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 August 2017     
Macomb County 4-H News
Macomb County 4-H youth attends 
Animal & Veterinary Science Camp 

Photos courtesy of Madeline McDonald
Congratulations to Madeline McDonald of
Alarro Boots & Spurs 4-H Club for being
accepted to the 2017 Michigan 4-H Animal
and Veterinary Science Camp at Michigan
State University. 

The camp selection committee reviewed 182 applications. Of the 50 youth selected for the camp, 20 are current Michigan 4-H members.
Five were wait-listed. The application deadline
was April 3. Accepted applicants were notified
by mail. The camp was held June 26-30, 2017.

Macomb County 4-H Program Coordinator Lizz Duran had a brief talk with the young 4-H'er. Duran reports that McDonald heard about 4-H from a friend at the barn where she was riding. "It sounded like so much fun, so I joined A Little Tacky 4-H Club," she said. Two years later, the club disbanded. McDonald wanted to continue on in 4-H, so club leader Anita Cipa helped her to join Alarro Boots & Spurs 4-H Club. McDonald shows off the track thoroughbreds, which are retired racehorses. 

McDonald heard about the camp in the  Macomb County 4-H Newsletter  and, because she loves animals so much, she thought it was something she would really be interested in. She had no idea how inspiring and informative the camp would be. She reports that her favorite part of camp was learning of the many opportunities there are in veterinary science. "You don't just have to be a veterinarian. There's an area called Animal Rehabilitation. That's what I want to do, help animals." Someday, she hopes to live on a farm and have many, many animals.

Club Officer Training - November 11th
Whether you're a 4-H club officer, thinking about becoming one,  or  want to know more about what they do, this training is for you!  4-H Club Officer Training  will help members to better understand  their roles as club officers.  The training is  10 a.m.-noon on Nov. 11, 2017 at Macomb County MSU Extension,  21885 Dunham Road, Clinton Township. Please R.S.V.P. to  586-469-6431 or  macomb.4h@macombgov.org .
Macomb County 4-H Staff
Ed Scott
District 11 Coordinator
Oakland & Macomb Counties

Diane Wisnewski
4-H Extension Supervising
& Staff Development Educator

4-H Mentor Program  
4-H Program Coordinator

Kathy Jamieson
4-H Educator
4-H Program Coordinator

4-H Educator

Computer Maintenance Clerk


Web Site:

MSU Extension
VerKuilen Building
21885 Dunham Road, Ste. 12
Clinton Township, MI 48036
Phone: (586) 469-6431

MSU Extension
Max Thompson
Family Resource Center
11370 Hupp
Warren, MI 48089
Phone: (586) 469-7614
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4-H Teen Leadership Camp - August 21-24
Youth ages 12-19 who would like to build leadership skills, communication skills and a sense of "team" 
and giving back to the community will want to learn more about the 4-H Teen Leadership Camp in 
Warren from August 21-24, 2017! The day camp combines two terrific MSU Extension programs: 
goLEAD and 4-H Teen Spokesperson Training. Campers will strengthen their communication skills, 
learn about etiquette and practice it at a formal luncheon. Participants will meet at the Gazebo Banquet Center on August 21, and at the Max Thompson Family Resource Center from August 22-24. The program runs from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. daily.
The cost is $15 per person. R.S.V.P. to 586-469-6431 or macomb.4h@macombgov.org. Youth registering for the etiquette luncheon only (Aug. 21) may register online at https://events.anr.msu.edu/TeenSpokesperson17/. There is no charge for the goLEAD portion of the camp (Aug. 22-24). For more information, contact Elizabeth Duran at 586-469-6090 or duraneli@anr.msu.edu; or Jeran Culina at  586-469-5979 or culinaje@anr.msu.edu This program is subsidized by the 4-H AgInnovators  Experience grant. 
Macomb County 4-H'ers are headed for the State 4-H Horse Show 
Good luck to the 4-H members who will be representing Macomb County at the State 4-H Horse Show at Michigan State University:

