Winter Edition
Dear Sisters and Spiritual Advisors,

On December 31, 2017, I will be retiring as Coordinator of the Magnificat Central Service Team. Serving you has been an extraordinary blessing in my life. What a privilege it has been to be a part of this ministry for the last 25 years!

Getting to know so many holy, dedicated women and Spiritual Advisors assures me that this ministry is guided by the Holy Spirit. I am also convinced that each of you has been hand-picked by Our Blessed Mother to lead Catholic women into a closer relationship with her Son, Jesus Christ. My heart is filled to overflowing with love for each and everyone of you! In the words of Fr. Harold Cohen, S.J. Magnificat’s first Spiritual Advisor, “Keep doing what you are doing, it is making a difference in this world.” 

Sending my heartfelt love and unceasing prayers for you.

God bless you, 
Kathy MacInnis, Coordinator
Central Service Team

Volume 12 Issue 17
Have a Blessed Advent!
Holy Father's Monthly Intentions

That the elderly, sustained by families and Christian communities, may apply their wisdom and experience to spreading the faith and forming the new generations.


Religious Minorities in Asia:
That Christians and other religious minorities in Asian countries, may be able to practice their faith in full freedom. 


Say “No” to Corruption:
That those who have material, political, or spiritual power may resist any lure of corruption. 
Liturgy of the Hours
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Office of Readings

Second Reading

From the Proslogion by Saint Anselm

Desire for the vision of God

Insignificant man, escape from your everyday business for a short while, hide for a moment from your restless thoughts. Break off from your cares and troubles and be less concerned about your tasks and labors. Make a little time for God and rest a while in him. 

Enter into your mind’s inner chamber. Shut out everything but God and whatever helps you to seek him; and when you have shut the door, look for him. Speak now to God and say with your whole heart: I seek your face; your face, Lord, I desire. 

Lord, my God, teach my heart where and how to seek you, where and how to find you. Lord, if you are not here where shall I look for you in your absence? Yet if you are everywhere, why do I not see you when you are present? But surely you dwell in “light inaccessible.” And where is light inaccessible? How shall I approach light inaccessible? Or who will lead me and bring me into it that I may see you there? And then, by what signs and under what forms shall I seek you? I have never seen you, Lord, my God; I do not know your face.

Lord, most high, what shall this exile do, so far from you? What shall your servant do, tormented by love of you and cast so far from your face? He yearns to see you and your face is too far from him. He desires to approach you, and your dwelling is unapproachable. He longs to find you, and does not know your dwelling place. He strives to look for you, and does not know your face. 

Lord, you are my God and you are my Lord, and I have never seen you. You have made me and remade me, and you have given me all the good things I possess, and still I do not know you. I was made in order to see you, and I have not yet done that for which I was made. 

Lord, how long will it be? How long, Lord, will you forget us? How long will you turn your face away from us? When will you look upon us and hear us? When will you enlighten our eyes and show your face? When will you give yourself back to us? 

Look upon us, Lord, hear us and enlighten us, show us your very self. Restore yourself to us that it may go well with us whose life is so evil without you. Take pity on our efforts and striving toward you, for we have no strength apart from you.

Teach me to seek you, and when I seek you show yourself to me, for I cannot seek you unless you teach me, nor can I find you unless you show yourself to me. Let me seek you in desiring you and desire you in seeking you, find you in loving you and love you in finding you. 
(Excerpt from the homily given by Msgr. David Toups at the Mission Basilica San Juan Capistrano during the 36th Anniversary Mass of the ministry at the 14th International Magnificat Leaders’ Conference on October 7, 2017.)

