Dear Provider,
One of our vendor partners, Magellan Healthcare, is updating their Peer-to-Peer telephone number for imaging-related requests. As of March 1, 2022, the phone number: 1-888-642-7649 will be discontinued. Beginning March 1, 2022, please call 1-866-249-1587 to request imaging-related peer-to-peer reviews and to obtain copies of fax coversheets to accompany your clinical information for case reviews regarding imaging. This number can be found on ( and may vary according to the member’s health plan. For Arkansas members, please call 1-866-249-1587 for peer-to-peer reviews and to obtain fax coversheets for case reviews.
This change will streamline the peer-to-peer process for providers. Providers and their staff who are responsible for obtaining prior authorizations will now have one phone number to call for both prior authorization and peer-to-peer review requests. 
Please continue to regularly visit the Magellan Healthcare website ( for updates, fax coversheets and additional resources. If you have questions for Magellan regarding this update, please contact their Provider Services team at 1-800-327-0641.