July 10, 2019

I am happy to announce that now you can come visit your monkey friends on a private tour through our Magical Monkey Experience! You will learn about all of our monkeys - from rescue to recovery. 

You will meet Udi, a Peruvian spider monkey. He was discovered in a basement in New York, cold and alone. When he arrived at Jungle Friends, he could not stand or walk. But, we did not give up on Udi, and his recovery is a true miracle! Now, he spends his day swinging and playing in Thunderdome, the habitat he shares with Lizzy, Clydette, and Goldie Hawn.
Sara Introduces Sweet  Cosmo to Ilene.

Jen's Guests Meet the Famous Udi!
Lindsey Meets the  Cottontop Tamarins!

You will also meet monkeys who once lived in research laboratories, ex-pet monkeys, monkeys used in entertainment, and monkeys who were confiscated by authorities due to neglect and sometimes abuse. We will tell you their stories, often heartbreaking. But, you will see how their lives have improved at Jungle Friends, where they can live an "Almost Wild" life!

Tours are $40 per person (2 hour tour), or $55 per person with a plant-based lunch included (2 hour tour and 2 hour lunch). The proceeds from the purchase of your tour will benefit all the monkeys you will meet on your Magical Monkey Experience at Jungle Friends. 

I can't wait for you to take a Walk On The Wild Side with me and meet my more than 300 closest friends! I look forward to seeing you soon!
Kari Introduces Buddie to her Guests.

P.S. We are looking for assistant hosts for our Magical Monkey Experience Tours! Must be personable, energetic, able to drive a golf cart, cook, and appreciate our Mission and the monkeys!  Click here for more information..

Funding Needed for Hurricane Shelters at Jungle Friends
P.P.S. We are still raising funds for our Hurricane Shelter Project. Hurricanes are the MOST VIOLENT storms on the planet, and we want to be fully prepared.
Click here  to learn about this very important campaign.
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