To the women of Magnificat who have come from all over our country and all over the world, it is a privilege and a pleasure to be with you, to have been invited to preach this Mass and to be the Spiritual Advisor now for your Central Service Team. As you know from our visit to this incredible mission today, one of its titles is the Mission of the Swallows. Every year, a 6,000-mile trek is made by these swallows. Now, as a Floridian, I certainly know what a snowbird is, so I had great appreciation when I read about these swallows and that is what we have done. Like these swallows, we have come from all over. We have flocked here to find refuge, to be strengthened, to find a home with each other in these days. Exactly 100 years ago, Our Lady appeared for the last time, and we will celebrate that on this Friday in Fatima. As she appeared to the three shepherd children, our two newest Saints Francisco and Jacinta and their cousin Lucia, they said, “Tell us your name.” She said, “I am the Lady of the Rosary.”
How incredibly appropriate for us to be gathering today, on the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary, exactly 36 years to the day of the very first Magnificat Meal. It’s beautiful. Under Our Lady’s mantle of protection, under her guidance and care, the Rosary is a powerful weapon in our hands. It is a tremendous gift to grow in relationship with Jesus and with his Mother Mary as we contemplate their lives, their yes, their surrender to the Father’s will and to look to the mission, to the example of Mary, especially for you as women of faith.
I want to highlight two extraordinary virtues of our Blessed Mother: her strength and her humility. Think of Mary’s strength. As we look to her life, this young woman was given the courage to say yes to the impossible as the Angel Gabriel appears and announces this extraordinary message. Her strength as she travels to Bethlehem, her strength to give birth without a home but in a manger, in a stable. Imagine her fortitude as she journeyed with Joseph, as she was so disappointed that it didn’t play out the way she had wished and imagined. Her strength in the temple when Simeon says this child is the light and a sword will pierce your heart. Her strength as a refugee. 

Pope Francis has recently launched an initiative for migrants and refugees, which began on the feast of our patron at the seminary, St. Vincent de Paul. Mary and Joseph, they are the patrons of migrants and refugees. Imagine their strength fleeing their homeland to seek safety as they went to Egypt. We could go on and on to the very base of the cross. We see her strength as she witnesses her Son’s horrific death. What love, what strength, what fortitude Mary has!

Pope Francis recently spoke of heroic women, whose inner strength allows them to overcome every obstacle. The Holy Father said, “With their strength they are able to obtain great things.” He says, “We have known many, many such women. We could say that it is love. It is love that stirs faith, and faith for its part becomes love’s reward.” 

Mary’s humility is exemplified by the very name of this wonderful ministry, Magnificat. Imagine that moment of the visitation. If there was ever a moment to boast, that was it. She had just been told she is going to be the Mother of God. She visits her cousin Elizabeth, and her cousin says, “How blessed I am. Who am I that you should come unto me?” Mary doesn’t say, “Yeah, I am pretty cool, aren’t I? It really is pretty cool of me to come here and visit you. I know it’s extremely charitable and generous of me.” She says, “My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord.” Not, how great I am but how great thou art. For He has looked upon His lowly handmaid. Mary’s humility in the midst of the most extraordinary event in human history and Mary’s Magnificat models for us that virtue. 

So for us, and you especially as Magnificat leaders, I invite you to look to Mary’s strength and her humility. Strength to do what is asked of us and humility to be the servant of all, realizing our strength comes from God. A good image for us are the shepherd children of Fatima. To be a shepherd, one has to be extraordinarily strong. Mental, physical fortitude guiding the sheep through the dark valley. The shepherd who does not run away when the wolves come. Long days and nights. Not an easy life. To be a shepherd is not for the faint of heart. To be shepherds, one has to have strength and then humility. Our Gospel today, “I give you praise Father, Lord of Heaven and Earth, for although you have hidden these things from the wise and the learned, you have revealed them to the child-like.” 

My sisters, rejoice because your names are written in Heaven. Rejoice because we have been called to be children of God. The humility of a child, to exercise leadership as a child, in the strength and humility of Mary, she models those virtues for you as leaders of Magnificat. We are directed to Christ today in the Eucharist who reveals His strength as His very body, blood, soul and divinity become present to us in the incredible, humble sign of bread and wine. We need to be plugged in to the Holy Spirit if we’re going to live these lives of strength and humility that we have been called to. We do that on a daily basis, sometimes an hourly basis, sometimes minute to minute. 

Sisters, daily immerse yourselves in the Word of God and Eucharist as regularly as possible. If you are able to go to daily Mass, it is one of the greatest gifts you will ever receive. Our devotion to Mary, our recitation of the Rosary, regular confession, adoration, silence, to be with Christ, wanting to be in intimacy with our God who loves us. Our life in community and our service, as Renée Bondi so beautifully said, always leads us to others. In a word, we are talking about life in the Spirit.

