We Need Your Help!

We need your help. We are celebrating our ability to be together in our building for 11 weeks! Our kids are doing a great job with masks and mitigation strategies we have implemented to be here face to face. If we hope to continue to be in school face to face we need to have less time with people who do not live in our homes and do more virtual connecting. Thank you for following CDC guidelines by resisting hosting and attending sleepovers, playdates and parties. Please notify us of symptoms your child has. Please keep your child home if symptoms are present. Please notify us if anyone in your household is positive. We are working incredibly hard to keep the adults that know and love your learners in their classrooms, to keep everyone safe. We need your help.

As I was driving to work on Tuesday, I was listening to the radio. Of course, talk came on about the skyrocketing COVID numbers in Wisconsin. I thought it was interesting that the highest growing group of positive cases than was 20-30 year olds and the fastest growing group of hospitalized patients is our older population. The point of the news story was that each of us has to take personal responsibility. We should not have to wait for someone to tell us what to do - the right thing to do is right in front of us!

Certainly as we approach the holiday season, we all look forward to seeing family, no matter what age - that's what holidays are for, right? It is something our family will dearly miss this Thanksgiving. We will not be gathering 18 people at our house. At least 8 of them are in the 20-30 range, and well, the rest of us all qualify for the "older population." Some question my cooking skills, but the gathering is the real recipe for disaster! And, it is taking personal responsibility.
As we talked about this as a family, we all had different views but it all boiled down to our own "personal comfort and responsibility." My husband, my daughter, my niece and I are in schools face to face with students each day - we believe it is our personal responsibility to prevent giving anything we may be carrying to others. I miss hugging my parents, seeing and playing with my 15 month old great-niece along with hugging and hanging out with my adult children! We are hoping there is nice weather on Thanksgiving so we can gather as a group in a park to have dessert together.

We all need to help by taking personal responsibility - wear a mask indoors and near others, avoid groups, wash hands, stay home when you can, and stay home when you should. It might not be what we want to do right now, but it is what we need to do for tomorrow and the future!
Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving! #thrivingtogether

Learning Materials

During these uncertain times, we are working hard to be proactive and not lose valuable learning time.  We have sent your learners home with devices they will need IN CASE we cannot open for Face to Face Learning on Monday, November 30.  PLEASE do not have students work ahead in any of our digital platforms.

When a decision is made based on data, you will receive messaging from KMSD.  As we all know by now, numbers change on a daily basis and we will do our best to get the information to you in as timely of a manner as possible along with a plan to pick up materials that students might need from school.

We ask that you help with the mitigation of the spread by following the CDC guidelines of wearing masks when you are with people who do not live in your home, limiting the places you go and people you visit over the break, and wash your hands as often as possible.  While it is hard to not gather in large family groups this year, it is a small sacrifice in the bigger picture of being able to gather with them again in the future!

Students do have masks to change during the day, however, the masks also need to be washed daily. Masks have the germs of others on the outside and the germs of the owner on the inside. Wearing them more than one day is a health risk. Please use soap and warm/hot water - this can even be done in a sink, scrub for 20 seconds, it does not have to be the washing machine and then hang them to dry or put in the dryer! Students can even do this themselves. Masks can even be washed/dried with your regular laundry. Thank you for helping keep everyone healthy!

Please help your children layer for the unpredictable
Wisconsin weather at this time of the year!

WHEN students leave home and the outdoor temperature is less than 50, they should be wearing something that covers their legs - leggings, pants, jeans, shorts/skirts with tights or leggings AND have AT LEAST two layers to wear outside. Hats and gloves are also important to send with your child.

Students are outside for a minimum of 30 minutes a day. In the event of a drill or emergency, students need to have enough clothing to be warm outside. It is easy to tie layers around their waist as opposed to being cold without enough to put on.

Thank you for your support!!
Magee Online Spiritwear Sale Coming Soon! Online Store opens 11/16-11/29. Check your Email, Facebook, and Magee Website for the store link coming this Monday!  CLICK HERE to order.
Shoe Drive Fundraiser

Monday, November 9 - Dec. 15
Bins are located in front of Magee and in the back of the building during car pick up. Please donate your outgrown, gently used, or new shoes! (Please tie or rubberband shoes together.)

Magee earns $$ for each bag collected and the shoes go to underdeveloped countries in need!

For PTO Questions:

Please email PTO President,
Stacy Grafenauer
Magee's Follett Book eFair: 

Adventure Awaits!
November 9-22nd  

Last call for book orders through our Follett Book eFair - final day to order is Sunday, November 22nd! Take a look at the Flyers and letter to build your wish lists and make purchases. Visit and enter the code RKPPD specific to our school! Share your wish lists with family and friends... and look for your teacher's wish lists to help build classroom libraries! Anyone with access to our eFair link and code can shop, any time, anywhere! Don't forget... all eFair rewards are put right back into our classrooms by fulfilling books from teacher's wish lists!

Any eFair questions? Please email Amy Heding at Happy reading!
My Child is Quarantined?

When learners or a classroom are sent home to quarantine, this means they need to stay home, not go in public places, gymnastics, basketball, restaurants, playdates/sleepovers with classmates, visit extended family, etc.

Symptoms can develop ANYTIME within the 14 days or the learner can be asymptomatic and spread the virus without knowing it. 

If learners develop symptoms while in quarantine, please contact your health care provider AND please notify Magee as soon as possible.

QUARANTINE 101 contains more information regarding learning during quarantine.
Important Upcoming Dates

December 23-January 1 NO SCHOOL
January 4 - Return to School

Community Education

KM Community Education provides recreational and educational opportunities for families. Please be sure to visit the website often for updates and new programs. For program information and registration forms, visit

KM Wrestling Club
KM Wrestling is open to anyone in grades K-8. The season will begin in December for grades 4-8 and in January for K-3. Practices are M/W at KM High School. Registration is open online Here
KM Lacrosse Club
Registration is now open for winter/indoor lacrosse as well as the spring 2021 season for all students in grades 3-8. Visit to register.
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