April 2014
MAA's application fee for new adoption cases is only $250 through the end of April 2014!!!
Madison Adoption Associates is expecting the referrals of many wonderful children as a result of our recent trip to China.  In order to be "paper-ready" to be matched with children with minor/correctable needs, we encourage families to begin the process now!!
Madison Adoption Associates Returns from China with Great News!


Madison Adoption Associates staff members had a truly amazing trip to China in early March! Their first visit was with the officials of the CCCWA in Beijing. The new director, Mr. Li Bo, was very kind and seems to have a genuine concern for the orphanage children.


Our BIG news is that MAA was able to sign a One-to-One Partnership Agreement with Huainan Social Welfare Institute in Anhui province.  We are so excited to be able to help the children of this institute! 


The MAA staff had to split into two teams to cover all of the areas of China.  Aleda, Jessica and Ming went north to Heilongjiang province and met many children who were brought to Harbin.  Diana, Michelle Smith, and Richard headed south to Hefei and Guangdong.  The team met back up at the end of the trip.




Due to the volume of information that was brought back from China, our staff has been organizing and assembling the pictures, videos, and notes of each child, so we will have a more detailed report of their trip in a future issue of Madison Minutes!!

Madison Adoption Associates Grant: $5000


Featured Child: 



12 year-old Addie is waiting for a family in China.  Addie's special need is post-operative spina bifida. 


Addie is dearly favored by one of the China adoption officials who desires for her to have a loving family and good future.  Her referral is available on the shared list.


Addie is very artistic and likes to paint. She is also quite smart! Addie wants a family of her own more than anything!! Although Addie has paraplegia of both lower limbs, both of her hands are very flexible and her mental development is normal. Addie lives with a foster family and she has formed a deep bond with the family.  She understands what it means to be adopted and wants very much to have a family of her own.


Addie uses a wheelchair.  She is outgoing, bright, and inquisitive. She has great expressive language and understanding ability and likes to communicate with others and to express herself.  She can write, recite poems and takes things seriously.  Addie has great receptive ability, likes imitating, and is a sensible child.  She likes playing with other kids, listening to music, and drawing.  Addie gets along very well with the foster family and her teachers.  Everyone loves her!!




Click to view Addie's Referral 





Madison Adoption Associates

is happy to announce that these children came home to their new families in March 2014


From China:
Hannah to Michael & Trova in Washington
Nathan to Pamela in Ohio
Noelle to Troy & Jody in Illinois
Elijah and Eva to David & Kathy in Texas
EmmaGrace to Scott & Jean in Texas
Jase to Jason & Danette in Kentucky


From Philippines:
Joseph to Thomas & Marie in New Jersey

AntonioCristine, Macxine to David & Linda in South Carolina

Grassroots Advocacy Campaign


Individuals Just Like You are Making a Difference!


Members of Congress only act on an issue when they believe it has a real impact on their constituents. It is especially important now that the credit is under threat that your three Members of Congress understand how important the adoption tax credit is to you and your family. The more you reach out to them and tell your story, the better. 


Highlighted FAQ: What is the Current Status of the Federal Adoption Tax Credit?


The legislation to avoid the fiscal cliff (the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012, signed into law on January 2, 2013) included a provision that made the adoption tax credit permanent. While this was a huge victory, "permanent" only means that it does not have a set expiration date. It does not mean that the credit is safe from elimination - especially in the context of the tax reform discussions Congress is undertaking. Proponents of eliminating the adoption tax credit cite the money that will be saved if the credit is removed. Our voices about the positive impact of the credit need to drown out this opposition.


Furthermore, the fiscal cliff bill did not make the adoption tax credit refundable, so it only benefits those adoptive families who have federal income tax liability. The refundability bills in the U.S. House and Senate (H.R. 2144/S.1056) would make the credit refundable and ensure that all families can benefit from the credit. Right now co-sponsorship of these bills is the best way for Members of Congress to show their support for adoption and the tax credit.


Call to Action: Telephone Outreach - Continue to engage with your three Members of Congress by calling each of their offices to talk about the importance of the adoption tax credit. Find your Members of Congress at http://www.house.gov/ and http://www.senate.gov/.  Use their websites to locate the phones numbers for their Washington, D.C. offices. When you reach the staff member who handles the tax or child welfare portfolio in the office, explain why the credit is important to your family and ask the Member to co-sponsor the refundability bills (H.R. 2144/S.1056)and make protection of the credit a priority.

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