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January 25, 2016    
Macomb County 4-H News

4-H Cupcake Decorating Workshop
Join the Macomb County 4-H Youth Council for a  Cupcake Decorating Workshop on February 6, 2016 from 11 a.m.-1 p.m. at Camp Rotary, 29 Mile Road, Ray Township.
Come and learn the basics of coloring frosting, decorating techniques, and eat some cupcakes! This workshop is designed 
for youth ages 9 years and older. All youth are welcome, not just 
4-H'ers. The cost is $5 per person. Participants will leave with three cupcakes, frosting, three icing tips, and other decorating supplies. 
Please R.S.V.P. with your name, age, club name and contact information to Roberta Busquaert at  macomb.4h@macombgov.org no later than Monday, February 1.

Reminder: Make Checks Out to MSU or MSUE
When paying State 4-H participation fees, be sure to make checks out to MSU or MSUE. Checks made out differently will no longer be accepted by the bank.

Apply for a Mark of Excellence Award by Feb. 1st
If you are 11 or 12 years old, you could be the recipient of a 4-H Mark of Excellence Award. To enter, write an essay on the theme, "Because of 4-H I Can..." Essays should be submitted to the county Extension office by February 1 with the county submission and media release forms. Counties then select their representatives and submit names and essays to the State 4-H Awards Committee. Additional information is available online at http://msue.anr.msu.edu/program/4_h_scholarships_and_recognition

State Awards Application Deadline is February 1st
A State Award is the highest honor bestowed on Michigan 4-H youth. This program is for 4-H youth aged 13 and up with at least three years of 4-H experience. All youth who meet these requirements are encouraged to apply. Youth compete in 19 different award areas showcasing their knowledge, skills and experiences.

To apply, youth submit the State 4-H Awards application to 
State4HAwards@anr.msu.edu by February 1. Applications are carefully reviewed by selection committees and delegates are announced by March 15. Delegates are invited to participate in either an advanced leadership development program (juniors), competitive interviews (seniors) or presentations (groups) during 4-H Exploration Days on June 22. State 4-H Award winners will be announced at the 4-H Recognition Program, held at the prestigious Huntington Club in Spartan Stadium, June 23 during 4-H Exploration Days.

State 4-H Award winners become a part of an elite group of 4-H youth who have demonstrated the highest level of excellence. While all State 4-H Award winners receive a plaque, seniors receive a $200 cash award, while juniors receive a $50 cash award. Forms and information are also available online at http://msue.anr.msu.edu/program/4_h_scholarships_and_recognition_
Macomb County 
4-H Staff

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District 11 Coordinator
4-H Extension Educator
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4-H Tech Wizards
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Web Site:
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Save the Date! 
4-H Exploration Days is  June 22-24, 2016!
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Help MSU Extension determine future programming. Take the MSU Extension Issues ID Survey by January 31!
Youth Livestock Sale Committee Elections: Club Representation Encouraged
The Armada Fair Youth Livestock Sale Committee is holding its annual elections. The elections are to be held on Monday, January 25, 2016, at 7 p.m. at the Grange Hall. There will be three adult and two teen positions open for election. It is strongly encouraged that each club have representation on the committee. Currently, the committee consists of adult and teen volunteers from School Section, Good Times and Alarro. 
Submitted by JoEllen Clark, 4-H Volunteer

Save the Date for "4-H Meets at the Apple Store"
Save the date for " 4-H Meets at the Apple Store." Members in grades 5-12 will be able to create amazing work right on the spot! They'll take their imaginations to new heights using Apple products to produce immersive, creative projects. This 1 1/2 hour program will be held at the Apple Store at Partridge Creek, 17360 Hall Road, Clinton Township, on April 16th. The time and registration information will be announced.

Take the Survey!
Take a short online survey by January 31, 2016 to help MSU Extension determine where to place future programming emphasis! Prior interaction with MSU Extension is not required. Any Michigan resident over the age of 18 is asked to take the survey. Responses from Macomb County residents are especially needed!
Arabic: طباعة نسخة من الدراسة الاستقصائية haasb@msu.edu متاحة عند الطلب..

Gardening with Kids - February 11th
Join Advanced Master Gardener, Anne Crotser, for "Gardening with Kids" on Thursday, February 11th from 6:30-7:30 p.m. at Macomb County MSU Extension, 21885 Dunham Road, Clinton Township. Crotser will show program participants how to teach gardening to the kids in our lives. Topics will include plant parts and functions, plant needs, bugs, worms, and other "icky" things, plant uses, games and crafts. Get tips on garden design and how to adapt lessons for readers and pre-readers. This program is free to Macomb County Master Gardener Association members and $5 for others. Register by February 8 to receive a packet of handouts. Participants wishing to remain after class and make a kid-friendly watering can should bring a clean, empty laundry detergent container and a pair of scissors. Call 586-469-6440 for more information or to register.

