November 2018
November 2018
Continuing the U.S. Bishops' work of promoting and defending marriage.
Made for Love Podcast
In October, the podcast covered Childbirth: Life-Giving Love , featuring author Mary Haseltine ( Made for This: The Catholic Mom's Guide to Birth ) and author and blogger Haley Stewart ( The Grace of Enough ), as well as other Catholic moms.

Next, we looked at Catholics and Divorce (podbean link).

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50th Anniversary of Humanae Vitae

We continue to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Encyclical Humanae Vitae (On Human Life) in 2018

The USCCB has published a 50th Anniversary edition of the encyclical by Saint Pope Paul VI. And the Natural Family Planning Office has a website dedicated to the anniversary and the various celebrations and conferences surrounding it. Click here for a two-part podcast on the anniversary as well.

In addition, bishops in the U.S. are preaching on the anniversary and/or sharing little snippets about them at our #HV50 YouTube page .
USCCB Action Center
All the USCCB's action alerts for legislative priorities are available at one website. There you can contact your representatives and make your voice heard. Check it out!
Legal Updates
On October 1, Minnesota started offering driver’s licenses with “X” as an option for “sex,” without legislative approval.

Atlanta, Georgia
The Atlanta city council voted this month to award $1.2 million to former Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran. Cochran had been fired for writing a devotional book on his own time about living out faithful manhood which contained only a couple of pages of Christian teaching on human sexuality. In December, a federal court ruled that Atlanta’s policies were unconstitutional.

U.S. State Department
As of October 1, the U.S. State Department is requiring same-sex partners of incoming UN and NATO diplomats to be married within their home countries in order to get visas, bringing them into line with the requirements for opposite-sex couples.

The United Kingdom
In a scenario familiar in the US, Christian bakers in Northern Ireland won in the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom, securing the right to decline to create a cake that said “Support Gay Marriage.” The family owners of Ashers Bakery prevailed in a unanimous decision that understood that the requirement to serve all people cannot compel speech in conflict with one’s beliefs.
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