July 2014
Philippines Adoptive Families Needed!!


As reported earlier this year, Madison Adoption Associates has been granted permission by the Inter-Country Adoption Board (ICAB) in the Philippines to place a limited number of "healthy" children.


ICAB gives preference to families who are Filipino-American, and families who are working with MAA for the Home Study.  Adoptive parents who are not Filipino-Americans will wait longer for a referral.  The referrals of healthy children who are toddler-age typically occur 18 months to 3 years after ICAB receives and approves a family's dossier.  

Families who wish to adopt through this program must meet all of the requirements for a Philippine adoption; no waivers will be approved by ICAB.  Single women are not permitted to adopt a child in this program.
Adoptive Families will need to be motivated to get their paperwork submitted to the Philippine Adoption Authority before the end of the year.

For Madison Adoption Associates' full information packet on adoption from the Philippines, please click here:


 MAA Philippines Adoption Program 


If you have questions, please contact Diana Bramble at Diana@MadisonAdoption.org or 302-475-8977.

Pictures from our Summer Hosting Adoptive Families Picnic 

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