We celebrate 50 years of the Charismatic Renewal this year. We celebrate 36 years of this amazing ministry, Magnificat, and during the Vigil of Pentecost, Pope Francis in Rome said, “Fifty years is an appropriate time to stop and reflect. It is the time for mid-life reflection. I would tell you, it is time to go forth with greater determination, leaving behind the dust of time we have let accumulate, thankful for what we have received and facing what is new with faith in the action of the Holy Spirit.” 

Sisters, welcome to mid-life reflection! Leaving behind the dust of time we have let accumulate means as leaders of Magnificat, we must be flexible to the needs of our church today, making sure that beautiful young women like these three altar servers are one day sitting in your chairs. How do we foster, feed, nourish, and encourage the next generation? It’s going to take flexibility. I can’t touch my toes anymore, and I dare say many of you can’t either, but we must be young in the spirit, flexible in the Lord, to bring up a new generation. The Holy Father says the same to us today— to move forward. 

The founder of the very mission where we find ourselves, Saint Junipero Serra, had as his life’s motto, siempre adelante , always forward, keep moving forward. Be ever more alive in the Holy Spirit, for our families and our world need it. They need us. We need to live this life in the Spirit in the good times and in the bad. This mission is also known as the Jewel of the Missions, and we can certainly see why, and the Mission of Tragedies, with our joys and our sorrows. 

Siempre adelante! Keep moving forward. We all experience the joys and the tragedies of life. Renée, thank you for your tremendous witness, your testimony and your life. It is a gift to us and it is a gift to the Church. In the midst of it all, I invoke my dear mother and her favorite scripture, Romans 8:28. It’s in the new Magnificat Proclaims – Holy Orders book if you want to buy it! “We know all things work together for the good to those who love the Lord and have been called according to his decree.” Stand on that promise when we feel like we are living in the Mission of Tragedies because the Lord will transform it to the Jewel of the Missions. 

I close with one last image. We find ourselves in California’s first vineyard, where the friars originally planted grapes, not just for social reasons or a nice gathering. Why? The missions grew these grapes, which have become quite an industry, for the Eucharist. Christ bled for us, died for us, and rose from the dead to give us new life. So, we come to the first vineyard to become new wine, poured into new wine skins, with hearts renewed, transformed, and enlivened so that each of us can go back and be that for our brothers and our sisters. New wine for new wine skins. Look to Mary’s example of strength and humility. Be filled with the Holy Spirit and go forth renewed in joy. We invoke the intercession of Saint Junipero Serra and we pray that like him, we may take on his words, his mission. Siempre adelante! Sisters, let’s always move forward in the life in the Spirit. Siempre adelante! Siempre adelante! Amen.
Renée Bondi
Bishop Vann celebrating the 36 th Anniversary Mass.
Bishop Vann blessing CST, Msgr. Toups and the ministry as we go forward. Siempre adelante! 
Magnificat International Leaders’ Conference 2017  
By Paulette Renaudin, Newsletter Editor
Let your light shine!
Saturday night Magnificat Meal
Magnificat Ministry Celebrates
It's 36th Anniversary!
By Paulette Renaudin, Newsletter Editor

Magnificat sisters from around the world who attended our recent International Leaders’ Conference were greeted with the warm hospitality of Orange County, California. 

Magnificat always takes the conference theme from one of the mysteries of the Rosary and this year selected the 5th Luminous Mystery, The Institution of the Eucharist. The conference was dedicated to our beloved priests, many of them, Chapter Spiritual Advisors. They were honored all weekend in special ways. Each day we gathered for the Holy Eucharist celebrated by one of these special sons of Mary. 

It takes a tremendous amount of work to put on a conference of this magnitude. We thank the CST, Diane Bates, the Conference Coordinator, Michelle Seghers, our Conference Planner and the Central Office staff for all their precious time, effort, energy and prayers to secure such a nice location. The line-up of speakers for this Conference was outstanding! 

