Madison Adoption Associates is pleased to report that we completed the adoptions of 102 children in 2013!

We are looking forward to the many more families and children who will be united in the coming year!

Happy 2014!!

Madison Adoption Associates is once again offering a special deal for those who plan to start an adoption in 2014.  Our application fee, which is normally $500, is reduced to $250 for new clients, and only $100 for returning clients!!

This offer will be good for all applications received until the end of January 2014.

Tell your friends who have been thinking about adoption that this is a great time to start the process!!

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Madison Adoption Associates

is happy to announce that these children came home to their new families since September 2013

From China:
Talitha to Matthew & Jessica in FL
William to Michael & Holly in IN
Peter to Dave & Daria in PA
Cai to Joe & Lynzie in FL
Grace to David & Cindy in PA
Andrew and Ester to James & Janine in VA
Alyssa to Robert & Connie in DE
Robert to Alston & Liza in LA
Nathan to Jerry & Christy in IL
Bryson to Andrew & Janene in IL
Jessie, Leah and Hannah to Cameron & Kelly in OH
Olive to Brandon & Nikki in IL
Keri and Karli to Kevin & Ronda in LA
Daniel and Matthew to Morgan & Patti in FL
Nehemiah to Kaleb & Sonia in OR
Jasming to Shannon in IL
Cohen to Bruce & Tonya in KY
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