Resources for Social Distancing Families

Our sister site, For Your Marriage, has these tips for Building Family Bonds during COVID-19.

The USCCB also has this page of resources.
Made for Love Podcast

Last month, Made for Love provided a minisode about Love on the Streets. It features Kathryn Jean Lopez, editor-at-large at National Review.

She shared stories about the people she meets on the streets of New York City; how she sees Christ in them, and what we can do to help!
Nature of Marriage Blog

Bridget continues her philosophical exploration of marriage on the MUR blog with Chastity: The Married and Single Person.
Legal/Policy Updates

Protecting Youth from Gender Ideology - Among the many states considering bills to protect youth from medical "gender transition" and "transgender" competition in women's sports, a few saw movement in March:
  • Alabama's medical ban passed the state senate on March 5th
  • Arizona's protection of women's sports passed its house on March 3rd
  • Idaho's athletics bill was sent to the governor on March 16th; and the next day the legislature passed a bill prohibiting sex marker changes on birth certificates in defiance of a federal court order.
Lots of News in Virginia - On March 2nd, Virginia became the 20th state to ban "conversion therapy" for minors. On March 4th, the state formally legalized fornication and made the Dept. of Education create pro-"transgender" policies in public schools. It also passed a "gender transition" healthcare coverage mandate in March and continues to rapidly advance more of its suite of SOGI bills in comprehensive nondiscrimination, "non-binary" driver's licenses and easier changes for birth certificates, repealing protections for faith-based adoption/foster care, and more - all with no exceptions for religious freedom. 

Prisons - On March 10th, it was  reported that a Muslim inmate in Wisconsin lost a suit in federal court, with the judge ruling that the prison has an Equal Protection requirement to allow its female "transgender man" prison guard(s) to strip search male inmates regardless of the inmates' religious objections.  The 11th Circuit Court of Appeals, on March 11th, vacated a ruling that had required the Florida Dept. of Correction to provide hormone treatment to a male "transgender woman."

Child Marriages - Several states took up legislation in March that would raise their minimum marriage ages and requirements for minors who get married. 
  • Oklahoma's house passed a bill on March 11th banning marriage below age 16 and increasing requirements for those aged 16-17. 
  • On the same day, New Hampshire's house voted to ban all marriages for those under 18. 
  • Idaho sent a bill to the governor on March 17th setting a minimum age for the first time (16) and adding limits to marriage under 18. 
  • Indiana passed a law on March 24th prohibiting marriage under 16 and requiring parental consent and narrow age ranges for those 16-17. 
  • Minnesota, Maryland, and Alabama are all also advancing their own versions of such laws.