Light Horse (August 11-13):
Audrey Beaudin (Ray's Riding Rascals)
Amy Bell (Just For Fun)
Morgan Binkowski (Alarro Boots & Spurs)
Kellyn Clink (Alarro Boots & Spurs)
Erica Craig (Ray's Riding Rascals)
Dani DaPra (Alarro Boots & Spurs)
Angiolina Giacomantonio (Ray's Riding Rascals)
Willow Hollingsworth (Ray's Riding Rascals)
Miranda Hoskin (Alarro Boots & Spurs)
Payton Kehoe (Alarro Boots & Spurs)
Rebecca Kitchen (Alarro Boots & Spurs)
Kyla Monette (Alarro Boots & Spurs)
Kira Nowicki (Alarro Boots & Spurs) 
Sydney Pallas (Just For Fun)
Steven Prokuda (Ray's Riding Rascals)
Brianna Seymour (Ray Community)
Olivia Urban (Ray's Riding Rascals)
Rachel Young (Ray's Riding Rascals)

Madalin Bahorski (Ray's Riding Rascals)
Courtney Pichette (Ray's Riding Rascals)
Garrett Brown (Alarro Boots & Spurs)
Makenzie Breathour (Alarro Boots & Spurs)

Miniature Horse (August 20):
Cade Bollaert (Clinton Valley) 
Things are growing at Max Thompson Family Resource Center

Photo by Ralph Lange 

Above: 4-H youth and adult volunteers and 4-H Program Coordinator Elizabeth Duran pose after planting the 4-H garden at the Max Thompson Family Resource Center. 
Left: A butterfly enjoys zinnias planted at the 4-H garden at Max Thompson Family Resource Center in Warren.
It is our third summer here at the Max Thompson Family Resource Center (MTFRC) on Hupp Avenue, just off 9 Mile and Hoover in Warren. When I first arrived at MTFRC, I looked at the huge empty schoolyard and envisioned all of the opportunities for youth programming. MSU Extension staff has to determine what the youth in the particular community need in terms of programming and then look at the resources we have available. Gardening was the logical choice. A three-year plan was submitted to the County Executive Office, Van Dyke Public Schools and the MSU Extension District 11 Coordinator to build a 4-H community children's garden. Permission was granted to move forward with utilizing the space to build the garden. What started out as three small, 3 ft. by 3 ft. boxes with a variety of tomatoes, peppers and herbs to give 4-H day campers an educational garden experience has grown into a full-fledged garden.
There has been a lot of help from other organizations in the community such as Comprehensive Services for Developmentally Disabled (CSDD), who built the original beds. The second year, the group built three table tops that were designed to be wheelchair accessible. This year Ralph Lange, Community Skills Specialist with CSDD, connected me with Kelly Colegio, Warren City Councilwoman. "You need to talk to her, because she is very supportive of community gardens," he advised me. So, I sent an email to Kelly. 
It took 35 minutes for the phone to ring. I explained my hopes and dreams for the garden to her. An hour later, she introduced me to MacCair Gordon, a volunteer coordinator from Paradox Church. The three of us met at MTFRC and the wheels were in motion. A month later, I had more than thirty volunteers show up with enough donated materials to build another five 4 ft. by 8 ft. tabletops, five 4 ft. by 6 ft. raised beds and six in-ground rows of crops and one 10 ft. by 20 ft. butterfly garden. They also donated all of the plants and soil to fill the boxes. There are tomatoes, peppers, herbs, egg plants, beans, sugar snap peas, lettuces, onions and cabbages in the boxes. Sunflowers, miniature gourds and pumpkins line the fence row. In ground, there are pumpkins, a variety of squashes and popcorn. We had to choose either sweet corn or popcorn. We chose popcorn because, while kids get sweet corn all summer, they do not realize that popcorn does not come out of the microwave.
We cannot forget the City Slickers 4-H Club members who came out and helped with the preparing of the butterfly bed. Recently, Westview Orchards in Romeo donated starter asparagus plants. The last piece to complete the original vision of the garden is a strawberry patch. We are still working on that.
There is so much education you can get out of a garden. The kids and teens are always so tickled to eat their first sweet pea or tomato off the vine. They enjoy caring for it as well. Employees of other agencies in the MTFRC building have jumped in to assist with the watering once a week, including Macomb Children's Healthcare Access Program (MCHAP) and Macomb Community Action (MCA) employees.  People in the neighborhood and clients of the building have noticed the activity and wander out to see what is going on. Who knows...maybe someday there will be family boxes and field trips from elementary schools to the garden!  

Submitted by Elizabeth Duran, 4-H Program Coordinator
Armada Fair information
Armada Fair volunteers wanted: Have you been interested in helping at the Armada fair? 4-H, FFA and other youth organizations that participate in the fair are looking for superintendents and judges for youth projects entered in the fair. We are currently looking for judges for our vet Science projects, educational projects, culinary arts projects and photography projects. Professional expertise is not required, but judges should having experience in the project area they are judging. Please contact Seth Martin from MSU Extension/4-H for more information at (586) 783-8163.

