Made for Love Podcast

Last month's Made for Love episodes were about healing after abortion.

Part One introduces us to Andie, who shares her healing journey after three abortions; Part Two includes the artist, Michael Corsini, whom Andie hired to do a painting of her lost children. Both episodes include Andie's sister, Maria, and the Asst. Director for Project Rachel Ministry Development at the USCCB, Mary McClusky.

Blog Series

Bridget Groff, intern for the secretariat and graduate student of philosophy, is writing a blog series about the nature of marriage. The newest topic is What is Sacramental Marriage?
Action Alert

Protect Freedom of Religion and Association on Campus!
The Equal Campus Access Act of 2019 protects ALL students by withholding certain federal funding from public universities that discriminate against religious student groups.  Tell your senators and representatives to support H.R. 3243/S.1168, the Equal Campus Access Act!
Legal/ Policy Updates

U.S. Circuit Courts of Appeals - On January 15 th, a divided panel of the 5 th Circuit caused controversy when ruling against an inmate's request to be addressed in proceedings with "preferred pronouns." On January 17 th, the 7 th Circuit decided that same-sex ( but specifically female) couples have a right to have each member listed as the parent on the birth certificate, arguing that it is the same as an opposite-sex couple with a sperm donor.
Utah - The State's new regulation banning "conversion therapy" for minors' "sexual orientation" or "gender identity" went into effect in January.
Virginia - The newly sworn-in state legislature is working to advance the "LGBT" agenda. On January 21 st, the state's senate voted to ban conversion therapy for minors, create uniform public school policies for "transgender" students, make it easier to change gender on birth certificates, and more. The legislature also continues to advance a suite of SOGI bills in nondiscrimination, hate crimes, "non-binary" driver's licenses, and one that would repeal protections for faith-based adoption and foster care.
And Across the Country  - Many states are considering bills that either advance gender ideology or, conversely, protect the authentic understanding of sexuality. One of the most encouraging trends, which requires much public support to succeed, are the many states that have bills  pending that would prevent medical "gender transition on minors - Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Utah  - and the states considering bills to protect women's sports - Alabama, Idaho, New Hampshire, Georgia, Tennessee, Indiana, Missouri, Washington, West Virginia.