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November 18, 2015
Reminder for Shooting Sports Project Participants 
Members participating in 4-H shooting sports projects and/or events must turn in a signed Michigan Shooting Sports Parental Permission and Acknowledgement of Risk form to Macomb County MSU Extension before participating in 4-H shooting sports projects and/or events. This form is not available on 4-H Online.

Volunteer Selection Process and Enrollment
All adult volunteers are required to complete the 4-H Volunteer Selection Process (VSP) before enrolling online. VSP consistes of an application, criminal history check, online training, reference check and an interview. 

Don't let your volunteer status lapse! Once a volunteer has completed VSP, he or she must enroll online annually to maintain his or her screened volunteer status. Volunteers whose enrollments lapse will need to repeat VSP.

Leaders: Is Your Club Active for 2015-16?
Club leaders, have you turned in your club registration form for 2015-16 to Macomb County MSU Extension? Your club is not considered active for the 2015-16 program year until MSU Extension has at least these documents on file:
Forms can either be mailed to Macomb County MSU Extension, Attn: 4-H, 21885 Dunham Road, Suite 12, Clinton Township, MI 48036 or faxed to 586-469-6948, Attn: 4-H.

4-H Fun, Fitness and Smoothies
Drop and Shop! Youth ages nine and older can join 4-H at MSU Extension, 21885 Dunham Road, Clinton Township, on December 12, 2015 from 2-5 p.m. for 4-H Family Boot Camp & Smoothies, a FREE family fun program in honor of Fun and Healthy Living! Youth will have fun being active and making smoothies while parents enjoy holiday shopping. Register online at http://events.anr.msu.edu/4HBootcampandSmoothiesDropandShop
 by December 9th. For more information, contact Kea Norrell-Aitch at knboyd@anr.msu.edu or 586-469-6264 or B'Onko Sadler at sadlerbo@anr.msu.edu or 517-432-7618.

County Awards: Worth the Effort, Apply by Dec. 1st
The Macomb County 4-H Recognitions Committee and MSU Extension staff invite and strongly encourage members to complete and submit at least one 4-H County Award application. The deadline to submit applications is December 1. Instructions and applications are available online at http://media.macombgov.org/sites/default/files/content/pdfs/msue/Co
untyAwardsOverview_006.pdf. Leaders may nominate members, or members may request to be nominated for one or more of the following 4-H County Awards:

A. Project awards are open to any member between 4-H ages 11-14 (Junior) and 15-19 (Senior). Nominees should have completed at least two years in the project area (this year plus one previous consecutive or non-consecutive year). Member should have done an outstanding job in the project area this year and should have grown personally as a result of the effort put into the project.

B. Special Awards are open to members who are 4-H ages 15-19 and meet the criteria for the award for which they are applying.
  • Achievement Award: This award recognizes project accomplishments, leadership skills and outstanding character. Applicants should demonstrate a broad knowledge of 4-H projects and participation in a wide range of 4-H activities at the club, county, state and national levels. They should also demonstrate personal growth in setting goals, making decisions, accepting responsibility, and other traits that establish the basis for a highly productive life. Applications should cite several examples that illustrate the above traits in a variety of settings, over a period of years.
  • Citizenship Award: This award recognizes involvement in community action and the acquisition of skills essential to being an effective citizen in a democracy. Applicants should demonstrate their knowledge of democratic principles, their respect for and responsiveness to the needs and rights of others, and their ability to participate effectively in the democratic process at the local, state, national, or global levels. Applications should cite several examples that illustrate the above traits in a variety of settings, over a period of years.
  • Leadership Award: This award recognizes activities that have strengthened a 4-H club and/or the 4-H program. Applicants should demonstrate how their leadership has improved current programming, encouraged development and implementation of new programming, recruited new members and adult volunteers and encouraged others to also assume positions of leadership at the club and county levels. Nominations should cite several examples that illustrate an outstanding contribution on the part of the nominee in a variety of settings, over a period of years.
  • Club Community Service Award: This award recognizes a club's members and leaders for outstanding effort to improve their community and increase community awareness of 4-H. Applicants should describe what club members and leaders learned as they worked together toward a common goal. If you apply for this award you may also wish to consider applying for the 4-H YEA Community Service Recognition, which is designed to recognize 4-H members and groups that are working together to be a part of the "solutions" in their communities. The community service must primarily benefit people who are outside of 4-H. All participants must be registered 4-H members or volunteers. Forms are available on the 4-H web site and are due in January to the 4-H office.
 C.  Special awards given only at the Macomb County level are open to members who are 4-H ages  15-19 and meet the criteria for the award for which they are applying.
  • Individual Community Service Award: This award is designed to recognize outstanding club members who have participated in a wide range of community service activities at the club, county, and state levels. Applicants should have taken a leadership role in coordinating at least one community service activity, completed a minimum of 20 hours of community service in the year in which they apply, and have completed a minimum of two years in 4-H.
  • Key Club Award: This award is intended to be the top county 4-H honor. Nominees should have completed three years in the 4-H program (be currently in their fourth year), participated in at least two project areas, completed a teen leadership project and have participated in three county and/or state 4-H events, and be recommended by their leader.
  • Sportsmanship Award: This award recognizes individuals who are fair-minded, generous, and considerate in competitive situations and have been helpful to other county 4-H members and volunteers in club and countywide activities. In particular, they should be individuals who have been positive role models for younger 4-H'ers. Nominations should cite several examples that illustrate outstanding behavior on the part of the nominee in a variety of settings, over a period of years. Must be nominated by a leader.
  • 4-H Peer Mentor of the Year: This award recognizes high school students who demonstrate leadership and positive role modeling to elementary schools in a peer mentoring program. Individuals nominated for this award must be a peer mentor at one of the 4-H Peer Mentoring sites in Macomb County and must have a good attendance record as well as taking a leadership role in the program.
  • Clear the Hurdle Award: This award recognizes individuals whose triumph over unusual or difficult circumstances and has demonstrated their dedication to their 4-H club and activities. Must be nominated by a leader.
There are also  adult and group awards available. Please consider nominating a club leader or volunteer who is always there working tirelessly to bring a memorable 4-H experience to you.