Exhibit Barn Sign-Up: Sign up for a shift in the Exhibit Barn at the Armada Fair at  http://bit.ly/2rq9Uyb.

Coffee Cart Fundraiser/Shaving Sales Sign-up: Sign up for a shift at the 4-H Youth Council's Coffee Cart and shaving sales fundraisers at  http://bit.ly/2qFSLiT.

Teen Clerk Sign-Up: Teen Clerks, 4-H ages 13 and older, are needed for judging day at the Armada Fairgrounds on August 13th. Teen clerks help with Cloverbud project judging, transport projects from the judging area to the Exhibit Barn, and assist with other general tasks. Sign up:  http://bit.ly/2u0R7xU

  Nehemiah and Neenah Dusett of School Section 4-H Club pose
  with the clover  they painted for the Armada Fair.
2017 Wilton Award Department 71 Culinary Arts: Wilton Enterprises is pleased to help support the Armada Fair in the Decorated Cakes Division. Wilton's "Best of Class" awards are offered for winning cakes/cupcakes with some type of bag & tip or rolled fondant cake decorating.

August 9th-12th Is set up for Barn 15
  and the Horse barn displays. Clubs may begin setting up between 8am and 10 p.m. The Barn is CLOSED at exactly 10 p.m., no later. 4-H club display boards in Barn 15 can be no larger than 4 x 6 ft. and will be hung portrait.

Livestock Auction
1) Families who are selling animals in the livestock auction need to bring snacks (indiviually wrapped cookies, candy, treats, etc) and water.

Still Projects Judging:

1) Members and Cloverbuds should have Danish judging sheets ready for judges.

2) Cloverbud tags need to have club names written on them.

3) Retain claim checks for project pick-up.


Exhibit Barn:

1) Set-up Saturday (day before judging Sunday, Exhibit Barn) is at 4 p.m. 


Preorder your shavings bales for Armada Fair week:
Fair Set-Up and Judging Dates
Volunteers needed before and during Armada Fair
Leaders, it's time to line up your club helpers for pre-fair and fair dates!

Sunday Judging is Sunday, August 13th. Each club should be represented on this day. Volunteers will be helping clerk, carry exhibits back to barns, and tag with appropriate ribbons. Be sure judge signs Department book, return judge's books to Fair Office.

Sunday, August 13th:  Arrange Barn #12 -  Be sure tags are unfolded so that names can be seen, clean rods before hanging quilts and pin to secure.  Ribbons should all be visible on all items.  Be sure tag and ribbons are visible such as on lower corner of quilts or on the front of picture frames.  Arrange entries in the barn after judging is complete.  Be sure all ribbons are on each item and clearly visible. Set up fencing to secure areas.

Monday, August 14th through Sunday, August 20th , volunteers shall assist in clerking ALL youth shows, passing out ribbons/trophies and manning all gates, most importantly the horse arena gates and anything else required during the shows.

Check-out is Sunday, August 20th:  Assist collecting items for exhibitors.  Match tag numbers to items. Perishables are to be tossed out.  Attach ribbon to tags for pick up.  Clean-up on Sunday night is mandatory.

Submitted by Nancy Davis, 4-H Volunteer
Armada Fair & Youth Livestock Sale Information
Club Leaders, 4-H families, FFA instructors, FFA families
Armada Fair Youth Livestock Sale Committee
July 1, 2017
Armada Fair & Livestock Sale Information
As you know, a lot of work goes into preparing for the shows and Livestock Sale. The sale committee is in need of all clubs that participate in sale to lend a hand during fair week. 

Sunday 8/13: 
Weigh in times:  Swine- 8 a.m.-10 a.m.     Lambs, Goats, Steers & Prospect Steers- 2 p.m.-6 p.m.

Monday 8/14:
Monday morning after feed time we need some parents and youth to help set up the show arena.

Thursday 8/17:
If you have more than one large animal project the sale committee needs to know by noon on Thursday which project you intend to sell through the auction sale. If you do not intend on selling your project at the auction the sale committee needs to know no later than noon on Thursday that you are pulling your animal from the sale. (All champions must sell).  

