Volume 01 November 27, 2019
Residential Life Newsletter
Off to a Wonderful Start to the Year
A look into what has been going on in residential life at Maine Central Institute for the first quarter of the school year.
Greetings from MCI!

It has been a busy fall season here at MCI in residential life. Our boarding students have been busy with weekend dorm activities, athletic games, homecoming activities, arts experiences, sit down dinners, community building activities and lots of fun adventures that Maine has to offer. From our opening boarding orientation activities at a lake in the woods of Maine, through the fall athletic season that brought the excitement of many of our teams making the playoffs and even a football championship, our boarding students have had many opportunities in these first months of school to immerse themselves into the culture of the school and form relationships that they will build on during their time at MCI. This newsletter offers only a sampling of what students have been doing beyond the classroom. We look forward to the return from Thanksgiving break and the rush up to the holiday break in a few weeks. Those weeks will be filled with even more activities, performances, and community celebrations. All of which I will share in my next newsletter!
Happy Holidays!


Tom Bertrand '90
Dean of Student Life
Fun Times at MCI
A few activities that students have participated in include:
  • Rollerskating
  • Hiking Borestone Mountain
  • Airport Tour
  • Paintball
  • Coffehouse Open Mic
  • HotPot
  • Touring the Maine Coast in Bar Harbor
  • Ice skating
Borestone Mountain Hike
Roller Skating
A visit to the local airport to explore aviation opportunities
Bar Harbor
Ice Skating
Coffeehouse Open Mic
Community Building
Community building activities students have participated in include:
  • Orientation Activities (SOLI)
  • Mid Autumn Festival Sit Down Dinner
  • Fall Community Service Day
  • Cultural Heritage Celebration
  • Homecoming Activities
  • Halloween Sit Down Dinner

Homecoming Bonfire
Community Service Day
Pep Band at the Football Game
Bossov Ballet Performance
Mid Autumn Festival Sit Down Dinner
SOLI Tie Dye Activity
Homecoming Activities
Halloween Sit Down Dinner
Cultural Heritage Day Performance