On Friday, Jeff Suppan, World Series MVP from baseball history, gave a very moving talk about how his life unfolded with his mom, Kathy, who was the first Regional Rep in the Ministry. He grew up in basically a Charismatic Prayer Group. Those memorable experiences still influence him today with his family and his exciting career. 

Magnificat’s new Spiritual Advisor, Msgr. David Toups, was introduced on Saturday. Everyone could already feel his warm affection for the ministry. He is energetic and his enthusiam contagious. His homily was certainly very inspiring. Serving as Rector for the St. Vincent de Paul Seminary in Boynton Beach, Florida, he has such a heart and appreciation for our Chapter Spiritual Advisors. 

The trip to San Juan Capistrano Mission and Basilica for our 36th Anniversary Mass included a very inspirational talk by Renée Bondi. In the afternoon, we arrived at Christ Cathedral for a self tour, Confession and our Eucharistic Healing Service with Msgr. Steve Doktorczyk, Fr. Bao Thai and Kathleen Beckman.

The Saturday evening Meal speaker was Fr. Donald Calloway, MIC and his mother, La Chita Calloway. If you do not know his testimony, you need to listen to it. It may be the biggest conversion story of all time! It's amazing that he not only lived to tell about his adventures but then was called to the priesthood! God works ALL things to good if we persevere in prayer like his mother did. She is a true St. Monica. 

The announcement of Magnificat Ministry collaborating with Johnnette Benkovic’s “Women of Grace” Ministry was met with thunderous applause. We will recommend Magnificat women consider using her Foundational Study as a group study in-between Magnificat Meals.
CST and Msgr Toups
Fr. Bao Thai - Celebrant of the Opening Mass
on Thursday Night.
Johnnette will be promoting Magnificat Meals and our Bible Study to her members. Johnnette was also a Conference Speaker. She gave a very anointed talk on “Mary and the Eucharist.” Her talk was centered on a clarion call for taking holy boldness more seriously. She motivated everyone to a new level of boldness within our personal lives and our ministry. 

In an unexpected moment, our present Magnificat Coordinator, Kathy MacInnis, passed the baton to Assistant Coordinator, Donna Ross. She became the new Coordinator of the Central Service Team. WOW! Kathy celebrated 25 years in service and leadership to Magnificat, which is quite a milestone. We certainly will miss Kathy, but we understand she and her husband will enjoy spending time together in their retirement. Donna Ross is truly the “Energizer Bunny” with years of leadership experience with The Walt Disney Company before joining Magnificat. She will be a great asset as our new Coordinator. We will wait with great expectations to see what unfolds in the ministry under her leadership. Donna is also the wind behind the sails in both Magnificat Proclaims books. 

The second book, Magnificat Proclaims-Holy Orders was presented. This new book features nineteen testimonies of clergy who have given their testimony at a Magnificat Meal. The stories are heartwarming, riveting, unbelievable, and amazing! Each contributor had a unique vocation journey to travel and was happy to share the personal road to ordination. The calling to the priesthood is as varied as the colors in a palette. Learning about their individual discernment process was incredible. 

The Ministry also debuted a very dynamic and newly published booklet called A Guide for Presenting Life in the Spirit for Youth. It is designed to take place in small groups with the parents/grandparents as teachers! The lessons are in two tracks for younger and older youth from four to sixteen. It's a great easy-to-follow guide for families with small children!

The CST introduced their newest member, Sara Ford. Sara joined the team last spring and has been training/working with Kathy MacInnis with Chapters in Formation, a growing area for the ministry. Michelle Seghers was the Conference Planner for 2017 and will be again for the next International Leaders’ Conference held in New Orleans in 2019. The ministry will be going back to its roots for the next conference. New Orleans will celebrate its Tri-Centennial next year and hopefully, some of the exhibits will still be up during our time there.
This conference was truly a Mount Tabor experience! If you were there, you had the encounter. We thank all those who came to learn at the workshops, and be enlightened about the progress and growth of the ministry and to renew old friendships and make new ones. If you were not there, you can order most CDs from St. Joseph Radio and still realize the excitement. See you in New Orleans in 2019!
CST Office Staff - Michelle Seghers,
Sheila Casadaban, Cindy Delger
Living Praise
Conference Attendees-Christ Cathedral
Praying for the Priests
Fr. Donald Callaway, his mother LaChita,
CST & Mgsr. Toups
CST Communications Team
Indio Chapter and Spanish Regional Team
Seasons of Change
 By Paulette Renaudin, Newsletter Editor
Ecclesiastes 3:1 “There is an appointed time for everything and a time for every purpose under the heavens.”

