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Iroquois Valley partners with Main Street Project on a p oultry-centered permaculture farm
Collaboration is critical in scaling the change to an economically viable and environmentally just food system. As a company that is 70% millennial by tenancy, we are already acting as a bridge to farm ownership for a new generation, one that is inheriting  a restoration project of massive proportions. As we strive to finance this demographic transition, it is our responsibility to enable more ownership diversity at farmsteads across this country. We are excited to partner with Main Street Project in their work to create social change through permaculture.

Main Street Project - Dakota County, MN

Since 2010, Main Street Project has been developing a model of regenerative agriculture in their community of Northfield, Minnesota that:
  • Establishes a path for Latino families to participate in the food system as dignified workers or land and business owners
  • Creates food security and provides the local community with fresh eggs, meat, nuts, fruits and vegetables 
  • Restores soils and creates a biodiverse, resilient permaculture system where free-roaming poultry thrive
  • Educates the next generation of consumers and investors on the benefits of eating healthy
To learn more about Main Street Project, watch their videos.
Iroquois Valley's forthcoming partnership with Main Street Project is an example of private and public collaboration impacting community health. As a public benefit corporation, Iroquois Valley sees partnerships with the nonprofit sector as vital to achieving a more healthy agriculture. In this case, we are further leveraging public capital by deploying Soil Restoration Notes, a new funding structure supported  by the NRCS division of the USDA through a Conservation Innovation Grant.

Iroquois Valley will be providing mortgage financing for Main Street's new 100 acre research and development farm. We will be allocating proceeds from our Soil Restoration Notes to support this endeavor. Additional support can be provided by donating directly to Main Street Project, a qualified 501(c)3 organization, or by pledging Soil Restoration Notes to support the Main Street Farm's financing. 

Please contact the Company for additional information as these separate choices entail risks/benefits not outlined herein. Click for a copy of the  Soil Restoration Note term sheet or the Initially limited to accredited investors. See below for equity subscription information.
Restoring public health with one farm and one investor at a time -  N ow offering both short term notes and long term equity investments

As part of a $15 million pipeline of new business, Iroquois Valley is financing  Boone County Organics, an aronia berry and grain farm in central Iowa operated by the Friedrichsen family. Iroquois Valley relies on investors support to help organic farmers grow their family business. 
Iroquois Valley is now in its 11th season!  Equity subscriptions are available for Iroquois Valley Farmland REIT,    view the PPM here To learn more about our new REIT parent, read the Crains Chicago Business article here  or contact 
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As a corporate guideline,  we do not look for specific farmland to purchase or finance. We develop relationships with farmers, mostly young and organic, that want to grow their farm business. We move forward if we have a ready, willing and able farmer in hand. 

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