APRIL 2020
The Magic of Mulch
Mulch has a magical ability to make your landscape pop. It keeps down weeds, holds moisture, prevents soil erosion ... and it looks darn good! You can find our mulch selection and handy calculator on our website . We can deliver to your home or load your truck 6 days a week.
Don't want to install that mulch yourself? If your kids or grandchildren magically disappear, email us and we'll recommend a landscaper from our Contractor Referral Network.
Mulch Options
We offer hardwood and double-shredded hardwood mulch as well as cypress which is certified as "playground mulch".
We also offer three colored mulches : chocolate, black and red that are dyed with a vegetable stain and will not harm your plants or pets.
Pine Straw or Mulch ?
Do you have pine trees in your yard? If so, don't fight nature (unless you really hate pine straw). No pine trees? Then take your pick. Pine straw lasts longer than mulch, is lightweight and provides acidity to soil which some plants, like azaleas, thrive in.
Pine straw quantities can be tricky to estimate. Find a handy pine straw calculator just below the mulch color samples.
Mulch Drivers Gone Mad

Our equipment operators are extremely cautious. Click the photo below to get a good laugh at our new Stone Garden commercial.
Note: no heavy equipment was harmed during the filming of this video.


Willow reminds us:

Mulch is quite cooling
on the toes.

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