Maine Cell Phone Bill Passes Senate in Landslide Vote, 21 to 14

Topanga, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/18/2014 -- This Tues. morning of 3/18/2014, Maine passed the US's first ever cell phone warning label bill at the state level, urging cell phone customers to check their manuals for safer cell phone use regarding radio frequency radiation exposure. 

The bill brought by Rep. Andrea Boland (D) Maine, passed by a 21 to 14 majority vote in the senate this morning, despite incredible odds against industry opposition. The bill and has a 4 state trigger, meaning if 4 other states pass cell phone/warning label bills, Maine's law automatically goes into effect. 

Originally entitled The Children's Wireless protection Act and brought in 2009 by Rep. Boland, the bill has been introduced in 5 other states, none of which have thus far been successful in passing it due to industry opposition. "This has been both a national and international effort" says Rep. Boland, wishing to thank the many scientists, organizations and individuals who over the years have lent their support. Special thanks goes out to and Dr. David Carpenter, Director Inst. Health and Environment, University of Albany , Brian Stein of the UK,, and members of for their tireless support of the bill over the years. 

The bill must now be signed into law by the governor. Rep. Boland is hopeful there will not be a veto by the governor and the citizens of Maine and other states will begin to be informed about safer cell phone use. 

Full text of the revised bill can be found once published on this site:

About is a nationwide citizens lobbying group who's mission is to inform the public and government officials about the health hazards of cell phone use and other wireless devices and infrastructures and to establish protective legislation across the US and beyond.

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