC verification
  • Early/Pre-ASIC software development
Event-Based Sensors: Capturing Motion Efficiently
There’s something inherently inefficient about the way video captures motion today. Traditional cameras capture frame after frame at regular intervals, but most of the pixels in those frames don’t change from one to the other and whatever is moving in those frames is only captured episodically. A typical CMOS sensor results in some combination of over-sampling (motion below its frame rate) and under-sampling (motion above its frame rate) as shown here in a golf swing. And of course, costs increase exponentially in traditional sensors as FPS increases.
Prophesee event-based-sensors work differently; their pixels trigger independently up to effective limit of 10,000 FPS while simultaneously not triggering when there is no motion. They therefore capture motion better than any other sensor, neither over-sampling nor under-sampling. Generating only necessary data also results in the minimum power needs for a given application.
Another major advantage of Prophesee sensors is that independent pixels intrinsically capture edges of motion and do so even in lighting conditions challenging to traditional CMOS sensors. In more technical terms, the dynamic range for Prophesee’s current event-based sensor is >120dB. Refer to these image comparisons between CMOS and Prophesee in dark scene applications.
NEW IP00C814 LSI released for De-interlacing, Scaling, and Warping with 2-Screen 4K Support!!
The IP00C814 is the enhanced multi-functional image processing LSI with integrated 2-channel scaler and de-interlace cores as well as a 1-channnel warping engine.

It supports 4K dual input with 2K PiP/PoP output videos and single 4K input with 4K output video.

In addition, high-performance functions such as HDR, 3DLUT for color management and edge-blending required for multi-screen system with multiple projectors are also integrated to the device.
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