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Canon CMOS Inage Sensor Dev Kits
Canon released Sensor Dev Kits
Macnica is excited with the new release of Canon's Image Sensor Development Kits for its 120MP and 5MP sensors. They are available for order at Macnica webstore immediately and will start shipping from Canon on November 15, 2019.
Canon’s CMOS sensor technology offers OEMs and end users expanded possibilities for industrial vision applications. From uniquely large pixel sizes to exceptionally high pixel counts in a compact design, Canon CMOS sensors push the boundaries of imaging possibilities. Facilitating on-going innovation in industrial camera and image capture technologies, Canon CMOS sensors support pioneering solutions for advanced industrial, machine vision and scientific applications.
Canon CMOS Sensor Evaluation Kit
Explore New Possibilities With Canon CMOS Sensor Evaluation Kits

Selecting the right imaging sensor can open up a world of possibilities for your applications. Canon’s Evaluation Kits have what you need to explore.
Featuring an open architecture design and valuable resources to help accelerate your development time, Canon’s CMOS Sensor Evaluation Kit allows OEM’s, system integrators, and end-users the opportunity to assess sensor performance in order to select the correct CMOS Sensor for the desired application.

The Canon CMOS Sensor Evaluation Kits allow integrators and end-users to assess sensor performance and provides assets for image system designers to accelerate development time. The Evaluation Kit features a Canon CMOS sensor with raw data serial output via a USB 3.1 (Gen 1) interface. The evaluation kit has an open architecture design and gives developers the option to embed processing and software with the on-board ARM and FPGA.

120MXSM Evaluation Kits (Lens not included)

3623V880120MXS M Eval Kit - 120MP Mono sensor
3623V881120MXS C Eval Kit- 120MP Color sensor
3623V882120MXS I Eval Kit- 120MP RGB-NIR sensor

3U5MGXSBA Evaluation Kits (Lens not included)

3623V8853U5MGXSBA M Eval Kit - 5MP GS Mono sensor
3623V8863U5MGXSBA C Eval Kit - 5MP GS Color sensor
3623V8873U5MGXSBA I Eval Kit - 5MP GS RGB-NIR sensor
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