Dear Members,

In 2001 Congregation Dorshei Emet was proud to inaugurate the first edition of Mahzor Hadesh Yameinu - Renew Our Days: A Prayer-Cycle for the Days of Awe, edited and translated by Rabbi Ronald Aigen zl". The publication of this Mahzor was made possible through the generosity of Dora Morrow and Avrum Morrow zl" in appreciation of Rabbi Ron's twenty-five years with the congregation.

At that time, every family in the congregation received a copy of the Mahzor, inscribed by Rabbi Ron.

As we approach the High Holidays, participating remotely, the synagogue has made the Mahzor available as a pdf document, complete with transliteration. For those among you who would prefer to have the hard copy, a group of volunteers has formed to deliver these books to your home. The Mahzor will be yours to keep. If you are interested in receiving a copy, please email us at

If you have been a member since the early 2000's, please check to see if you already have a copy on your bookshelf.

Please note that the Mahzors will be delivered to members in good standing. If you have not yet made your membership arrangements please do so through your ShulCloud account or by contacting the office at (514) 486-9400.

The deadline for Mahzor requests is Sept. 9.

Thank you!

Congregation Dorshei Emet
(514) 486-9400
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