Hope to see you at the Maine
Asphalt Pavement Association's
14th Annual Spring Paving Seminar
April 4 & 5, 2017

TransTech's non-nuclear asphalt density gauge can be used in Maine for quality control purposes.  The PQI 380 is the latest in the non-nuclear technology; very user-friendly, accurate, easy to handle and store, no nuclear hassles at all!  Come over to our booth, meet Marcus, and learn how the PQI 380 can be helpful for your projects!

Winter season is almost gone... and the projects are going to start up soon.  Make sure your non-nuclear gauges are ready to go when you are!
Send them in today for the annual service!

Request Service RMA Information Here
TransTech offers easy-to-follow YouTube tutorials for our non-nuclear gauges.
Check them out - available to you 24/7!

TransTech Systems also provides compaction products...
for a notched center-line joint, as well a tapered shoulder edge.
Notched Wedge Joint Maker
Thin Lift (under 2" Lift)
The TransTech Thin-Lift Notched Wedge Joint Maker (NWJM) creates a center line longitudinal tapered joint.
Shoulder Wedge Maker
Use the TransTech Shoulder Wedge Maker
to avoid sharp shoulder drop-off edges
on your roads.  Create a safe, 
tapered edge on your pavement.
Your TransTech Representative is Marcus McCorison.  
Feel free to reach out to him with any questions you may have!
E: mmccorison@transtechsys.com    C:  860-883-6470
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