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"Imagining What School Could Be"

MONDAY, MARCH 21st at 6:00pm, via zoom

Less than a week away! Get your minds and devices charged, and bring your questions to this exciting event. We're looking forward to welcoming folks from all across the state and from a variety of backgrounds, all with an interest in innovative education.


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Panelists (clockwise from top left):

Check out our social media to learn more about these Maine education leaders!

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Photo credit: Paula Champagne

The Learning Continues After Black History Month

When Maine educators come together to learn from one another and collaborate on pressing issues, teachers AND their students benefit.

Shout out to Maine Curriculum Leader's Association's Executive Director Courtney Belolan! In recognition of Black History Month last month, Courtney joined other Maine educators on Maine Calling to talk about how Black History is currently taught and how they are working to expand the curriculum in Maine. Have a listen!

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Telstar's Pilot:

Experiential Pathways to a Sustainable Future

Watch the video to hear from Telstar's Principal, Mark Kenney, and click HERE to learn more.

Telstar's question: How might we develop an experiential pathway that connects our local economy, environment, and culture to challenges of past, present, and future sustainability so that students contribute in real time as active citizens exploring place-based career paths? 

Their pilot: The Local Ecology and Aspirations Pathway (LEAP) is a series of interactive, problem-based and process-oriented courses and learning experiences designed in partnership with community businesses, organizations and local leaders. 

MDOE's RREV pilots are meant to inspire educators around the state to think boldly. Is there an idea from Telstar that you'd be excited to discuss with your educator colleagues? Share this newsletter with them!

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Networking Opportunities

Share what's on your mind. Be inspired.

Educator Break Room

Wednesdays, 4:00 - 4:45pm

The place to bump into interesting people who care as much you do.

Did you know that increasing density — opportunities to bump into other people — increases innovation? Just being exposed to other people and their ideas helps us to respond more creatively in our own work. Join us on Wednesdays to meet other educators from around the state!

Let us know if your school or organization has something to share! We'd love to share your work with others so we can all learn together. Thank you for engaging with us to create the best future for Maine through education.

Jennifer Chace

Executive Director

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