4-H Regional Archery Training - March 11-12 
Allegan County 4 - H and 4 - H Camp Kidwell presenting a 4-H Regional Archery Training. The 4 - H Shooting Sports Instructor Workshop provides the necessary skills, resources and background to successfully teach shooting sports and conduct range activities. This workshop is for adult leaders and teens 16 and older who are active in their shooting sports club or want to become involved. Participants should express and interest in working with youth and have a willingness to improve their own knowledge and skills in shooting sports. This workshop is archery specific. Certification is a requirement to facilitate live fire on a range. All adult leaders need to be approved by their local MSUE office and have completed the 4 - H Volunteer Selection Process.

DATES/TIMES: Friday, March 11, 2016, 5-10 p.m. and Saturday, March 12, 2016, 8 a.m. -10 p.m.

LOCATION: 4-H Camp Kidwell (Allegan County) 39000 1st Avenue Bloomingdale MI 49026. For directions see website: www.campkidwell.org.

FEE: $80.00 per person, includes training, materials, Friday night Lodging (in heated cabin) and dinner & snacks Friday, and breakfast, lunch, dinner & snacks on Saturday.

REGISTRATION: Dian Liepe, 4-H Program Coordinator, liepe@anr.msu.edu, 269-673-0370 ext. 2557, MSU Extension, 3255 122nd Avenue, Ste. 103, Allegan, MI 49010.
  • Please bring a three ring binder.
  • Make checks payable to 4-H Camp Kidwell (If paying by Credit Card bring card to camp and pay there)
  • Registration deadline is March 1st
  • No refunds (unless training is cancelled)
ALL PARTICIPANTS MUST ATTEND ALL PORTIONS OF THE SESSIONS.  NO LEAVING OR RETURNING WILL BE PERMITTED.  (Participants do not have to stay at camp but fee includes lodging - no discount and participant MUST be present for ENTIRE sessions).
Statewide 4-H News
The Who, What, When, Where, How and Why of Fairs
Fairs are an important part of life for many 4-H'ers, but how did fairs begin? Who had the idea for a show of such sweeping proportions? Where, when and why did they start?
According to the International Association of Fairs and Expositions' (IAFE) web article, History of Fairs (International Association, 2015), these events may have been held as early as 500 BC in the easternMediterranean. The IAFE bases this notion on the following quotation from Ezekiel 27:12: "Tarshish was thy merchant by reason of the multitude of the kinds of riches . . . they traded in thy fairs." These "periodic gatherings" brought together individuals involved in business, trade and production of commodities. As time marched on, such events spread into western Europe. Finally,entertainment was added to these get-togethers.
In the U.S., fairs grew from one man's entrepreneurial idea. In 1784, a wealthy 26-year-old New York businessman, agriculturalist and banker, Elkanah Watson, purchased two merino sheep. As a farsighted entrepreneur, Watson saw the potential in breeding sheep whose wool was of a higher quality than that which could be obtained locally. This was especially true since the Revolutionary War had ended a year earlier and, at that time, ". . . many people in the United States were trying to rely less on England and English goods . . . ." (Michigan State 4-H Rabbit Fitting and Showing Curriculum Subcommittee, 2009, p. 17).
First, however, Watson had to excite his neighbors' interest in his sheep. To do so, in 1807, he invited his neighbors to "meet him and the sheep" at Park Square in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, where he tied the sheep to a tree and gave a presentation (Oliver, 2011). Watson and his sheep received the enthusiastic reception for which he had hoped. In 1810 and 1811, this led Watson to (1) create an event, the Berkshire Cattle Show, at which animals were exhibited and prizes were paid for the best animals exhibited, and (2) organize the Berkshire Agricultural Society (Us-education.net, 2011). Watson continued helping communities organize their own agricultural societies and shows, thus earning himself the title, "Father of US agricultural fairs" (International Association, 2015).
Further, by the end of the nineteenth century, almost every state had one or more fairs or exhibitions. The "History of Fairs declares that the "core elements of those agricultural society  events of the early 1800s - those early fairs - are at the heart" of today's agricultural fairs, which now
number more than 3,200 annually.
More information is available from:
1. International Association of Fairs and Expositions. (2015). History of Fairs. Retrieved from   https://www.fairsandexpos.com/eweb/DynamicPage.aspx?Site=iafe&WebCode=HistoryMichigan

2. State 4-H Rabbit Fitting and Showing Curriculum Subcommittee. (2009). From the past to the present: History of early fairs in the United States. In Rabbit Fitting and Showing (p. 17). East Lansing: Michigan State University Extension.

