Naturopathic Medicine Week at

Mahaya Forest Hill Integrative Health

May 9th-15th, 2011

Hello Everyone,
After just over a year in the community, Mahaya Forest Hill is well on it's way to becoming a destination for individuals and families who are interested in natural health alternatives that promote wellness and inspire new ways for perceiving health and disease.  We have a wonderful team of practitioners who are passionate about what they do and excited to share what they know with you.
During the week of May 9th to the 15th we are excited to celebrate Naturopathic Medicine Week, join us in succesfully increasing awareness around naturopathic medicine and take this opportunity to learn more about what we do and how you and your loved ones can benefit from the services we offer.
Thank you for your continuted support.
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Free Events All Week!! 

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No-Charge Naturopathic Consultation

Book a No-Charge 15-minute consultations with a Naturopathic Doctor

  • Learn how Naturopathic Medicine can address your health concerns
  • Bring in your supplements to find out what you are taking and why!
  • Have a quick Health CheckBlood pressure, Blood Sugar, Chinese Tongue & Pulse Diagnosis, Urine, etc.
  • Receive our unique gift bag - Be Well Bag - full of naturopathic goodies and helpful information
  • Enter our draw to win a Prize!


Talks & Informative Seminars
Tues. May 10th at 7pm"Women & Stress "- The Impact of Stress on Women's Health and natural stress solutions with Naturopathic Doctor, Christine Matheson.


Wed. May 11th at 7pm"Healthy Mind, Healthy Body "- Naturopathic Medicine can help you gain new perspectives on how your body and mind work to keep you healthy! - an informal session with Naturopathic Doctor, Arvin Jenab


Thurs. May 12th at 7pm"Foods That Transform You"- can supplements replace a whole food diet? In this dynamic talk we will examine the value of specific Superfoods & their role in health maintenance & disease prevention with Naturopathic Doctor, Annie Salsberg


Sat. May 14th at 3pm:  "4 Seasons of Wellness: Spring Detox"- a close look at healthy detoxification for better health with Naturopathic Doctor, Kate Whimster
Naturopathic Medicine Week May 9th-15th, 2011
Every year naturopathic doctors and patients across Canada stand together and celebrate the ongoing committment and dediction they have shown towards presrving and expanding on the principles of naturoopathic medicine.  They have a shared vision for health and wellness and they are proud, empowered, and humbled by what they have undertaken and discovered.
Naturopathic Doctors train vigorously for a minimum of 7 years to become experts in the field of natural medicine - no easy task and certainly not fully supported by mainstream institutions.  Naturopathic Patients undertake an even greater task - they make a personal committment to participate more actively in their health care - they challenge themselves to live healthy lives, to respect nature, to learn, and to grow.  They are the silent heroes in this growing profession. 
During Naturopathic Medicine Week we celebrate the doctors and the patients who have made it possible for a new kind of medicine to emerge.  We thank them sincerely and invite you to join us by participating in this week's events and spread the word for others to share and grow with us. 

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Mahaya Forest Hill Integrative Health


Mahaya Forest Hill Integrative Health 

With a truly holistic approach to health care, our practitioners want to help you live healthier and happier.  In addition to Naturopathic Medicine, our clinic offers a range of services that include registered massage therapy, acupuncture, Traditional Chinese medicine, osteopathic medicine, dietary & lifestyle counseling, homeopathy, herbal medicine, and clinical nutrition.

We also have full laboratory capabilities to check blood, urine, salivary hormones,  food sensitivities, and assess physiological stress and mood.  We make use of unique diagnostics and assessment tools that help us in developing a deeper understanding of your health and guide us in implementing integrative strategies to effectively manage your health and prevent disease.

Feel free to contact us with any questions about our services and programs and to find out whether naturopathic medicine is of benefit for you and your family.

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$30  Gift Certificate  

Refer a friend and get closer to health!!
Refer a friend, a loved one, or a co-worker and receive a small token of appreciation from us!  When the person you refer to us books their initial consultation with one of our naturopathic doctors, you will receive a gift of $30 to use toward any service in our clinic.
Only one gift certificate per visit, minimum 45-minute visit.  Gift Certificate can not be used for the purchase of products.
Offer Expires: October 1, 2011