A new season alters emotions and moves our spirit, but we always know in nature a new season is on its way. As Kathy MacInnis, Magnificat’s Coordinator, looks forward to a winter time of retirement on December 31, our Assistant Coordinator, Donna Ross, looks forward to a springtime of leadership for the ministry on January 1, 2018. 

Our beloved, Kathy, has worn many hats in this ministry during the last twenty-five years. She started as a Hostess in the Metairie Mother Chapter while living there and then after moving across the lake she was the Founding Coordinator of the West St. Tammany Chapter twenty-one years ago. She served as Coordinator for three breakfasts before the CST invited her to join them on the team. She said YES and never looked back, serving as the leader of Chapters in Formation. She has walked with and through the entire three-five year process of forming a new chapter with many new Chapters and wrote the book on the process of forming a Chapter.

Kathy has been a servant leader since the beginning and has such a heart for the women in this ministry. If you have ever met Kathy, you know what a humble, sincere friend she is.
God has used Kathy in many ways for us. She and her husband were living in Birmingham, AL when Kathy got the inspiration to contact EWTN about the possibility of our testimonies airing on EWTN. Today, our Magnificat testimonies are reaching over 100 million listeners every day all over the world with EWTN. Kathy helped put Magnificat on the map in the digital world. We can all say, “well done, good and faithful servant!” Enjoy your time with your family now. We know Our Lady is smiling down on you!

I think many women in the ministry know Donna Ross, who is our new Coordinator for the Ministry. Many have heard her testimony about working 26 years in the Magic Kingdom of Disney and then leaving to work for the Eternal Kingdom of God. Donna is always on “go” and ready for the next project. She is the “wind behind the sails” in both Magnificat Proclaims books! It seems the Lord has been preparing Donna for over twenty years for this new position. She had been involved with the Orange County, CA Chapter since it's inception in 1994 and was the founding Coordinator of the Palm Desert Chapter of Magnificat in 2005. After many years serving as Coordinator of Palm Desert, she was invited five years ago to join the CST as Asst. Coordinator. We pray for the gift of vision for Donna and the CST as the Holy Spirit continues to guide the ministry forward. Siempre adelante! We thank God for both of these “servant leaders” and ask God’s blessing on them and their families for their sincere YES!
Inaugural Scarborough Chapter Magnificat Meal
Article from the Roman Catholic Diocese of Portland
More than 200 women gathered in Portland on Saturday, September 9, for a celebration of faith and community at the inaugural Catholic Women’s Prayer Breakfast, presented by the Scarborough Chapter of Magnificat.

“Our dear Blessed Mother Mary personally brought each of you here today and the reason is this: she wants you to know that she loves you. And because she loves you, she wants to draw you closer to her Divine Son, Jesus, so that he can be more known, loved, and glorified. Our heavenly mother knows that it is only in Jesus that we can have true fullness of life, and that is the greatest gift that a mother can give to her children,” Cindi Schaab, the Coordinator of Magnificat, told those gathered.

Magnificat is an international ministry, originally founded in the Archdiocese of New Orleans, which aims to evangelize and encourage Catholic women to grow in holiness through opening themselves more fully to the power and the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

“To invite women to come together and pray, to ask for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, for those graces, so they can leave with a sense of renewal, and purpose, and stronger in their faith than when they walked through the door,” said Catherine Koenig, secretary of the Scarborough chapter.

“The purpose of the group is to gather Catholic women in Maine and all women in Maine to come to a place where they can celebrate the Blessed Mother, and to get to know her better, and to pray and just to have a great time together,” said Cindy Andreson, Assistant Coordinator.

