November 2015
Beijing City Children's Welfare Institute serves the needs of 2500 orphans and abandoned children.
Beijing  Children's Welfare Institute
"Can I go to China with you and meet these kids?" 

We wish we had a dime for every time we heard this question...  As you know, MAA has expanded over the last several years.  We are fortunate to travel to China two or three times each year, where we meet awesome kids who steal our hearts, then we get the incredible privilege of finding the perfect family for them.  

Well, we finally have the perfect response...
"Who wants to come to China with us?" 

Madison Adoption Associates is being given a very unique opportunity for adoption advocates and/or advocate families to travel with our staff to Beijing and meet some very special children who need families.  We are inviting people who share our passion of advocating for vulnerable children in the hope that we can find loving, stable, permanent homes for many special children who have already waited far too long.
Children will be staying in the same hotel as the MAA staff and advocates.  The program will take place from November 2-7, 2015.  You will get to meet - and probably fall in love with - several very special children.  It is our hope and prayer that by meeting them, you can help us reach out to find their perfect family.  While we are asking for you to help us change their lives, we guarantee that this experience will change yours!
All activities will take place in the hotel.  Most costs (including food and hotel) will be covered by Beijing Social Welfare Institute.  Families are responsible for their own airfare to Beijing and some other minimal expenses.
These are very special children who have been waiting a long time for a family of their own. Advocate families are welcome to join us in getting to know these special children so that we can share their stories with families who will be able to provide them with a promising future.
It is our hope and prayer that you, our wonderful families and tireless advocates, will seize this opportunity alongside us to make a genuine difference in the lives of these special children.

Please join us! 








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