October 2014
MAA Makes Donation to LWB

In June, Madison Adoption Associates announced that for every adoption placement through any of our China One-to-One Orphanage Partnership Programs, Madison Adoption Associates would make a $250 donation to Love Without Boundaries.

From June through September, we placed 40 children from our One-to-One Partner Orphanages!!!!

MAA is very pleased that we raised $10,000 for this wonderful organization that provides critical medical care to orphaned children.

Thank you!


Madison Adoption Associates
 Orphan Hosting Program 2015

MAA is beginning to plan now for the Summer 2015 Orphan Hosting Program.

 If you live in Illinois and would like to learn more about hosting a child from China or Philippines, please contact Michelle@MadisonAdoption.org.

The exact dates are not set at this time, but the children will most likely be here during the month of July 2015.  Only families living in Illinois can host because of the required supervision and group events.

Families are also needed to host the adults who accompany the children.  This is a great way to help the children, who cannot travel without these chaperones!


CHIFF now has 87 cosponsors (21 Senators and 66 House Members). 


Congress is back in session! 

To tell your elected officials why CHIFF matters to use, check out the online CHIFF petition which sends an e-message directly to your Senators and Representatives. 


Learn more about the legislation by visiting the CHIFF website.



Madison Adoption Associates 
is happy to announce that these children came home to their new families in September 2014


From China:

Evelyn to Scott & Pok Ling in Illinois
Mei to Charles & Melissa in Pennsylvania

Eli to Todd & Jennifer in Indiana

Peter to Ken & Shelly in Ohio

Daniel to Kevin & Sarah in California



MAA new letterhead

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