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Winter Hosting Program
 - January 2017
We are excited to welcome some very special kids from two orphanages in China (hoping that more orphanages will join!). The children will visit in January 2017 for our Winter Hosting Program!  The children will travel to the US and stay with qualified host families for four weeks during the month of January.  As a host family, your job is to shower the children with love and affection, and get to know their personalities!  Our job, with your help, is to find permanent families for the children.  You will become your host child's best advocate, as you will learn their strengths and challenges, and will be able to share this information with potential adoptive families.  Our Winter Hosting session is open to qualified families in IL, MD, MO, NJ, and PA. Email for more information.
Touching moments captured during this summer's hosting!
Loves & hugs with our Hosting Coordinator, Sarah Hansen!
The heartfelt journey begins, hand in hand.
Indoor playtime with host siblings!
Ambassadors of Hope Program
 - November 2016
Join us this November as we travel to Guangdong and Anhui Provinces to bring love and hope to countless orphans.  As a participant in the Ambassadors of Hope Program, YOU become hope personified.  At each orphanage, you will be assigned to a specific child.  You will spend your time with that child, get to know him, teach him how to have fun, and learn everything you can about him so that you can join us in our advocacy efforts to find a permanent family.  It makes an extraordinary difference for a prospective adoptive parent to hear from individuals who have personally met and have first-hand insight about a child they may wish to adopt.  Spots are filling up fast! 
A few of the beautiful faces you will get to know when volunteering with this incredible mission.
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