During the snow bird season we have seen an increase in the amount of mail that is left at the guest services desk. Moving forward, if your guests require the access to an owners mail box, the owner or management company will need to provide them with a key. If the guest is not provided a key they will need to go to the post office to receive their mail.

The post office is located at 420 Churchwell
Only owners are permitted to have pets on resort property, and their pets must be registered with Owner Services and have a proper pet license tag. Dogs must be on a leash and have a visible pet license tag at all times when outside the owner’s unit. The owner must also have an owner ID tag when walking their dog and must “scoop the poop” and place in the trash. Violators may be subject to fines. Pet Walking Station is located at east end of Parking Garage.

If the pet is a registered service pet please inform Owner Services or Security.
Vendor Rules
-Luggage carts are for the exclusive use of owners and registered guests, and shall not be used to transport furniture, equipment, tools, supplies, etc.

-Your company is responsible for debris removal. Please do not place work materials such as carpet scraps, tile pieces, grout, mattresses, appliances, etc., in drains, trash chutes, or dumpsters.

-Contractors are permitted to work between the hours of 8:00 am – 5:00 pm. Since this is a vacation resort, noisy work is not permitted before 10 A.M. or after 5 P.M .

-Please do not leave your vehicle parked in front of the tower, it will be towed.