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"If you're human, you're creative...We believe in a world where everyone is inspired to live a creative life."  The current issue of American Craft Magazine opens with a thoughtful commentary on the meaning and positive effects of art on individuals and on our society.  It's an essential human need to make things. To approach life creatively by seeing our society and world from new perspectives is a healing force.  Art in any form- the act of making things, the appreciation of the handmade, of writing, music, theatre- can inspire us to glance up from our lives and imagine in new ways.  

The photos above show the creative hands at work in my studio: my assistants Janine, Drew, Tammy, and myself.  The American Crafts Council show in Baltimore is only a few weeks away, and work is as therapeutic as it is necessary for making a living.

Sydney Lynch Jewelry, the video!
Ebbeka Design, the local company that created my website, worked with me to make this short video, a live introduction to yours truly.  We are currently working on updates for my website which will include the video, but you're seeing it first here.

Sydney Lynch 
Feeding my gemstone addiction
Come January, one of my favorite gemstone suppliers travels through and stays at my house for a couple of days. He sets up shop at one end of the studio, and we invite a few other local jewelers to come by and shop. This is how I refresh my color palette at the start of the year. These stones are all from Brazil, the source of an astounding range of colored stones.  It's impossible to "just say no!"
  This represents a fraction of the choices.
My pile of purchases: the damage has been done. 

One of my favorite new stones are these bi-colored beryls, an aquamarine color fading into a soft green.  Stay tuned on Facebook and Instagram to see the finished piece incorporating these stones.

Tammy and I talk over possible color combinations for new multilink bracelets.

  I selected this group of stones inspired by Pantone's Color of the Year, "Greenery", a peridot green. 
 Here is the finished bracelet, which quickly found a home. 

The American Craft Council Show in Baltimore
February 24-26,  Booth 627
for show details click here.

Here are a few of the new pieces I'll have at the show.  Please check my website to see all of the latest designs.
 Winter on the prairie, Moments of Zen
Craig and I occasionally take to the countryside on a winter afternoon to hike through the prairie.  On a windless day the quiet, uncluttered views and the subtle, muted colors create a contemplative, relaxing mood.  The landscape isn't dramatic, but I love scouting for details that might go undiscovered if you aren't looking closely enough.  We scared up a few deer and a pair of enormous owls resting in a tall pine tree, but no other humans. 

I'll be at the Tucson gem show next week in search of more inspiration.  Hope to see many of you soon in Baltimore! 
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