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The Value of Volunteers...


Nearly everyone knows the benefits of volunteering.  Individuals who donate their 

time find satisfaction in contributing to their community, enjoy the opportunity to 

interact with other volunteers, gain experience to enhance their resume for paid 

employment, and have the chance to stay active and healthy.  The Leadville/Lake 

County area is fortunate to have many residents who step up to help with a 

variety of needs, both on-going and those related to special events.   


While Leadville/Lake County values and acknowledges its many volunteers, the 

community may not be as aware of the importance of volunteerism for economic 

and community development.  First, there is the obvious cost savings of using 

volunteers to perform tasks instead of paid staff. Second, as the volunteers assist 

with development efforts, they are more likely to become (and remain) engaged 

with plans for the community. They begin to deeply understand all the work it 

takes to develop, implement, and assess activities, and they better appreciate the 

way that development works.  Finally, volunteers see the value of the work being 

done, the need for careful planning, and why everyone needs to work toward the 

same goals. Interaction with businesses and other organizations results in 

greater positive connections. On some projects, youth work side-by-side senior 

citizens; volunteers represent all ages, socioeconomic groups, and diverse 

backgrounds.  There is a role for everyone and things get done! 


In coming weeks, we will be highlighting some volunteers who are involved with 

the leadership of Leadville Main Street. Many donate countless hours behind the 

scenes while, in most cases, they also have a “day job” to perform.  In order to 

preserve our rich history and make the downtown the very best that it can be, we 

need leaders and volunteers to help implement sound plans.  We will improve 

infrastructure, revitalize some key buildings, and add amenities to our already 

long list of assets.  Watch for upcoming stories on some of the people that make 

downtown what it is.  


Over the past few months, we have been reviewing Main Street America's 4-point approach - if you missed any of these newsletters, check them out here.

Leadville Main Street Team


Leadville MainStreet focuses on the assets, resources, and people of Leadville, preserving key cultural, historic properties; revitalizing commercial buildings; and adding outdoor features to create a sense of energy for Leadville's future! More about us » and Follow us on Facebook » or email us here.

Leadville Food Service/Restaurants

ReHire with Resilience

We’d like to introduce you to a food service industry resource and a new financial tool being offered to dining establishments in Lake County. 

ReHire with Resilience is a new program being offered by that is open to any business owner for a limited time. 

Resilient Restaurants has created a payroll calculator and wage model assessment tool designed to inform restaurant leadership about the best equitable compensation model for their business. Owners will work closely with the Director of Resilient Restaurants to participate and your data is completely private. 

ReHire is available in English and Spanish, just visit these links to view program details and register for this free program: 

Resilient Restaurants ReHire Calculator webpage and registration

ReHire Calculator en Español

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Parklet & Restroom Project - Update!


A few weeks ago, we announced that in early 2022, Harrison Avenue will FINALLY get a new public restroom and parklet at the Visitor's Center thanks to our partners at CDOT via the Main Street Revitalization Grant Opportunity #2.

The Leadville Main Street parklet-restroom project will be a great addition to our visitor center in desperate need of better amenities to serve those coming through needing a place to rest, get information, and plan their stay in Leadville. Additionally, this will be another service point for locals and business owners who need reliable bathroom facilities for public use. This project is being implemented in a stakeholder collaboration of the Leadville Main Street Program, Leadville Lake County Economic Development Corporation, Lake County, City of Leadville, Lake County Tourism Panel, Leadville Lake County Chamber of Commerce, Lake County Civic Center Foundation, Leadville Street Department, Parkville Water, and Leadville volunteers.

Contractors - we need your help building our park! Please see the City's Request for Bid for details. If you have any questions about the Parklet, please reach out to

The Power of WE!

Now available via an awe-inspiring In Person Conference or Hybrid Live Virtual Experience on September 27, 2021!

The Power of WE (Women Entrepreneurs) will offer thought provoking content, resources and tools to inspire women’s leadership development, creativity, and innovation. It will also share the many Federal, State and local funding opportunities that are available to women owned businesses and share tools and resources to access them. WE welcome anyone who has an interest in she/her/hers topics & discussions.

Interested in a scholarship? Click here for details.

Registration and Agenda Details HERE

Hiring Crisis?

The current hiring crisis in the United States represents a serious barrier to our economic recovery and unfortunately, small businesses are again hurting the most as a result. While many factors contributed to this situation, employers increasingly find themselves in a higher wage environment with more job openings and less hiring. The hiring crisis is the result several post-covid factors:

  • Government policies like Covid unemployment benefits are keeping workers out of the workforce by providing a better financial situation by staying home than working (perhaps the government should help incentivize more unemployed workers to enter the workforce);
  • If the government continues with policies that provide a greater financial benefit from staying unemployed versus working exists, then workers may choose to stay home & may allow workers to be more selective with the jobs they choose…taking time in doing so);
  • People have also left the workforce due to the availability of affordable childcare alternatives;
  • People also remain afraid of going back to work in some industries due to health safety (government lacks a consistent health safety message).

Welcome to our new series...

Business Thoughts Spotlight

Each week, we will highlight topics around four key business areas: Planning; Accounting; Marketing/Sales; and Human Resources.

Read Full Article HERE

Main Street Auction - Announcement!

Leadville Main Street is really looking forward to bringing back the full energy of our live auction event next year! This year, we've decided to deepen our roots and bloom right where we are by growing our Annual Planter Box Program into "Leadville in Bloom".

Part of our fundraising effort this year will include auctioning off the old planter boxes that once lined Harrison Avenue, and that's where we need your help! If you have a vision to upcycle one (or more) of the old planters and donate it back to our cause, we would love for you to bring it to life! Please reach out to us if you are interested in participating!



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Special Announcement - Need Your Help!

Main Street is working in collaboration with the City of Leadville and the Leadville Police Department seeking information leading to the arrest of the person(s) responsible for tagging and defacing our valuable assets.

If you see something, say something!


Have an event you would like listed here? Please reach out to us!

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Check out SBDC resources available to support small businesses, non-profits, freelancers, and independent contractors.

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