Madison Adoption Associates partners with Fuyang City Children's Welfare Institute

Madison Adoption Associates is pleased to announce our new partnership with the Fuyang City Children's Welfare Institute in Anhui province. 

Michelle McGowan and Brooke Henningfeld represented MAA during the visit to Fuyang City.  The partnership agreement was signed on September 7th.

The Fuyang City Children's Welfare Institute serves the needs of approximately 90 orphaned children and 30 elderly residents.  The Institute has a staff of 50.

Michelle McGowan of MAA signs the Fuyang City Orphanage Partnership Agreement during lunch with the Institute staff.

Madison Adoption Associates looks forward to providing support and resources for Fuyang, and finding families for the waiting children of this orphanage.
Brock: a  Waiting Child in Fuyang SWI

DOB: March 11, 2010
Special Need: Post-Operative Meningomyelocele

Brock came into care when he was about 1 year-old.  The staff gave him a name that means he will be solid like the mountain and be full of sunlight in his life.
Brock has been living with a foster family who adores him and is preparing him for his future family.  They describe him as clever, handsome, active, talkative and happy.  He enjoys playing outdoors and watching TV; his favorite toys are balls, Legos, cars and puzzles.
Brock has received corrective surgery; however, he is incontinent. He is learning social continence and self-care skills.

Brock attends kindergarten in the community.  He loves to write - he wrote numbers to show our staff.  He is shy and quiet with strangers, but talks normally at home when he is around familiar people. He is helpful and obedient, and is a good sleeper. He loves apples. He has the cutest little voice!  His foster family includes two sisters - one who will be adopted soon and one who is still waiting.

There is a $2000 agency grant for Brock's adoption; additionally, MAA is offering a $2000 'Back to School' grant during the month of September. 
Other grants may be available based on the adoptive family's circumstances. Agency grants are awarded as agency fee reductions. 

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