The Scarborough Chapter is the first in Maine. Its roots go back seven years to a group of women who formed a prayer group with the intention of bringing Magnificat here. The women approached Bishop Robert Deeley after his arrival in the Diocese of Portland, and the Chapter became a reality.

The bishop delivered opening remarks and the opening prayer at the breakfast. “What a grace it is to be here today on this Saturday in September, the day after the birthday of Mary, to gather together women from all over our diocese for this prayer, and reflection, and mutual support, because these activities are a wonderful way to remind ourselves that we are together in living out our faith,” he told them.

The bishop also took a moment to request that the women join him in praying for those who have been and will be in the path of a hurricane.
Guest Speaker- Katherine Valentine
"We are just recovering from Hurricane Harvey in Houston, seeing the plight of the people there returning to their homes, and we are sharing in the anxiety of the people in Florida, as they wait hour by hour for that horrible Hurricane Irma to make its way in whatever direction it is going to. So, as we gather today in prayer, let’s keep all our brothers & sisters in prayer, " he said.

Women of all faiths were invited to attend the breakfast, and so many were interested that the event sold out and had a lengthy waiting list. “We are overwhelmed with the turnout. We are so blessed. We have been praying for this for so many months, and weeks, and years, and we are just so blessed that the Blessed Mother has brought all these beautiful women to us,” said Andreson.

The members of Magnificat stressed the importance of having opportunities, such as the breakfast, for Catholic women to gather together in faith and fellowship.

“I think it’s good for women to see women in love with the Lord and in love with Mary and to be a witness to other women. I think it inspires people to love her more, as well, and love the Lord more,” said Andreson.

“It really is an outreach to just draw people in,” said Cynthia Nickless, executive director of The Presence Radio Network and a Magnificat member. “This gives us an opportunity to show the beauty of the Church to not only our own members but outside as well.”

The breakfast included the recitation of the Rosary, prayer intentions, music, worship, and praise. The keynote speaker was award-winning author Katherine Valentine, who shared her story of conversion, which began when she became ill and nearly died. Father John Bacevicius, OFM, spoke to the group about joining in prayers of praise to God and embracing the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Magnificat is planning similar breakfasts in the future, with the next one set for the spring. “We are looking for all women in Maine to join and be part of this wonderful ministry,” said Lauren Moody, a member.

“I feel that it is important for Catholic women to know there is something out there for them,” said Valerie Litalien. “It’s part of the love of Jesus that we have and for Mary, his mother, and to bring us all together to know that we’re not alone."
Forming Missionary Disciples
Magnificat - Living the Mystery of the Visitation
By Bernadette Patrick, Caribbean Regional Representative, CST Advisory Team
From left, Leadership Roundtable: CEO, Kim Smolik, Member, Bernadette Patrick and Global Ambassador, Kerry Robinson

A historic event happened this July 1-4, 2017. The Convocation of Catholic Leaders: The Joy  of the Gospel in America, was a gathering of the rich diversity of Catholic leaders from across the United States. 

I had the privilege of attending the 2017 Leadership Roundtable Convening which was a pre-event to the Convocation. I was part of the 100 Catholic Leaders that produced a working statement: Forming Catholic Leaders as Missionary Disciples. 

At the Convocation, I also joined the delegation of the lay apostolate that is now an International Ministry, Women of Grace. Johnnette Benkovic who is the president, performed the duty as co- anchor for EWTN with Dr. Jonathan Reyes of the USCCB. 

As an attendee, I participated in all the breakout sessions. Most of all, I had the opportunity to meet and share with others. I was very exited when I read Pope Francis’ exhortation in The Joy of the Gospel in 2013. The Convocation expanded my knowledge and practical meaning of the document. I did not do this alone but with a community, celebrating the Eucharist together, sharing our views, listening and strategizing the next steps.