To further assist you with the County Awards application process, MSU Extension staff is hosting an Awards Workshop on 
November 24, 2015, at 6 p.m. at Macomb County MSU Extension, VerKuilen Building - Assembly Room B, 21885 Dunham Road, 
Clinton Township. Participants will be filling out applications 
for County Awards.
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Cowan, Jr. to 
Work with 4-H 
Tech Wizards 
in Wayne County
Americorps volunteer Mark Cowan, Jr., is leaving Macomb County 4-H. While in Macomb, Mark worked to establish and expand the 
4-H Tech Wizards program.
Macomb MSUE will 
still see Mark on occasion. Through Americorps, he will now 
be working with the 4-H Tech Wizards Program in Wayne County. 
Mark says he enjoyed working with the volunteers and youth in Macomb County and looks forward to getting to know the new faces and places in Wayne County. 

Please join us in wishing Mark well in his new position!

4-H Volunteer Takes Survey, Wins Prize
Congratulations to Almont Livestock 4-H Club leader, Susan Knust! Knust completed MSU's AgBioResearch/MSUE issues identification survey and won a $75 gift card to shop.msu.edu. 

Residents ages 18 and older can still take the survey. Responses will be used to help guide and shape the research and educational programs of  MSU AgBioResearch  (formerly the Michigan Agricultural Experiment Station) and  MSU Extension  o ver the next five years. 

November is Month of the Military Family
Explore what Michigan 4-H has 
to offer its military families!

Happy Thanksgiving from the 
Macomb County 
MSU Extension 
4-H staff!

Macomb County offices, including MSU Extension, will be closed 
November 26-27.

Mark your calendar! 
The 2014-15 
Macomb County 
4-H Awards Event  is 
December 13, 2015 at 2 p.m. at Macomb County MSU Extension. 
Statewide 4-H News
4-H Calendar of Events

Macomb County 4-H Calendar of Events

November 24
County Awards Workshop
6 p.m., Macomb County MSU Extension, Clinton Township
December 1
4-H County Awards application deadline
December 10
Macomb County 4-H Youth Council Meeting
December 12
4-H Fun, Fitness & Smoothies
2-5 p.m., Macomb County MSU Extension, Clinton Township
December 13
Macomb County 4-H Awards Event
2 p.m., Macomb County MSU Extension, Clinton Township

Michigan 4-H Calendar of Events
Kettunen Center, Tustin

January 16, 2016 
Breslin Center, MSU, East Lansing

January 29-31 
Green & White Youth Event & Open Hog Show (Contact  mclachl2@msu.edu)
MSU Pavilion, East Lansing

January 30 
MSU Pavilion, East Lansing
Kettunen Center, Tustin
February 5-6 
4-H Horse Judging Workshop & Mini Contest (Contact
  Taylor Fabus )
MSU Pavilion, East Lansing
February 6-7 
4-H Winterfest
Kettunen Center, Tustin
Kettunen Center, Tustin
Kettunen Center, Tustin
February 26-28 
Teen & Adult 4-H Horse Leaders Workshop (Contact
Taylor Fabus )
Kettunen Center, Tustin
For the most up-to-date events listing, go to http://4h.msue.msu.edu/events


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