We are very excited to introduce you to a few of the children from South America who are in need of a loving family of their own.  These children are available for outright adoption, or for our hosting program this summer in certain states. Hosting allows you, the host family, to be an integral part of a waiting child's future.  Families host for a variety of reasons - interest in adoption, desire to advocate, want to do something meaningful.  No matter your reason, we need YOU!  The kids need you!  

Graham (age 10) and Gabbie (age 5) are a beautiful sibling group with dark beaming eyes and beautiful smiles. Their love and affection for one another are so evident in their hugs and embraces. Graham is an active boy who loves playing games, taking trips to the park and playing basketball. He likes celebrating birthdays, Christmas, and Halloween. He is full of smiles and laughter. His sister Gabbie likes to sing, read the Bible and speak of God when she returns from church. She is currently studying in pre-school. She enjoys school and abides by rules and follows instructions. 

MAA staff met Zelena in January 2018 and loved her! Zelena is an intelligent and brave 11 year-old girl. She is in the fourth grade and is an excellent student. Her favorite subject is math. She likes to swim and skateboard. She hopes to be adopted by a family with a strong dad that can protect her. 

Liz is a very responsible 13 year-old girl. She works hard in school, where her achievements describe as outstanding. When shes not studying, she loves to dance and play the piano. She also likes to draw. Liz has a great imagination and loves to play games. Liz respects authority, and is often seen as a leader among her peers.

Jake is a happy and calm 10 year-old boy. He is very expressive, and is always open and honest about his thoughts. Jake is social and enjoys going to school. He likes to sing and dance to all types of music!

Johan is a 9 year-old boy. He is a sweet boy who loves to give hugs. He enjoys candy and interacting with adults and peers. Johan is verbal and able to communicate his needs. He loves to share and talk about what is happening around him. 
Live in MD, PA, NJ, IL, or MO and interested in hosting a child from South America this summer?  Visit our website for more information, or email Sarah Hansen.  Don't live in one of our hosting states, but still want to help?  Consider sponsoring a host child! 
All children are also available for outright adoption in ANY state.  Email Misty Lucas for more information about adopting from South America.