Thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate the Chinese New Year with Madison Adoption Associates!  It was great to share this special day with so many families!

If you were not able to join us, we hope you found your own way to celebrate the Year of the Horse!
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Bye-Bye Buggies donated to China!  
Aren't they cute?!!  The kids and the Buggy!!


Madison Adoption Associates recently purchased two "Bye-Bye Buggies" (a fold up stroller holding six children each) for the Bao'an Children's Welfare Institute in China so that the kids can go on more outside excursions.


We also fully sponsored an English teacher through 2014 in Longang, so the children can learn English and be taught about adoption and forever families before they come home!


We are thrilled with the countless projects we have established with our wonderful partners and can't wait to fill you in as they progress!



Dear Respected Madison Adoption Associates,


In January of 2014, you donated 29 therapy pads to our institute which improved the facilities for the orphaned and special needs children. We are the Welfare Institute of Huadu District, which provides care to the abandoned children and a window to show the care to those in need from the government and the CPC. Your donation is the symbol of love in actual actions. We are very impressed by this. Here, we would like to express our sincere appreciation and respect for your kind donation. In the future, we will keep working hard and ensure to forward the warmth of the government and everyone to each orphaned and special needs child, and let the children have a better and happier life. We also hope you keep caring for and supporting the children in need in our Institute.



Guangzhou Huadu District Children's Welfare Institute

January 22, 2014


A Playroom for Gaozhou



Gaozhou, one of our new partner orphanages, stole our hearts during our visit because of the true necessity for even basic assistance.  They desperately need food, toys and monies just to run the daily programs.  


We have learned that one of the babies we met on our trip passed away and others are gravely ill.  We are looking into ways we can better assist them so that this no longer is a common occurrence. One of these is an upcoming collaboration with the incredible Love Without Boundaries Foundation to establish a foster care program in Gaozhou.  Stay tuned for updates as we work out the details!


Gaozhou needs so many things, but so far we have purchased 10 air conditioners, some of which we personally saw on our trip.  On the same trip, we purchased food and toys for the children since their supplies were running severely low.  An additional donation was also made in December to purchase more food, diapers, winter clothing and Bumbo baby seats. 

Welcome Home  



Madison Adoption Associates

is happy to announce that these children came home to their new families in January 2014
From China:
Natalie & Ella to Gary & Karen in Louisiana
CarsonKennedy to Doug & Susan in Missouri
Katie Ruth to Doug & Julie in Georgia
Caroline to Brad & Chrissy in Kentucky
Christopher to John & Samantha in New Jersey
And a very special Welcome Home to Genevie who is now home in Alabama with her family, including parents Eric & Donna, after a long trip from the Philippines!!
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