Friday 8/18:
Friday morning after feed time we need parents and youth to help set up the sale area.  Each family participating in the sale needs to bring in one case of water and box of prepackaged snacks (i.e. cookies, crackers, chips, granola bars, pkg peanuts etc. - please do not bring until Friday as we have no room for storage)

Friday afternoon/evening we need parents to help register buyers, help move animals/kids to sale area for lineup, pass out buyer gifts, help w/photos & write out buyer thank-you signs.  We also need youth to pass out snacks.

After the kids have sold their project and returned it to their pen they are to report to the sale office to receive their thank-you sign.  The sign must be displayed over the project by the end of the sale.

Youth that are selling hogs are asked to skip the evening feed time so that the picture taking process will go smoothly. You can feed your animals upon return to their pen. 

Saturday 8/19:
Saturday morning after feed time we need parents and youth to help take down and clean up sale area.

Sunday 8/20:
Animals must be checked out and verified by sale committee member before they can be released from pens on Sunday evening. After animals are loaded out parents and youth are needed to help take down gates and pens.

Let's all have a safe and fun time at the fair with good sportsmanship and volunteerism!!!

Submitted by JoEllen Clark, 4-H Volunteer

Armada Fair Youth Organization Schedule
Monday, Aug. 14
9 a.m. - Youth Organization Saddle Horse Show (Horse Arena)
Youth Organization Bagged Fleece & Fiber Show will follow 9 a.m. Open class judging (Sheep/Goat Barns)
10 a.m. - Youth Organizations Poultry Show (Poultry Barn)

Tuesday, Aug. 15
9 a.m. - Youth Organizations Swine Show (Barn #15)
9 a.m. - Youth Organizations Dog Showmanship & Obedience Show (Dog Show Tent)

Wednesday, August 16
1 p.m. - Youth Organizations Market Lamb Judging/Market Goat Judging to follow (Barn #15)
4 p.m. - Youth Organizations Goat Show (Show Tent)

Thursday, August 17
9 a.m. - Youth Organizations & Open Dairy Cattle Judging (Show Tent)
9 a.m. - Youth Organizations Market Beef and Prospect Market Beef Judging (Barn #15)
9 a.m. - Youth Organizations Rabbit Judging (Rabbit Barn)
1 p.m. - Youth Organizations Miniature Horse Show (Horse Arena)
Friday, August 18
4 p.m. - Armada Fair Youth Organization Livestock Sale (Barn #15)

Satruday, August 19
9 a.m. - Youth Organizations Dog Agility, Rally and Fun Show (Dog Tent)

See http://bit.ly/2tUhx3m for the full Armada Fair schedule.
4-H Summer Camp participants learn about archery and more
MSU Extension staff hit a bullseye with its archery instruction at the 4-H Summer Camp at the Max Thompson Family Resource Center in Warren from June 26-30, 2017. In addition to being introduced to the sport of archery, the day campers participated in a variety of fun, educational activities such as gardening, cooking, crafts, and yoga.

4-H Club Officer Training - November 11th 
Whether you're a 4-H club officer, thinking about becoming one, or want to know more about what they do, this training is for you!  4-H Club Officer Training  will help members to better understand their roles as club officers.  The training is 
10 a.m.-noon on November 11, 2017 at Macomb County MSU Extension, 
21885 Dunham Road, Clinton Township. Please R.S.V.P. to  586-469-6431 or  macomb.4h@macombgov.org .
Other Local News & Events