3. Oliver, N. (2011, November 3). First agricultural fair revisited. Berkshire Eagle. Retrieved from   http://www.berkshireeagle.com/ci_19252586

4. Us-education.net. (2011). American education: Berkshire Agricultural Society. Retrieved from
5. Wikipedia. (2015). Elkanah Watson. Retrieved from

Avian Influenza Confirmed in Indiana
The Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development has just received notification of an H7N8 highly pathogenic avian influenza case in a commercial turkey flock in Southern Indiana. Indiana is working closely with the United States Department of Agriculture to contain the spread of the virus on the infected farm. Please see the press release from USDA here and visit the Indiana Board of Animal Health HPAI website here for more details. We are continuing to the monitor the situation. At this point we have not re-established the ban on poultry shows, exhibitions and swap meets in Michigan. If there is reason for further action, we will communicate with poultry farmers and backyard producers as quickly as possible. 
It is vital poultry owners practice proper biosecurity practices, including but not limited to:
- Disinfecting when going in between coops; washing hands is important
- Not sharing equipment with other farmers or in between coops
- Washing and disinfecting equipment between uses
- Disinfecting boots and other gear when moving in between coops
- Using well water or municipal water as drinking water for birds; poultry should not be allowed to drink surface water
- Keeping poultry feed secure so that there is no contact between feed/feed ingredients and wild birds or rodents
- Prevent contact between wild birds and domestic birds
-  Avoid adding birds to a flock and if necessary, new birds should be isolated for at least 30 days before introducing them into the flock
It is always important to be watching for the symptoms of a sick bird:
- Sudden death loss
- Neurologic signs
- Abnormal behavior like difficulty walking
- Lack of appetite, energy or vocalization
- Significant drop in egg production
- Swollen comb, wattles, legs or head
- Nasal discharge, sneezing or coughing
- Diarrhea
If you think you have a sick bird, contact your local veterinarian. If your flock is experiencing severe illness or multiple death losses, contact MDARD at 800-292-3939 or for after-hours emergencies call  517-373-0440.

Learn How to Keep Your Bird Flock Healthy and Safe!
To help protect against avian influenza and other diseases, MSU Extension will partner with the
U.S. Department of Agriculture to present free bird biosecurity trainings in early 2016.
Offered at various locations across the state, the workshops will provide information about avian influenza, disease transmission and prevention, and proven biosecurity measures that bird owners can implement. Poultry producers, owners of backyard flocks, 4-H members and volunteers, as well as anyone interested in poultry and biosecurity, are encouraged to attend.

Find more information about training dates and locations, as well as virtual connection options, on the web.

Poultry Enthusiasts Are Encouraged to Sign up for MSU Extension News
Although the cancellation of poultry shows was recently lifted, another outbreak of avian influenza could lead to the ban's reinstatement. MSUExtension encourages poultry enthusiasts to subscribe to the MSU Extension Poultry News digest to ensure you have the most up-to-date information on avian influenza and state poultry show activity. MSU Extension News digests are electronic newsletters of recent articles and events published on the MSU Extension web site. They are available in a number of interest areas, including poultry and other 4-H topics. Generally delivered once a month, the newsletters are a key communication tool when emergent issues arise. Ensure you receive this information as soon as it is available by subscribing to the MSU Extension Poultry News digest. Simply text "MSUE" to 22828 or visit http://msue.anr.msu.edu and click on "Newsletter Sign-Up."

4-H Animal and Veterinary Science Camp
Michigan 4-H Animal and Vet Science Camp is June 27-July 1, 2016 at Michigan State University. This camp is for youth who will be ages 13-16 as of January 1, 2016 and are interested in exploring animal and veterinary science-related projects and activities. This five-day precollege program is offered through a partnership between Michigan 4-H Youth Development, Michigan State University (MSU) Department of Animal Science and MSU College of Veterinary Medicine.
At this fun and interactive camp, participants will:
  • Engage in numerous hands-on learning activities, ask questions and problem solve.
  • Gain animal-handling experience.
  • Have the opportunity to visit and explore MSU farms and facilities.
  • Work their way through a veterinary science case study as a team and create a presentation to be critiqued by veterinarians.
  • Explore various animal-related career fields while reflecting on their experiences and community programs.
Young people interested in applying for this camp need to complete the 2016 Michigan 4-H Animal and Veterinary Science Camp application packet and send it by April 1, 2016 to:
Julie Thelen
4-H Animal & Veterinary Science Camp
Anthony Hall 1287G
474 South Shaw Lane
East Lansing, MI 48824-1039
Campers will be selected on the basis of their applications. Space is limited. 
The cost for this event is $350 per person. The fee includes all meals, transportation to field trips, lodging and materials. For more information, contact Julie Thelen.

