Madam Meagor's Macabre Museum - Mogul
Tucked away in a shadowy corner of Scholarton lies one of Titan City’s best hidden gems, Madame Meagor’s Macabre Museum. While not as large as some of the institutions in Alexandria’s Museum Row, Madame Meagor’s holds some of the most interesting dark artifacts to be found in Titan City.
While hosting one of the City’s most intriguing spots for visitors, Madame Meagor sometimes needs her privacy and will sneak out the back down the fire escape - you may say hello, but run the risk of tripping one of her spell wardens at the backdoor…
Like the Museum of Death in Hollywood, or the Torture Museum in London, the Macabre Museum is a cult favorite. It’s not just a place to check out Goth costumes. For villains and heroes who practice mystic arts, it contains many old books and relics for ancient rituals and spells.
Madame Meagor's Macabre Museum is one of City of Titan's mogul buildings, a Gothic style Museum in Scholarton near Byrne Park, and one of the neighborhood's most interesting sites!