Fishing Derby for Handicapped Kids
August 9, 2017 -- St. Clair Shores

People, Pets & Vets
November 4, 2017 - Clinton Township

Statewide 4-H News
Michigan 4-H Science Expo
This new, innovative, competitive event - created and sponsored by Michigan 4-H Youth Development for youth with a passion for science - will provide 4-H;ers the opportunities to:
  • Understand the world around them and how they can use science to answer questions and research ways to improve their world.
  • Learn how their 4-H projects connect to the world of science.
  • Gain exposure to career pathways in science.
  • Meet other Michigan 4-H'ers and 4-H leaders engaged in science projects and programs.
  • Share their skills and passion for science by participating in one of the following three contests:
    1. State 4-H Forestry. This includes tree identification, tree measurement, compass and pacing, and insect/disease identification.
    2. State 4-H Wildlife Habitat Education Program. Contest participants will have an
      opportunity to develop leadership; appreciate the need and importance of conserving natural resources; learn about career opportunities in the science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields; and develop practical wildlife-management skills.
    3. State 4-H Robotics Challenge. Participants will compete in teams of 3 to 5 in a real-time challenge (unknown to the team in advance of the event). To accomplish their division challenges, team members must decide how to divide their time between designing, building and programming. Divisions are: LEGO Mindstorms Senior (aged 15 to 19), LEGO Mindstorms Intermediate (aged 12 to 14) and Junk Drawer (aged 9 to 11).
  • Have fun!
Besides competing in one of the contests mentioned above, participants may also enter the 4-H Science Exploration Contest. Participants in this competition will share their exploration of a science-related problem or question through a poster, demonstration or display/exhibit prepared prior to the Expo. This contest will be divided into the following content topics: (1) animal and veterinary science, (2) biological science, (3) environmental and earth science, (4) health and food science, (5) physical science, (6) plant science, and (7) technology and engineering.
Who Should Attend?
Michigan 4-H'ers, 9 to 19 years old, as of January 1, 2017
When and Where Will the Expo Be Held?
August 26, 2017 at Anthony Hall on MSU's campus of MSU
What Is the Cost of the Expo?
The nonrefundable registration fee is $15 and there is an optional lunch for $10.50. All entry fees must be paid prior to the event date. Payment may be made on the registration system at the time of entry via credit card, or by cash or check at your local MSU Extension 4-H office. Entries without payment by the date of the event will be disqualified.
How Does Someone Register?
Preregistration by July 31, 2017 is required. Forms and complete information, including the event catalog, are available on the Michigan 4-H web site.
More information about the Expo is available from:

The 4-H Creative Arts Celebration Workshop
This workshop will be held at Kettunen Center from November 18 to 19, 2017.The committee that is organizing the workshop is accepting session proposals for clothing and textiles, visual and performing arts. For more information about the workshop or to obtain the session proposal form, contact Connie Lange in the Branch County 4-H Office.

2017 National 4-H Congress
"Be True, Be You" and participate in  the 2017 National 4-H Congress November 24 to 28 in Atlanta, Georgia!  Michigan 4-H youth ages 14-19 are invited to apply for this leadership, citizenship and community service event. In this capstone 4-H youth leadership event, 4-H youth from across the U.S. will come together to experience an exciting program, full of educational, service and leadership opportunities as well as local cultural tours and experiences. The event includes outstanding community leaders, speakers and educators. The exact cost will be determined based on the number of delegates and airfare, but will be around $1,500. Fees include registration, hotel, airfare, and most meals. For more information, contact Elizabeth Duran at 586-469-6090. Be sure to check out the website at http://national4-hcongress.com.

Michigan 4-H recognizes true leaders with 4-H State Awards
Nearly 100 outstanding Michigan 4-H award delegates , their families, 4-H staff members and volunteers, industry partners, donors and sponsors gathered at the Kellogg Center on the campus of Michigan State University June 22 to celebrate their accomplishments through the Michigan 4-H State Awards Recognition program. During the event, 31 youth received Michigan 4-H State Awards, the highest honor bestowed on Michigan 4-H members.

The Michigan 4-H State Awards program is an experience for 4-H members to receive recognition for engaging in 4-H project experiences while preparing a portfolio that can be used in their current and future education and career pursuits. A State Award not only provides the member with an accolade to list on their resume, but also helps them compile information that could be used to prepare a future resume, cover letter and application.
So, how does a 4-H member earn this prestigious award? Michigan 4-H State Awards program is open to members 13-19 years old (4-H ages). The program includes three opportunities:
  • Junior State Award: An individual award for members 13-15 with at least three years membership.
  • Senior State Award: An individual award for members 16-19 with at least three years membership,
  • Group Award: An award for groups with representative members 13-19.
There are 18 individual project area categories with a junior and senior award presented in each area. To get started, members can download a copy of the directions and applications for Michigan 4-H State Awards at:   Michigan 4 H Awards and Recognition Program . All State Awards applications must be submitted by Feb. 1 to State4HAwards@anr.msu.edu . To read more about State Awards and the list of awardees go to 
http://msue.anr.msu.edu/news/michigan_4_h_recognizes_true_leaders_with_4_h_state_awards .

Michigan 4-H Meat Judging Contest/FFA Career  Development Event  
in Jeopardy
Twenty-three contestants competed in the 2017 Michigan 4-H Meats Judging Contest/FFA Meats Evaluation and Technology Career Development Event that was a collaborative effort between Michigan 4-H and Michigan FFA. The contest had 12 females and 11 males ranging in age from 9 to 19 was held July 21, 2017.

