November 2015
November is National Adoption Awareness Month

All of these beautiful children are waiting for a family.  In honor of National Adoption Awareness Month, MAA is offering additional adoption grants (agency fee reductions) of  $2,000 to a family who matches with one of these children!

"Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope."
Maya Angelou 

Each year, November is recognized as National Adoption Awareness Month. While efforts made at the national level certainly help build awareness of adoption, local programs and events by those of us with a direct connection to adoption, can be the most effective way to promote positive perceptions.
To recognize this special month, Orphan Sunday is being held Sunday, November 8th. Become an intricate tool in an orphans life that day and get involved. Visit Lifesong for Orphans website and choose to pack journey bags for children in foster care, launch an adoption fund at your church, or advocate for child sponsorship.
The Ambassadors of Hope Program 
is Underway in Beijing

MAA's Ambassadors of Hope traveled to Beijing last weekend to participate in the "Ambassadors of Hope Program".  We are very grateful to CCCWA and the Beijing City SWI for inviting MAA to be part of this important program.

MAA's Ambassadors:


Leonette Boiarski, MAA Public Relations Coordinator/AOH Trip Leader


Jamie Casey, MAA Illinois Office Director


Ming Cao, MAA In-China Coordinator


Jennifer, Delaware


Lynne, Maryland


Sue, Pennsylvania


Marilyn, Florida


Becky, Michigan


Shecki, California


We know that each one of our Ambassadors will come home with valuable information about the hosted children and be able to help us advocate and find the best possible family for each child.  MAA can never say "thank you" enough to these individuals who are taking the time to make a difference for these special children!!

MAA Ambassadors of Hope
Thanksgiving Will Be Here Before We Know It!
How to Share Thanksgiving With Your Adoptive Child



It's an opportune time to teach your adoptive children about its history, nurturing a sense of gratitude, creating meaningful family rituals, and incorporating cultural celebrations from all over the world. Christine Carter PhD, a University of California at Berkeley sociologist and author of Raising Happiness, says that "40 per cent of our happiness comes from intentional, chosen activities during the day. Thankfulness is not a fixed trait.  It's a skill that can be cultivated." An MLJ Adoptions article shares creative ways for children to express their gratefulness this season:
  • A Thankful Jar- Using empty jars  for each guest at your Thanksgiving celebration, have everyone write on a piece of paper why they are thankful for each person and place it in the individual's jar.
  • A Thankful Tree- Get the children to help find a leafless tree branch from your yard to be placed in a vase on your table. Cut out leaves from colored construction paper and have each guest write what they are thankful for on a leaf. Tie the leaves on the tree with colorful ribbon for a festive and very personal family Thanksgiving decoration.
  • Create a Memory or Scrapbook Page decorated with family pictures taken throughout the day and notes mentioning what each guest voiced as their greatest blessing. The children will enjoy looking at this in coming years.
  • Simply Taking Turns around the Table to state what you are most grateful for this Thanksgiving is a way to celebrate and show gratitude for one's many blessings. Be aware that the children's responses will be creative, age dependent and even inspiring.
We Have a Winner!
Congratulations to the Ernest Family!

Thank you to all the families who captured their adoption journey for the MAA Video Challenge.  Each video was wonderfully creative, shared such heartfelt moments, and lovingly promoted the mission of Madison Adoption Associates. The videos pulled at our hearts and it was a tough choice, but we have a winner. 

The winning video by the Ernest family, along with runners-up Ferris, Bernadsky, McKinney, and O'Connor-Rak families will be  d isplayed soon on our NEW website, .



Darrell & Louisa, of New Hampshire, welcomed home two very special boys on October 24th - sons Benjamin & Elijah, from China.

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