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Customize the displays to your needs with Macnica Display Value-Add Services

 Macnica is now offering the value-add services for our display customers. We can offer total solution for display. Also, engineering support and design services are available for your product.

Services we offer:
  • Optical Bonding (2.0” – 105.0”)
  • Touch Screen & Cover Glass
  • Display Enhancement (backlights, etc)
  • and more…
All of our processes take place in the US
This gives you a big advantage by avoiding the huge tariffs for the vendors using factories in China and the shorter turn-around-time from order to delivery.
Embedded Imaging with On-board Processor to save cost and space for your project
MitySOM-5CSx Embedded Vision Dev Kit is all you need
The MitySOM-5CSX Embedded Vision Development Kit (VDK) is a complete hardware and software framework designed to accelerate the development of vision applications. The kit offers an Intel/Altera Cyclone V SoC processor with integrated dual core ARMs and FPGA fabric, and is based on Critical Link’s production-ready MitySOM-5CSx System on Module.
The kit provides the fastest path to embedded vision application development. Users are given the advantage of:
  • On-board image processing with FPGA fabric and dual core ARMs
  • Rapid prototyping using Intel PSG’s VIP Suite and OpenCL
  • Integration with Basler’s dart BCON cameras
  • Basler’s user-friendly pylon Camera Software Suite, included free
  • A variety of communication interfaces including HDMI, USB, Ethernet, M.2, and GPIO
Development Kit Content
The VDK includes everything you need to initiate development of your embedded vision project:
  • MitySOM Base Board with SOM (5CSX-H6-42A-RC)
  • Basler dart BCON camera(s)
  • pylon Camera Software Suite
  • LVDS flex cable
  • S-mount lens
  • USB Micro-B Cable
  • Power Supply
  • SD Card with pre-loaded Linux OS
$100 OFF
Make sure to enter the code
at checkout to save for this and other Critical Link kits on Macnica e-store.
Hey, video system FPGA designers! Meet our Rotating Video Frame Buffer (RVFB) IP core.
Did You Know?!
 The single-most-popular IP core Macnica has developed to date is actually the Rotating Video Frame Buffer. This is incredibly easy to use (a near drop-in replacement for the Intel Video Frame
Buffer available in the “Intel VIP Suite” of functions), functionality many people using the Intel VIP Suite need, just complex enough you don’t want to self-develop it, and simple enough it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to just purchase.
Free IP Evaluation and Documented Design Considerations for Use:
Available on request.
Award Winning Medical Panel PCs and Terminals
IEI has an impressive selection of Medical Panel PC’s and terminals available for a variety of medical scenarios. They have a strong track record of producing quality healthcare products and utilize their own fully equipped and certified lab. 

Some key features of these medical grade offerings:
  • A variety of sizes from 7” (handheld) to 24” (terminals)
  • Panel PC’s up to FHD resolution
  • Intel Mobile ULT Core i7/i5/Celeron, Handheld ARM based
  • RAID storage
  • Webcam with privacy cover
  • VESA mounts
  • Extensive list of standard interfaces and audio
  • Interfaces for medical add-on components: Bluetooth, RFID, Barcode scanner, SCR, MSR
  • Anti-bacterial covers and IP-65
  • IEC 60601 certified
  • Much more…

Applications :
  • Point of Care – bedside
  • Point of Care – OR
  • Surgical Monitors
  • Smart Outpatient processing
  • Mobile Nursing, Home Healthcare
  • Rehab equipment
  • Custom or integrated equipment options
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