December 2014
Wow! It's December...

Madison Adoption Associates has been busy:
- new website being developed
- new orphanage partnerships (more waiting children!!)
- new China policies announced
- more charitable aid opportunities

Stay tuned for lots of GOOD NEWS coming in 2015!

Sling wants a Family for Christmas


Sling was previously on Madison Adoption Associates' individual list, and we are grateful to have her referral file again so that we can continue to try to find her family.  Isn't she adorable?




Sling is 8 years old. She is studying at Grade One. Her foster mother says Sling loves to study and has a very good attitude towards school.  She does homework carefully and reviews the lesson, but she will forget it very quickly.


Sling can jump, run, climb stairs and she likes to skip rope.


Sling likes talking to people and asking questions. She speaks clearly and communicates well with her teachers and friends. She is extroverted, and she knows how to take care of others.


Sling gets along well with her classmates, kids in the neighborhood, and her little brother in the foster home. When she is taken to the orphanage for a monthly check-up, she will talk to the working staff.  Her teacher says Sling is very helpful. Once one of her classmates had a nose bleed, and Sling voluntarily accompanied her to the clinic. She was praised by the teacher.


If you are interested in finding out more about Sling, please contact Sara Lang at Sara@MadisonAdoption.org

Madison Adoption Associates provides Huainan Social Welfare Institute with a new van!

Huainan Van Plan 
- Putting Kids on the Road to an Education -


Thank you to the families who donated to MAA's Van Plan to help the children of Huainan Social Welfare Institute attend school.


In order to ensure that the children are able to attend school, MAA purchased a van for our orphanage partner, the Huainan Social Welfare Institute.  The van will better fit the needs of the children and be more cost-effective for the SWI.  It's a WIN-WIN for everyone!

Madison Adoption Associates introduces Annabell the Cow!

Annabell    Annabell the cow
No one will ever accuse the staff of MAA of not loving children and animals!  MAA was recently asked to help an adoptive family in need by purchasing a cow that will continue to provide for the family by teaching skills and responsibility to the older children AND produces a nutrient rich sustenance.

We are told that Annabell is expecting a calf next summer!  The blessings continue to multiply!! 

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Please contact MAA if you would like to start your China Adoption Process!

Madison Adoption Associates
 Orphan Hosting Program 2015

MAA is beginning to plan now 
for the Summer 2015 Orphan Hosting Program.

 If you live in Illinois or Missouri and would like to learn more about hosting a child from China or Philippines, please contact Michelle@MadisonAdoption.org.

The exact dates are not set at this time, but the children will most likely be here during the month of July 2015.  Only families living in Illinois or Missouri can host because of the required supervision and group events.

Families are also needed to host the adults who accompany the children.  This is a great way to help the children, who cannot travel without these chaperones!
Join Madison Adoption Associates as we welcome the Year of the Ram! 

Our Lunar New Year Celebration is open to all adoptive families.

Sunday, February 22, 2015
2:00-5:00 p.m.
Limestone Presbyterian Church
Klair Hall
3201 Limestone Road, Wilmington, DE

The free event will include games, crafts and entertainment.  Guests are asked to bring a "pot luck" item for the luncheon, which will be served at 2:30 p.m.
Hey Pennsylvania Adoptive Families!!

Did you hear that adoptive families in Pennsylvania can receive FUNDS and SERVICES at no charge?

Check it out here: MAA Post Permanency Services

*this program is provided through the State of Pennsylvania and is only available to families living in PA.

For more information, please contact Leonette@MadisonAdoption.org 


Madison Adoption Associates 
is happy to announce that these children came home to their new families in November 2014

From China:

Levi to Daniel & Jody in Illinois

Karli to Philip & Lucinda in Illinois

MeiLin to Adam & Heidi in Virginia

Nathan to Aaron & Meredith in New Mexico


From the Philippines:

Franchesca to Brian & Amber in Illinois


MAA new letterhead

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