The contest is designed to: 
  • Educate youth on Michigan's consumer preferences and factors that affect meat quality. 
  • Develop problem solving and critical thinking skills through evaluation of meat products. 
  • Enhance meat evaluation and selection skills.  
  • Improve communication and decision making skills. 
Contestants completed the contest using a Scantron to simulate their experience at the national contest. This was the fourth time this has ever been done at the state contest. Youth were able to evaluate the carcasses of the winning animals at the Michigan Livestock Expo.

The contest was down in numbers from 2016. The decision was made by the Michigan 4-H Livestock Programming Committee that the goal for youth competing in the contest should be 50 youth to justify cost and time. It is the recommendation of Extension Educator Julie Thelen, backed by the statewide programming committee, to discontinue the contest because of limited interest associated with a large expense for running the contest. Michigan FFA staff have already been made aware of the recommendation.

Global Village - August 26-27
Global Village is an overnight youth experience immersed in primitive cultures from around the world. 
The p rogram begins at 10 a.m. on Saturday, August 26th and wraps up at 12 p.m. on Sunday, August 27th. It's held at  Heifer Global Village at the Howell Nature Center in Howell and is open to youth ages 12-19 as of January 1, 2017. The registration deadline is August 19, 2017. 
What is Global Gateway?  A 26-hour intensive overnight activity with a Global Tour chaperoned by certified 4-H adult volunteers and staff. Participants explore model houses and the lives of people living in diverse regions of the world. Through role-playing, games, stories, and hands-on artifacts, participants learn how humans, animals, and education can significantly improve the lives of those in need. Then, participants spend a night in the Global Village. Assigned to a house and working with their "family" groups, students experience first-hand the struggles and triumphs of finding and bartering for their dinner, cooking together over an open fire and sleeping out in one of the village's rustic houses. The following morning is spent in an intensive debrief session in which participants develop a deeper understanding of inequalities in the world and come away empowered to make a difference in the lives of those in their communities and around the world. Both cold- and warm-weather packing lists are available at: http://howellnaturecenter.org/programs/heifer-global-village/global-gateway/. This event is coordinated by the  Southeast Michigan Association of Extension 4-H Youth Staff (SE MAE4-HYS).

The fee is $50 upon selection.  Partial scholarships are available to Southeast Michigan youth.  Southeast 4-H staff will select youth from submitted applications.  Please contact Sheri Montoye, Washtenaw County for more information montoyes@anr.msu.edu , or 734-222-3905.  

Statewide 4-H Calendar of Events

Macomb County 4-H Calendar of Events

August 2
4-H/FFA Model Rocketry Flight Day #3
6 p.m., Ray Township Park, Ray Township

August 5
Warm and Sunny 4-H Horse Show
Camp Rotary, Ray Township

August 21-24
4-H Teen Leadership Camp
10 a.m.-4 p.m., Gazebo Banquet Center (8/21) and Max Thompson Family Resource Center (8/22-24), Warren

September 1
4-H enrollment/re-enrollment begins for 2017-2018

September 25
Macomb County 4-H Horse Program Committee Meeting
6:30 p.m., Camp Rotary, Ray Township

October 4-15
Fall TSC Paper Clover Fundraiser
Tractor Supply Company stores, New Haven and Romeo

October 23
Macomb County 4-H Horse Program Committee Meeting
6:30 p.m., Camp Rotary, Ray Township

November 11
10 a.m.-Noon, MSU Extension, Clinton Township

Other Local Calendar of Events

November 4
People, Pets & Vets
11 a.m.-3 p.m., Macomb Community College, Clinton Township

Statewide 4-H Events

August 2-4
MSU, East Lansing
August 11-13
State 4-H Horse Show
MSU Pavilion, Lansing

Little Bay de Noc, Gladstone  

August 18-20
Manistee River near Kingsley
August 19
State 4-H Dog Show
MSU Pavilion, Lansing
Cooley Law School Stadium, Lansing
South Barn, MSU Pavilion, Lansing

August 26
Anthony Hall, MSU, East Lansing

August 26-27
Howell Nature Center, Howell

Suburban Collection Showplace, Novi

September 22-24
Nordhouse Dunes Wilderness Area, Free Soil

For the most up-to-date events listing, go to http://msue.anr.msu.edu/topic/events/4_h

National 4-H Events

November 24-28
Atlanta, Georgia