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Madison Adoption Associates is still taking applications from families who can host a child from China or the Philippines this summer.  Hosting is open to families who live in Illinois, Missouri, Pennsylvania, New Jersey or Maryland.  

The Hosting Program allows these children to experience family life, enjoy some fun activities planned by MAA, and hopefully meet the family who wants to love them forever!

MAA has been incredibly successful in finding families for our hosted children.  These are children who have waited for so long, with no families interested in their referrals.  Meeting these children in person is life-changing because they are so much more than a written description!  So, even if you are not planning to adopt, the Hosting Program is vitally important in order for these children to meet and interact with other prospective adoptive parents.

MAA has some families ready to take on the commitment of bringing a host child into their home; however, the financial burden can be a big hurdle, especially for families who are hosting strictly to advocate for the child.  That's where you come in!  We invite you to  Sponsor a host child today, and be a part of his or her better tomorrow. 

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To speak to one of our Hosting Coordinators:
Sarah Hansen (MD, NJ, PA)
Michelle McGowan (IL, MO)

And Madison Adoption Associates is MADLY in LOVE with our waiting children!

During the month of March, MAA is offering an additional fee reduction* of $1000 for the adoption of any of the waiting children on our list.

*maximum fee reduction is $5000
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Here are just a couple of our fantastic kids who are waiting for their families to fall in love with them:

Three-year-old Wallace couldn't be cuter!   He started rehabilitation training shortly after being found at one-month-old. Wallace loves to share and play with other children. He is shy around strangers, but opens up once comfortable. Wallace loves to be praised and enjoys spending time with familiar people. His file diagnoses him as having a limb deformity, which appears to be arthrogryposis. He has learned how to use his hips and arms instead of pointing to get what he wanted, such as snacks, toys, etc.   He has always loved watching the other children play with blocks and wished he could play with them too. Wallace doesn't let his special need stop him though - he is said to be very clever! He has learned how to help close doors and likes calling the names of the other children who are in the same room with him. Wallace is a happy and healthy little boy who isn't going to let arthrogryposis hold him back. What a gift he will be to a very lucky family- could it be yours?

Adorable Maggie recently turned 6 years old. MAA  got to meet and spend a few days with Maggie in November 2016 during the Ambassadors of Hope program. Maggie currently attends school and therapy. Maggie has some developmental delays, but she can do almost anything with a little help!   Maggie loves to play outside and play games with others. She gets along well with her teachers and caretakers, as well as the other children. Maggie is very good about sharing her food and toys with others. Maggie loves to be carried and snuggled, and she loves pushing the other kids' strollers. It helped her walk and she felt like she was helping.   
Maggie needs a family prepared for child who is going to seem younger than 6 years old - a family who will be patient with her, get her the supports she needs, and love her to pieces.  Maggie is ready to be loved and share her love with a forever family!  
Madison Adoption Associates Executive Position Open
Madison Adoption Associates is seeking an Executive Director for its Rochester office located in central Illinois.  This position requires the a ttainment of an M.S.W. or L.C.S.W. with at least 5 years of administrative experience in a supervisory capacity. 
Please send cover letter and resume to
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The founder of Both Hands, JT Olson, released his new book.

The first 100 orders for The Orphan, the Widow, & Me will ship for free!

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"The Orphan, the Widow, & Me probably won't take you long to read, but its impact might just last a lifetime."

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For families near the Rochester, IL area!



A reminder, as videos come in for MAA's Video Challenge, unfortunately we cannot put the video on our website if we don't have permission for the songs being used.  Without the rights to the music, MAA can be sued by the songwriter and/or musicians.  There are some websites that offer royalty-free music.  The music is usually instrumental, but it provides a nice background for videos.  One we highly recommend is Bensound.  All they ask is that you credit them at the end of your video! Thank you. 

Due to the holidays in China during the month of February, many families had to speed up or delay travel, but one family prevailed!  Luke & Karen from Alabama, welcomed home their 9 year old son, Charles.