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Bits and Pieces
September 14, 2021

Just a small insight into Murfee's mind (?!?!).  I had minor surgery last week and stayed home the next day with my puffy cheeks, inability to chew or swallow much, and generally feeling very lethargic.  And guess who became a Mama's boy???  Barely left my side, laid with his head on my lap both days, didn't do anything wrong or Murfee-like.  I was stunned!  Even thought that I might be living in some twilight alternate universe, he was soooo good.  I honestly didn't know he had it in him, that he could feel my pain, that he could try to console me.  Naturally, his goodness didn't last long, and he got back to his normal self by day 3, but it was interesting.  No barking, no rough-housing with the other kids, no jumping on and off my bed, no hole digging, no snake charming, no trying to jump on my shoulders as I walked down the hall, no keeping the other kids from eating their food, no chasing mystery critters in the back yard....none of it!  Now, I have to have repeat treatment on the other side of my mouth tomorrow, so we'll see if all that goodness from him was an aberration in my mind or could be a vision of things to come.  I'll let you know. 

When I was able to eat eggs and biscuits with gravy on Sat., I saw a metal parrot/macaw for sale at the restaurant; I instantly got this picture in my head of taking the metal one home, setting it on a perch next to my Amazon parrot (Rickie).  What a hoot it would be to have Rickie try to talk with the metal one, try teaching him to whistle the songs Rickie knows, try to carry on a conversation with him!  I know...that's mean spirited on my part, but it just might keep Rickie really busy during the day.  Oh, to be a fly on the wall watching them!!!  But alas, my common sense took hold of me and I didn't get the macaw for Rickie.  But I might just have to re-think that one. 

So....on to the week at hand.  Wed. is day 2 of the mini-embroidery camp of the gorgeous "stained glass" looking quilt hanging at the front of the shop.  I can't wait to see how all of these quilts turn out!  And on Thursday, Andi is here with Free Motion Quilting on a long arm class, working with our in-shop Q'nique machines; Jeri is here also, in the classroom, with Holiday easy-peasy embroidery projects using OESD designs.  And by the way, if you spend $79 or more on OESD products (stabilizers, designs, Isacord threads and the like) you will get a FREE embroidery CD featuring more useful, pretty holiday designs.  In fact, this program will be in effect through Dec. or until the CDs run out.  Each month, spend $79 on OESD and receive a different FREE CD.  Stop in and pick up a free brochure featuring each of the 3 different collections.  They feature cards, ornaments, mug rugs, cozies for your table, apron or placemat designs...... 

Thursday, Andi is here to teach "Favorite Stars Table Runner" from 9:30-2, and there is still space in the class, so sign up and get your supply sheet!  You will be making variations of half square triangles, and it looks great.  Then Andi is back on Sat. with a repeat class of Free Motion Quilting On a Long Arm.
On Monday, don't forget our free class to you if you purchased your B770 Upgrade from us.  Class is now full, but we can offer it again if there's interest.  Jeri will be discussing all the new things that the upgrade offers you and that you now have with your B770.  You can come for the lecture, but bring your machine so you can follow along.  If you choose to do the sew-outs on your machine as she talks about the topics, bring your module, hoop and fabric along with your machine.  This is totally voluntary and your choice to listen and learn, or sew out and learn.  This will cover the upgrade topics only.  We want you informed and educated concerning your purchases with us. 

Tuesday and Wed. rotate back to our monthly Rulers Can Quilt classes, with Tuesday focused on beginners.  Hope to see you! 

Our panels of the week, at just $6 each panel, are pictured here.  Pick up at the shop, order online or call in your choice to us.  The bright and colorful one would make two great placemats plus mug rugs if you choose.  The raven panel is just great halloweenie decoration....add a few borders or see some of our panel samples for additional ideas.  Andi just made a great one for us, and it's hanging in the classroom just outside my office.  The panel she chose for our sample is for sale, but not ON sale, sorry to say!  But you can easily "steal" the idea!!!!  For our online friends and in-shoppers, use the code PUNKIN20% to get 20% off your choice of Halloween fabrics cut from the bolt.  Have a fabulous week and come see what we're doing!
Barbara and the Magical Mystery Mavens of SVQ
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