4-H Horse Teen & Adult Leaders' Conference - February 26-28
The Michigan 4-H Horse Teen and Adult Leaders' Conference scheduled for Feb. 26-28, 2016 at Kettunen Center is now open for registration. Individuals who expect they will be receiving full or partial funding from local scholarships or local councils, should contact their local county office prior to registering. This will insure payments are applied correctly.

Participants may register at  http://events.anr.msu.edu/4HHorseLeaders/ . Workshop attendees who have not paid online with a credit card are still expected to send their payment to their county MSU Extension office or ANR Event Services at 446 W. Circle Dr. Room 11 in East Lansing, MI 48824, with a copy of their registration receipt. Registrations must be entered into the ANR Events Management System no later than 11:59 pm on Feb. 15, 2016.

Michigan 4-H Robotics Workshop
The Michigan 4-H Robotics Workshop is March 12-13, 2016 at Kettunen Center in Tustin. Teen Leaders aged 13 by January 1, 2016 and adults will be energized at this hands-on workshop as they "Grow in Robotics" with knowledge, new ideas and resources for working with youth in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). This workshop has four tracks being offered - LEGO Mindstorms EV3, VEX Robotics, Underwater ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicles), and Junk Drawer Robotics. The cost is $72 per person (4-H rate) or $128 per person (non-4-H). Register online at http://events.anr.msu.edu/4HRobotics16 by February 28, 2016.  Support for this workshop is provided by donors to the Michigan 4-H Foundation.

Michigan 4-H Dairy Conference
The Michigan 4-H Dairy Conference scheduled for March 11-13, 2016 at Beechpoint Christian Camp in Allegan is now open for registration. Individuals who expect they will be receiving full or partial funding from local scholarships or local councils, should contact their local county office prior to registering. This will insure payments are applied correctly.
Participants may register at http://events.anr.msu.edu/MI4HDairyConf/. Workshop attendees who have not paid online with a credit card are still expected to send their payment to their county MSU Extension office or ANR Event Services at 446 W. Circle Dr. Room 11 in East Lansing, MI 48824, with a copy of their registration receipt. Registrations must be entered into the ANR Events Management System no later than 11:59 p.m. on Feb. 26, 2016.

Junior Master Gardener Volunteer Trainings
There will be three Junior Master Gardening volunteer trainings available for staff, volunteers, teachers and partners:
February 13-14 , 2016
Kettunen Center, Tustin
This is an overnight Training with a chocolate feast! Participants may register at http://events.anr.msu.edu/4HJRMG/
February 26 , 2016
9:30 a.m.-4 p.m., Tollgate, Novi9:30 - 4:00
  Participants may register at http://events.anr.msu.edu/JMGTeacherVolunteerTollgate/
March 4 , 2016
9:30 a.m.-4 p.m., MSU Children's Garden Classroom East Lansing
Registration information will be announced soon.

Helpful Resources for Animal Event Planning
It is that time of the year to be planning ahead for 4-H animal projects! Below are resources that may be helpful in preparing for 2016 event.
  • The 2016 Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD) Animal Industry Division Exhibition Requirements were released this past week at the Michigan Association of Fairs & Exhibitions Annual Convention.  The requirements are attached as well as can be found online at: http://michigan.gov/documents/mdard/2016_Fairs_and_Exhibitions_Requirements_510845_7.pdf.  In attending the informational session, it is important to note that MDARD visited 45 fairs in 2015 and found that 21 fairs had animal identification issues (mostly with cattle and goats).  If you have specific questions about rules, please contact MDARD or the appropriate MSUE 4-H Animal Science staff member (Karen, Taylor, Katie, Melissa or myself) to seek clarification.  
  • As a reminder, according to Public Act 466 of the Animal Industry Act official identification for exhibition swine is required by state law. The purpose of official identification is to help the state track swine if a disease outbreak occurs. This includes all swine being shown at exhibitions, including county fairs, jackpot shows, birthing exhibits and other events. Official identification is imprinted with a nationally unique official animal identification number and bears the official U.S. shield. Helpful resources are available online MSUE swine exhibition page: http://msue.anr.msu.edu/program/info/exhibition_swine. In brief, MDARD will again be providing NUES tags to fairs (please select the plastic tags) free of charge in 2016.
  • Recommendations for cleaning and disinfection should be tailored to the specific situation. All surfaces should be cleaned thoroughly to remove organic matter before disinfection. A 1:32 dilution of household bleach (1/2 cup of bleach for each gallon of water) is needed for basic disinfection. In regards to basic education efforts, you can teach youth about the importance of biosecurity through the Animal Science Anywhere lessons.

