Mail Delivery in University Hills Update
March 15, 2019

Dear University Hills Resident,

We are reporting back with additional information regarding the Irvine Post Office and lockable individual mailboxes within University Hills.

ICHA and the HRB have encouraged Post Office management to provide clarity to University Hills residents on the issue of lockable mailboxes. ICHA has also been communicating to the Post Office the strong concern and worry that many University Hills residents have experienced with recent mail thefts. Our combined efforts on behalf of the community have included e-mails, calls, and Andrew Herndon waiting in person at the Sand Canyon HQ four times in an attempt to communicate our message in person. As a result, the Post Office has committed to sending a letter to residents that will include clarification about its jurisdiction over the use of individual lockable mailboxes.

ICHA received the following e-mail on Friday 3/8/19:
From: Huster, Julie A - IRVINE, CA
Sent: Friday, March 08, 2019 4:42 PM
To: Andrew Herndon
Cc: Nuby, Cassandra - Irvine, CA
Subject: FW: locking boxes
Hi Andrew,
Sorry I haven’t gotten the letter ready for you yet. I haven’t been in my office all week, but I spoke with the postmaster and she will approve a curbside box like the one below. The opening for the mail to go through has to be at least 5 inches in height which this one meets. If one of your residents has one they think meets the minimum 5 inch height requirement we will be happy to look at the box. The box does need to be on the curb where the carrier can reach it from the truck. The slot that the mail needs to go through should be at a minimum of 42” and a maximum of 48” from the street level to the bottom of the opening that the mail goes into. The set back from the curb should be 6” from the face of the curb to the face of the mailbox. If you have other boxes you would like me to show the Postmaster just let me know. If you still want to explore the possibility of CBU’s and you want to meet to pick possible locations for the boxes just let me know and we’ll set something up. Thanks.
Julie Huster
New Growth
From the above, it appears the Post Office still intends to send a letter clarifying their jurisdiction and regulations AND that they may be considering allowing lockable individual boxes under certain conditions. Nevertheless, ICHA and the HRB encourage residents to exercise caution and patience. Consider waiting for the formal letter from the Post Office before acting on the information in the e-mail above.

It is important to note that the solution the Post Office has pointed to will not be possible for the majority of homes generally bounded by California Ave, Gabrielino Drive, Los Trancos Drive, and East Peltason Drive, since most mailbox locations are behind the sidewalk and on private lots. Thus, the box could not be placed within 6” of the curb as specified in the Post Office e-mail above.

Additionally, the Ground Sublease and Maintenance Regulations still apply, so any mailbox change needs to be approved by the HRB for aesthetics, location, and coordination with your neighbors. 

ICHA and the HRB will continue to encourage the Post Office to respond in writing, as they promised.

Though not a solution for everyone, here are some additional steps to consider to protect your mail and reduce the risk of identity theft:

  • Report all thefts (including those that have happened in the recent past) to UCI Police Department and the Post Office.
  • Consider a security camera at your home (doorbell camera, exterior camera, etc.).
  • Have valuable mail and packages delivered to another secure location (PO Box, office, Amazon Locker location, etc.)

We are committed to advocating for the community on this issue and will continue to keep you posted as new information is available. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Irvine Campus Housing Authority
Homeowner Representative Board
Irvine Campus Housing Authority
(949) 824-2424
ICHA reserves the right to send to an unsubscribed e-mail certain important communications such as construction notifications or emergencies. The unsubscribed status will be respected for all other ICHA or HRB communications.