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Moose Season 2019


Moose Hunt
Moose Hunt


Moose HuntingCSAH had a very successful moose season in 2019. The Success/Opportunity rate was at 80%. We took several big moose , including two giants measuring at 65.25" and 64". These two may be very well be the two biggest shot in Manitoba in 2019. We had several from 50"-57", a number of really nice racks in the 40s and a couple of misses at other 60" moose.Moose Hunting All but one of the moose were over 40" and most 50" or better. Our overall average of 54" did not change.

The weather started out beautiful, and for the first 4 days it could not have been better, with low wind and temps in the 50s.Moose Hunting On the 5th day, a big low pressure system arrived and with it high winds and driving rain. That system persisted for 5 days before things settled down again. The season ended with perfect moose weather and temps.


Moose Season 2020

Moose HuntingCSAH staff are still really excited about 2019 and eagerly looking forward to 2020. We hold the exclusive rights to over 5,500,000 acres of fly-in only Manitoba wilderness with the closest road over 200 miles away. We have still only scratched a portion of it. We travel over this area during our summer fishing season and have identified several prime areas we have never hunted. But In 2019, we finally got into a lake we have been fishing for several years but never hunted, knowing it had a good moose population and big ones judging from the sheds we found. Within a day, a 53" was down. We have at least a dozen of these areas we have identified with great potential. In 2020, we will be setting tent camps up on some of these lakes to see if we can access this incredible potential. Anyone out there interested in hunting PRIME moose country, in a land never before hunted and proven to hold Canadian moose up to 66"? Give us a call as we still have some space available. Let us know you want to hunt VIRGIN moose territory.


Caribou 2019


Moose HuntingThe 2019 caribou season was another one of frustration. Initial clusters of animals broke away from the main herd 100 miles North of us and headed south around Sept. 1. My pilots actually saw caribou in Manitoba in mid August. However, again the animals stalled, 10 miles North of us and the border. We GPS'd them on Sept. 6 and then flew over them every two days monitoring them. From Sept. 6-18, these animals never moved and very few crossed the line. If you know anything about caribou, that's hard to believe for an animal that can move 30 miles in a day if it wants too. We can move our hunters West, East, or South, but we can not go North of the 60th parallel, the Nunavut border. No one – the biologists, wildlife directors - has an explanation for why this 'stall' is happening. However, if you talk to the elders of our local First Nations communities, these changes in movement are not uncommon. We will gear up and go at them again next year. Such a frustrating animal!



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Caribou Hunting

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