4-H Outdoor Adventure Challenge Winter Camping Workshop
A Camping Workshop for 4-H Outdoor Adventure Challenge certification will take place February 12-14, 2016 at Pigeon River State Forest near Vanderbilt. Participants should come prepared to camp and enjoy the challenges and rewards of spending two nights in a beautiful winter area. Some equipment may be provided but prior contact needs to be made to insure proper preparation. The cost is $50 and should be sent along with the attached application to the address listed on the registration form. For more information, please contact Nick Baumgart, Extension Educator, at 906-774-0363 or baumga75@anr.msu.edu.

Help MSU Extension Sharpen Its Focus!
Michigan State University Extension has long been a source of information and education for Michigan residents. To help define the needs and priorities of those residents, MSU Extension is asking them to 
take a short online survey that will help determine where to place future emphasis.
Michigan 4-H parents,alums and volunteers (anyone over the age of 18) are asked to take the survey .The deadline is January 31, 2016.
Prior interaction with MSU Extension is not required; so, please share this opportunity with friends and family.
Although not collected in the survey, input from youth will be solicited through a series of face-to- face meetings.
District 11 includes Wayne, Macomb and Oakland counties, accounting for 40 percent of the Michigan's population. Only four percent of the Macomb County community has responded to the survey. This means our voice is not being heard, so be sure to take the survey and encourage others to take it as well. 
Responses from Macomb County residents are especially needed!
Arabic: طباعة نسخة من الدراسة الاستقصائية haasb@msu.edu متاحة عند الطلب..

Bee Keeping Essays are Due by February 19th
Michigan's 2016 Bee Keeping Essay Contest entries should be submitted to Nick Baumgart, Extension Educator, at baumga75@anr.msu.edu by February 19, 2016. The contest is sponsored by the Foundation for the Preservation of Honey Bees, Inc. One Michigan entry will be selected as a state winner and then submitted to the National contest.
4-H Calendars of Events
County 4-H Events

January 31
Last day to take the MSUE Issues ID Survey
Responses from Macomb County residents are especially needed!
Arabic: طباعة نسخة من الدراسة الاستقصائية  haasb@msu.edu متاحة عند الطلب.

February 1
Macomb County MSU Extension, Clinton Township

February 1
4-H State Awards applications due

February 6
11 a.m.-1 p.m., Camp Rotary, Ray Township

March 11-12
Camp Kidwell, Allegan

April 16
Apple Store, Partridge Creek, Clinton Township (Time TBA)

State 4-H Events

January 30
MSU Pavilion, East Lansing

January 30-31  
Kettunen Center, Tustin

January 31
Last day to take the MSUE Issues ID Survey
Responses from Macomb County residents are especially needed!
Arabic: طباعة نسخة من الدراسة الاستقصائية  haasb@msu.edu متاحة عند الطلب.

February 1
4-H State Awards applications due to MSU
MSU Pavilion, East Lansing
February 6-7 
4-H Winterfest
Kettunen Center, Tustin

February 12-14
4-H Outdoor Adventure Challenge Winter Camping Workshop
Pigeon River Forest, near Vanderbilt
February 13-14 
Junior Master Gardener Workshop
Contact Dixie Sandborn 
Kettunen Center, Tustin
Kettunen Center, Tustin
February 20-21

February 26-28
Teen & Adult 4-H Horse Leaders Workshop 
Contact Taylor Fabus
Kettunen Center, Tustin

March 11-13
Beachpoint Christian Camp, Allegan

March 12-13
Kettunen Center, Tustin

June 22-24
MSU, East Lansing

June 27-July 1
MSU, East Lansing, apply by April 1, 2016

Other 4-H Events
MSU Pavilion, East Lansing

February 26
Junior Master Gardener Volunteer Training
9:30 a.m.-4 p.m., Tollgate, Novi

March 4
Junior Master Gardener Volunteer Training
9:30 a.m.-4 p.m., MSU Children's Garden classroom, East Lansing
March 11
4-H Camp Kidwell, Allegan

For the most up-to-date events listing, go to http://4h.msue.msu.edu/events