September 2014
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Philippines Sibling Group of 4 - Waiting for a Family

In 2011, these four siblings were brought into care of the orphanage.  Their mother was in the hospital and their grandmother could not care for them.  The children have been legally relinquished by their mother, who wants them to have a chance at a good future; the children's father is deceased.

There are three girls, ages 10, 6 and 5 years of age.  There is one boy, who is 8 years-old.  The two younger girls are very close and behave more like twins. The boy has a strong personality and voices his opinion when the siblings are in conversation.

The children understand what adoption means and are looking forward to having a new family.  They believe that their new parents will take good care of them and not allow bad things to happen to them.

The older children are attending school and the 6 year-old girl has started pre-school.

Madison Adoption Associates is seeking an adoptive family who can accept the history of the mother and children.  The new family must be patient and understand that these children have suffered neglect and instability in their lives.  The adoptive family should be experienced with raising older children in order to deal with the unique behaviors of each child.  The parents should be educated about the affects of institutional care and attachment.

These four children are very bright and have the potential to be successful in school and other endeavors if given a loving and healthy family environment in which to grow and thrive.

To inquire about the adoption of this sibling group, please contact Diana@MadisonAdoption.org or Sara@MadisonAdoption.org
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Some of our Favorite Back to School Kids!!
where are the boys???

International Adoption of a Preschool Child: 100 Parenting Tips for Your Child's First Year 
by Virginia M. Benner

"How can we prepare for being immediate parents of our new son? How will we communicate with him when we speak 2 different languages? What will we do if he has a tantrum? " These are just a few of the issues new adoptive couples face when their new child is from another country. 

International Adoption of a Preschool Child: 100 Parenting Tips for Your Child's First Year provides practical ideas, from preparing for the child's homecoming , to celebrations of holidays and birthdays in his new country. The child's responses to grief and loss are explored, as well as ways to provide love and comfort. The author includes suggestions on learning about and preserving the child's culture, and a section on self- care for new parents. She also emphasizes the importance of support for the parents because of the challenges of immediate parenthood. 

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Madison Adoption Associates 
is happy to announce that these children came home to their new families in August  2014


From China:

Christy to Arvin & Margaret in Pennsylvania
Madison to John & Kim in North Carolina

Josiah to Ricky & Kimberly in Texas

Sarah to Tim & Jen in Pennsylvania

Joshua to Steven & Regina in Michigan

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