This COVID Response Safe School Plan for the Fall of 2020 outlines the guidelines and steps that Madison Academy will use to make decisions during the COVID-19 pandemic. The plan is based on the latest up-to-date public health recommendations. It will likely need to be adapted in real time as information on this new virus and the advice from the CDC continues to unfold. Please know that we are committed to being:  
  • Prudent - The physical and emotional safety of our students remains our primary concern.  
  • Proactive - Given the magnitude and range of this challenge, we must make difficult decisions and move purposefully. We will make mistakes. We will listen, adjust, and adapt quickly.
  • Prioritized - Our mission to develop inspired seekers, empowered scholars, and devoted servants has never been more clear. It remains our duty and privilege to prepare students “for the joy of service in this world and for the higher joy of wider service in the world to come.” (E.G. White, Education, pg 13).
A more detailed, comprehensive plan is available for review, linked here .
Student attendance will be recorded daily. Parents MUST report any absence and reason(s) to the school office DAILY so that we can best serve our students!
COME TO SCHOOL IF student...
  • can energetically participate in classroom activities without the use of fever/symptom-reducing medicine (tylenol, ibuprofen, etc.)
  • has a temperature below 100.4
  • has no symptoms of COVID-19 such as respiratory symptoms, congestion, shortness of breath, or gastrointestinal symptoms
  • appears or is feeling unwell or has any COVID-19 symptoms
  • has a temperature of 100.4 or higher
  • had close contact with someone who has COVID-19
If at school when symptoms appear, the student will be quarantined and parents notified. Arrangements for pick-up should be made within the hour. Any healthy and capable student will be expected to attend school remotely. 
RETURN TO SCHOOL AFTER illness, fever, or exposure when student...
PRE-SCREENING AT HOME - Parents should screen their student(s) before leaving for school to ensure temperature is below 100.4 and the absence of COVID-related symptoms. Any healthy and capable student will be expected to attend school remotely. 

PRE-SCREENING AT SCHOOL - All teacher, students, and guests will be screened upon entering the building(s). As they enter, temperatures will be taken and sanitizer provided. If a student is symptomatic when entering campus or during the school day, the student will be quarantined and parents notified. Arrangements to pick up an ill student should take place within an hour of notification.

GUARDIANS & VISITORS - Access to campus beyond the front desk & business office counter will be very limited. Temperature checks, screening, and face masks will be required.
  • To the greatest extent possible, seating and desks will be arranged in the classroom to allow students maximum distance and facing the same direction.
  • Where six foot distance is not possible, students will be encouraged to wear masks.

  • Students will NOT share water bottles, drink coolers or other personal items.
  • The weight room will be limited and masks will be required.
  • Students will be instructed to maintain distance and keep hands to themselves at all times in the halls, gym, classrooms, etc.
  • Face masks should be worn in hallways when students are in close proximity (such as in assembly, lunch, events, etc.)
We fully intend to continue with the traditional programming that enhances our spiritual and learning community. Assemblies will be adjusted and may be held outside, live-streamed to multiple locations, or in Jansen Chapel when size and distance allows.
Madison Academy will supply students with two wash-able, re-usable cloth masks for use during school. Disposable masks will also be available if needed. All staff and students must keep a mask with them at all times so that when in close proximity to others, the mask will be worn. Situations, events, or executive orders may require masks to be worn in buildings at all times. Should this be necessary, we will comply.
  • Students and staff should wash hands before and after every meal. 
  • Hand sanitizer will be provided in the lunchroom. 
  • Six feet marks on the floor will label the lunch line.
  • Class fundraiser lunch options will NOT include any self-service stations. 
  • Cafeteria seating will be expanded to include seating on the stage, as well as picnic tables outside (as weather permits) to allow for social distancing.  
  • Lunch-time “Recess” may include non-contact sports. The weight room may also be available at lunch, but limited to one gender at a time and six people wearing masks.
  • Non-contact, inter-school athletics (cross-country, volleyball, etc.) may continue.
  • Students will NOT share water bottles, drink coolers or other personal fitness items.
  • Unnecessary physical contact, such as high fives, handshakes, fist bumps, or hugs will be discouraged. Alternative means of showing sportsmanship will be encouraged.
  • MA will continue working with the athletic leagues on guidelines for games and seasons in the coming months.
  • Students, coaches, and spectators should wash hands before and after every practice and event. Equipment will be cleaned daily.
  • When using the vans or bus for transport, face masks should be worn by students and staff. Van passengers will be reduced to eight per vehicle. 
EVENTS - The Academy’s administration has already begun creating solutions for the many valuable co- and extra- curricular activities that are an integral part of our school’s culture. Many of these events will necessitate minor, if not major modifications. 

TRIPS - Overnight trips will be postponed until further notice or modified significantly. Some trips, due to their timing, may still proceed with planning, however will not occur without final board approval. 
Personal Hygiene Procedures Taught and Reinforced -
  • All staff and students will be instructed in proper hand-washing, sneezing and coughing, not touching face, and other basic hygiene practices that reduce the spread of COVID-19. CDC directives linked here.
  • All staff and students will receive instructions on the signs and symptoms of COVID-19 and what to do if they develop. See CDC symptoms linked here.
  • Hand sanitizer will be provided at multiple locations on campus. Students will be reminded both verbally and by signage to use sanitizer.
Drinking Fountains -
  • Drinking fountains are disabled; filtered bottle-filling stations are available for use. Students will need to bring their own water bottle for use during school.
  • Staff and student workers employed as teachers assistants and custodians will follow the CDC guidelines (linked here) for proper cleaning and disinfecting of all surfaces.
  • The school campus will undergo standard thorough cleaning on a daily basis.
  • Frequently touched surfaces will undergo cleaning at least multiple daily.
KNIGHT NETWORK: synchronous learning on campus or virtual
The Knight Network hybrid model allows for families to determine what works best for their student(s). Families are asked to select an option for a period of time (suggested 1 qtr). We understand that situations may change, and for that reason the school will be flexible.  
The KNIGHT NETWORK provides synchronous learning for students attending:
A. In person, on campus, full-time.
B. Virtually, for a prolonged period of time (suggested min. 1 qtr).
C. Virtually, if ill or quarantined for a short period of time.
Students who attend virtually (because of choice, illness or quarantine) will NOT be allowed to participate or attend any afternoon or evening co- or extra-curricular activities. For example: 8th period electives, athletic events to play or spectate, volunteer, student association activities, work, etc.
Ensuring that our students and families are fully informed remains a primary goal, especially when times and events are uncertain. We are committed to communicating regularly and thoroughly through multiple means. It is possible that even with the best intentions, something could be omitted or unclear. In those situations, please know that your principal is highly accessible. Simply email, text or call. If she does not have the answer, she will find someone who does.
Kristine Fuentes, EdS
Madison Academy
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 Mobile: 615.906.9644
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