The gathering was convened by the bishops to respond to our Holy Father Pope Francis’ call in his apostolic exhortation Evangelic Gaudium (EG, The Joy of the Gospel),”to embark upon a new chapter of evangelization marked by this joy (of the gospel)” — to become ever more, and to form others as, missionary disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ. (EG 01)

The President of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), Archbishop Daniel Cardinal DiNardo, welcomed the more than 3,100 participants consisting of 150 cardinals, archbishops and bishops, 380 priests, 125 deacons, lay and religious leaders from 160 dioceses and 185 national organizations in these words “the call to missionary discipleship is the call from the Lord Jesus and the Apostles who were commissioned and sent to proclaim the Gospel. The church is invited in each age to hear the call anew and respond to it, by God’s grace, with renewed faithfulness, vigor, and confidence.” (CNS — statistical data source) 
Bernadette Patrick center with Dr. Jonathan Reyes and Johnnette Benkovic co-host of EWTN live coverage of the Convocation of Catholic Leaders, Orlando, Florida.
In his closing remarks, the Most Rev. Christophe Pierre, Apostolic Nuncio to the US, had words of encouragement, “I encourage you to share what you have heard and experienced. This is the beginning of something new and beautiful, a kairos moment, this is your moment, share what the Spirit has said to you, to the Church, especially by the witness of your life.”

As Magnificat sisters, we are all called as a lay ministry and as individuals to respond to the call to be missionary disciples. Magnificat’s Mission is “to evangelize and to encourage Catholic women to grow in holiness through opening more fully to the power and the gifts of the Holy Spirit.” Magnificat helps in the formation of missionary disciples by helping Catholic women to open more to the Holy Spirit through a deeper commitment of their lives to Jesus as Lord, and to impart the Holy Spirit to one another by their love, service, and sharing the good news of salvation. The essence of Magnificat ministry is Mary’s visit to Elizabeth. Mary journeyed to her cousin Elizabeth, she witnessed by her life and then proclaimed the good news: “My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord; my spirit rejoices in God my Savior.” Luke 1:46-55.

Individually we are all called by Christ in His Body, the Church, through the workings of the Holy Spirit, so that we can enter into a personal relationship with God the Father. “In virtue of their Baptism, all the members of the People of God have become missionary disciples. All the baptized, are agents of evangelization. Every Christian is a missionary to the extent that he or she has encountered the love of God in Christ Jesus: we no longer say that we are “disciples” and “missionaries,” but rather we are always “missionary disciples” (Pope Francis, EG 120).
The Most Reverand Christophe Pierre, Apostolic Nuncio to the US .
Happy Feast of the Immaculate Conception
December 8th

Happy "25th" Anniversary to
'Our Lady of the Lakes' Chapter
was actually celebrated by
Walker, Minnesota!

Huron, Ohio celebrated their 10th Anniversary!

Mass for Our Donors
In gratitude for all those who have contributed to the Five Star Campaign and Annual Appeal, a Mass will be offered on December 12th, the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, by our Spiritual Advisor, Msgr. David Toups, for the intentions of our donors.

We feel the Five Star Campaign is a simple and effective way for all who love Magnificat to support the ministry financially. Therefore, we will be combining our Annual Appeal with the Five Star Campaign going forward. If you are not already enrolled in the Campaign, please consider giving a contribution. Any amount, large or small, will be a tremendous help. Magnificat exists to evangelize, so we rely on your prayers and generosity to Magnify the Lord!

Information about our on-going Five Star Campaign can be found on the website. If you would like to make a year-end donation or become a Five Star donor, please click here or visit our website at and click on the Five Star Campaign image as seen above.

Our Lady of Guadalupe, Star of the New Evangelization, pray for us.
Magnificat Central Service Team

“Give to the Most High as He has given to you, generously, according to your means. For the Lord is one who always repays, and He will give back to you sevenfold.”
Sirach 35: 9-10
Magnificat Prayer Booklet
Magnificat has been a daily companion to thousands on their spiritual journey, enriching their prayer life and helping them grow in love and knowledge of Christ and the Church. 

Every subscription to this lovely Mass and prayer guide directly benefits our Ministry domestically and worldwide. 

Regular Edition: first subscription $44.95; second subscription $35; and subsequent subscriptions $29; Large Print Edition: first subscription $64.95; second subscription $55; and subsequent subscriptions $49.

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Praise Report
I brought a friend to her first Magnificat Meal. She LOVED it! She is so excited to attend again, she is off to shop for something special to wear to our next local Meal.
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